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Alton Brown’s Wife Elizabeth Ingram and his ex-wife Deanna Brown.

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American celebrity chef Alton Brown is best known for his T.V. show ‘Good Eats’ that has been on the ‘Food Network.’ The ‘Good Eats’  show ended in 2011 after running for 13 years but made a massive comeback in 2019.

The host, Alton Brown, has maintained his fame through his passion for his job, but how has he been in matters of relationships?

That is the objective of this article. We are going to take a look at his marriage life.

Alton Brown’s marriage with wife Elizabeth Ingram.

In 2016, during Brown’s ‘EveryDayCook’ book signing, he met Elizabeth Ingram. Coincidentally, he needed an interior designer for his office in Marietta in, Georgia, and Elizabeth was fit for the job, so he asked for his assistance.

She accepted the offer. The office design was perfect, and it impressed Brown, who extended the project to the whole apartment renovation.

He collaborated with Elizabeth to get the job done. In the process of working together, the two got attracted to each other; they made one good team.

And slowly, love blossomed. Elizabeth did not only achieve to bring serenity into the house, but she also succeeded in giving Brown a piece of mind, something Brown says that he had lacked for quite some time.

Alton Brown and Elizabeth Ingram got married in September 2018 on a boat in Charleston, South Carolina, and went to Greece for their honeymoon. The two are very adventurous and keep records of their travels.

The photos of their wedding are part of their loft designs, which they both designed and love. Mr and Mrs Alton Brown share a beautiful love story that started as their being acquaintances, working together on a project, friendship, and finally, marriage.

Image of Elizabeth Ingram with her husband Alton Brown
Caption: Elizabeth Ingram with her husband, Alton Brown

Chef Alton Brown and his wife, Elizabeth Ingram, have also rescued two dogs, Francis Luther and Scabigail, who are always the receptionists in the living room. Scabigail’s face is ubiquitous on Instagram.

Elizabeth Ingram is a Restaurant Designer.

Elizabeth Ingram is a seasoned interior designer, having spent ten years in Europe, France, and Belgium doing her work. She has developed her touch, her unique way of designs that are identical to her, a moody, vibrant, curiosity look,’ but she still gets to listen to the needs of the clients.

In designing Brown’s loft, she wished to make it look like a ‘Bachelor’s Pad,’ but it later turned out to be a complete house, fully furnished, their current residence.

Mrs Brown has other beautiful works on her resume. She is a specialist in restaurant, bar, and residential design.

Some of her notable designs include Beetlecat and Golden Eagle restaurants in Atlanta, Guy Wong’s latest spot, and Joyface bar in New York City.

He was previously married to Deanna Brown.

You read that right. Before Alton met his current wife, he was married to a first wife named Deanna Brown. In 1997, Brown and Deanna got married after the two met in the course of their career.

The couple lived together for nearly two decades and had one daughter, Zoey.

In 2015, they went separate ways when love turned sour. Brown even went ahead and resigned from the church that tried to keep them together. Alton’s ex-wife Deanna had also worked as his executive producer for the show ‘Good Eats’ till its end in 2011.

Who is Alton Brown’s first wife, Deanna Brown?

Deanna Brown is famous for being the former wife of celebrity chef Alton Brown; she also worked as the executive producer for the show ‘Good Eats’ hosted by Brown.

Image of Alton Brown and Deanna Brown
Caption: Alton Brown and Deanna Brown


Brown has one child, a daughter, Zoey, from his first marriage. She was born in 1999 and is currently in college. She, however, makes visits at her father’s home, where she has a bedroom whose interior is designed by a mixture of vintage rattan and theatrical windows, credit to her new mother.

Image of Alton Brown and his daughter Zoey
Caption: Alton Brown and his daughter Zoey

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