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Is Nigel Slater Married? Wife, Partner.

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Nigel-Slater is a 67-year old British food critic, chef, author, and television personality. He was born back on April 9th, 1958 in Wolverhampton.

Slater’s impressive insight into the culinary world is not without merit. For one, he held down a position as a food columnist for the popular magazine, ‘Marie Claire’ for several years.

Additionally, Nigel was also a recipient of the coveted James Beard Award. Over the years, Nigel has authored several cooking-related works. These range from titles like The Kitchen Diaries to Real Food.

Dive into Nigel Slater’s personal life; find out whether Nigel Slater is gay, married, or has a wife.

Who is Nigel-Slater?

Nigel is the son of Kathleen and Tony Slater, who was the proprietor of a local factory. Sources say that Nigel grew up in Staffordshire, where he enrolled at Woodfield School.

After a short stint at Chantry High, Nigel enrolled at Worcester College to study food and catering.

It was at this point that Slater also picked up a few shifts at several local catering establishments. The late 80s marked a time when he ventured into the world of print, regularly wowing his readers with simple yet sophisticated recipes.

As his popularity heightened, Nigel eventually found a way into television.

This came with the advent of shows such as A Taste of My Life and Nigel Slater’s Real Food Show. Other than this, he was also invited to feature in Desert Island Discs, which aired on BBC.

After a short stint on the sidelines, Slater experienced a television resurgence with the premier of Nigel and Adam’s Kitchen.

Perhaps his greatest achievement has come in the world of literature. To date, Nigel has written 16 different cookbooks!

Chef Nigel Slater Gay
Nigel Slater

Is Nigel-Slater Gay?

The short answer is yes, Nigel Slater is gay. Most of his fans will have picked up on the fact that he is attracted to men from the manner of his writing. This is to say that he does not have a wife.

Before the release of his tell-all autobiography, Nigel dropped random hints about being all over his culinary articles for the Observer.

We should point out that some critics believe that his little jokes were just a rouse, aimed at generating buzz for his work.

Is Nigel-Slater Married to wife or partner?

This is a question that has constantly been on his readers’ minds. Back in 2015, it was alleged that he had a wife, reducing the likelihood of him being gay.

However, this claim was unsubstantiated, and he has never been spotted in public with a wife.

It doesn’t help that Nigel is not exactly open about his personal life, and instead, relies on vague hints to keep people talking.

One thing we should add is that when his book, ‘Toast’, was adapted into a play, it was heavily implied that Nigel-Slater was gay.

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