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Why is Brenda Gantt’s Cookbook so Expensive? Sale. Used Book

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reason why brenda gantt's cookbook is so expensive

Brenda Gantt is a 75 years old chef who rose to fame from her recipe videos on Facebook. At present, she runs a Facebook page, Cooking with Brenda Gantt, and has ‌3.4 million people following it for her wonderful recipes.

She is a retired school teacher who lives in Andalusia, Alabama, while operating The Cottage House and Breakfast, a bed and breakfast business. As the chef was not much of a social media user, she once posted a cooking video on Facebook upon her family’s request.

And that it, she is now known as the famous Facebook Grandma chef who often says, “It’s gonna be good, y’all!” The chef is growing famous every day and also has published 2 cookbooks to her name. And, as both of her books are being republished in 2023, let’s abridge some of the most inquired questions about her first publication, “It’s Gonna be Good, Y’all!”

Brenda Gantt First Cookbook It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all

In addition to being an exceptional chef, Gantt published her first book, “It’s Gonna be Good, Y’all!” in 2021. The chef wrote the book after her grown fan base inspired her to write down her recipes.

According to the author, the recipes are nothing fancy but a collection of the best Southern food that is good for everyone. So, with the motive of sharing the written version of what fans love from her videos, Brenda gathered some of her best Southern food recipes and also added a bit of her family stories to spice up things for the readers.

By the 2021 fall season, Hoffman Media published the book by taking pre-orders, and the first edition was sold out quickly. For the second edition, the chef asked her followers to pre-register on the waiting list, which was reprinted in the spring of 2022.

As of 2023, Brenda has announced that the book, “It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all,” is being reprinted and will be in the market by spring. The book has received a 5-star rating from most readers as one of them said,

“Now those videos have translated into this wonderful cookbook, full of her recipes and stories of her family. It is a great gift for anyone that enjoys cooking, especially Southern style. I purchased this for myself and plan to buy a few more as gifts.”

Likewise, her second book, “Linger Around the Table Y’Aall,” was published on January 2022. And it is also being reprinted in 2023 and costs $34.95 on Hoffman Media Store and $189.79 on Amazon.

Why is Brenda Gantt’s Cookbook So Expensive on Amazon

With the great success of her first book, it has also gathered some controversy regarding the prices. The fans are raising questions because the book has varied costs, according to websites.

To clarify, her book, “It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all,” is available at the Hoffman Media store’s site for $34.95. However, on Amazon, the price for the same book is $294.99.

So, the ones who checked out Amazon to buy her book think the book is very expensive and are inquiring about the reasons behind it. Because even if we compare her book’s price with other celebrity chef authors like Valerie Bertenelli and Paula Deen’s book listed under $40.

‌So, fans left outrageous reviews on Amazon’s site. One of the buyers wrote, “OVERPRICED BY $260.00. Karma will take care of you!!!  Likewise, the other said, “Who can afford this omg, not me I want one, but not for this price.”

Hence, it looks like Amazon has the reseller selling the book for a higher price.

Where to Buy Brenda Gantt’s Cookbook?

‌You can buy the book at various sites. However, the author suggested to be the ideal place to buy the book.

If you follow her on social media, you know she has been announcing to pre-order her books from the Hoffman Store as it is the official store for her book. Likewise, Ms. Gantt has also added the link to buy her book on her Instagram bio, so you will be directly taken to the official website once you click the link.

‌The cost of both her reprinted books in 2023 is listed as $34.95, and an additional amount of $5 will be charged to the books for shipping.

Where to Buy Brenda Gantt’s Cookbook in Sale?

We are not sure if Brenda’s books are on sale at present. However, you can keep checking the official website of the books and Mrs. Gantt’s social media to get notified about the sale.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Brenda Gantt’s First Cookbook

Below are listed some of the most inquired questions about Brenda’s 1st cookbook,

How many recipes are in the cookbook?

The book, “It’s Gonna Be Good Y’all,” consists of 100 best recipes of the author, including some of her personal stories with pictures and helpful instructions.

Are the recipes really from Brenda Gantt’s, like the ones she shows in her videos?

Yes, the author has included her best recipes so that her fans can cook for their families anytime.

Can you have Brenda Gantt’s autograph on the book?

Unfortunately, there are no signed copies of the books at present. However, the author might host a signing event in the future.

As Mrs. Gantt now has cookbooks, will she stop posting cooking videos on social media?

No, as the chef enjoys cooking and connecting with her fans on social media, she will continue sharing her recipes.

Will the book be sold in the local market or on Amazon?

At present, the book will only be pre-sold in the Hoffman Media store or at any local events hosted by Ms. Brenda.‌

Brenda Gantt’s Book Used: Where to Buy and How Much it Costs.

‌You can get Brenda’s used book at Amazon. According to the site, they have listed the used books in 2 categories, used-like new and used-good.

Used – Like New: They will cost you $220 and are sold by The Dog Eared Bookstore. Used – Good: They will cost you $154. Glen, the Book Seller, sells them. They claim that the book is in great condition, but it may not contain additional items like access codes,  CDS, etc.

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