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Levi Roots Net Worth: Products, Restaurants, House, Wife

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Famous chef Levi Roots in looking good in his yellow shirt

Most famous chefs have sold you crockpot stories of love as the secret ingredient to their meals. However, Levi Roots, a famous Rastafarian singer, thinks otherwise. He believes that music and his special Reggae Reggae Sauce can turn food into a whole meal!

We are not inclined to believe him, considering his products’ sales and fortune. If you’re looking for information on Levi Roots’ net worth, restaurants, house as well as his wife, then be sure to read till the end.

Who is Levi Roots?

Levi Roots’ official government name is Keith Valentine Graham. He identifies as a British-Jamaican musician, chef, author, television personality, and entrepreneur.

Growing up, Roots’ parents couldn’t travel with him to the United Kingdom while in search of greener pastures. Instead, the 65-year-old singer was raised by his grandmother in Clarendon, Jamaica, where he was born.

Successful chef Levi Roots in his interview
Successful chef Levi Roots.

He would then re-unite with them at age 11 and give up his Christianity for the Rastafari faith at age 18. Ultimately, the Jamaican singer made a living through his songs and even performed with James Brown, Maxi Priest, and Bob Marley.

It wasn’t until 2006 when a BBC producer approached him by pitching the idea of having him on Dragon’s DenHe was impressed by his jerk barbecue sauce that sold over 4000 bottles at the Notting Hill Carnival.

Roots played his cards and emerged from the show with noteworthy investors to fund his business. He then capitalized on the fame by launching a restaurant franchise and similar products.

How Much is Levi Roots Net Worth in 2023?

Levi Roots’ musical career was inconsequential when compared to his career as an entrepreneur. Upon receiving €50,000 worth of investment from Dragons’ Den moguls Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh, he surpassed everyone’s expectations.

The production of Reggae Reggae Sauce helped create his brand, and by 2010, it was worth £30 million.

Since then, his musical career got a facelift, landing him more roles and interviews on television. He hosted Caribbean Food Made Easy and appearances on Celebrity Mastermind, Big Brother, Death in Paradise, and Anuvahood.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Levi Roots’ net worth holds firm at £35 – 40 million. Part of it also comes from selling his Reggae Reggae Cookbook since 2008.


The ‘Roots’ name doesn’t only apply to his Rastafarian taste in music; it is his entire way of life. Despite all his success and millions, Levi still rents a two-bedroom apartment in Brixton, South London.

He doesn’t believe in how most celebrities buy expensive houses upon gaining fame and success. Moreover, Levi feels that he can help everywhere with the street kids and inspire them when he’s around.

The Rastafarian had maintained the place since 1991 when he was broke, and it costs him about €450 on monthly rent.

Levi’s neighbors, however, feel otherwise. They think the Reggae star should be considerate and give some other family a chance at quality living through the rented apartment.

There are many housing units nearby up for sale, where he could still keep close contact with his family and friends. Sadly, no one can intervene, including the association that owns the property.

Restaurants and Locations

Levi capitalized on all the fame by setting up a franchise restaurant full of Caribbean delicacies. His first was the Papine Jerk Centre opened its doors in 2010 and was located on Winstanley Estate in Battersea, Clapham Junction.

However, Roots shut down its operations in 2012 despite it serving up meals for Thames Christian College, a local school for reasons best known to him.

Shortly after, the Rastafarian singer set up another restaurant, The Caribbean Smokehouse in Westfield Strafford City. Like the first, it shut down its operations in 2019 after failing to capitalize on its fame.’

The ‘Rastaraunt’ as he called it, mainly served Trinidadian cuisines such as Bajan fish cakes, coconut chicken curry, Jamaican coco bread, and many more.

The only restaurant he owns is a fast-food kitchen delivery plan after teaming up with The Restaurant Group. It currently operates in 12 sites across the UK through Uber Eats.

Levi Roots Wife and Kids

The subject of Levi Roots’ personal life has always been elusive to the general public. Word on the streets was that he had eight kids from seven different mothers.

However, all that changed when two of his daughters called him out for failing to provide child support. They accused him of luxury deprivation as well.

According to reports from DailyMail, Joanne Caesar and Sharlene Williams, his daughters, helped him create his fortune. They helped him out at his restaurants and even produced the backing vocals to some of his song adverts.

Sadly, they stopped hearing from him after his fame kicked in.

However, an Instagram post by the Rastafarian singer told a different story. It revealed his wife, Leya, his son Danai and his family living in the USA. They all seemed happy and close, contrary to the reports his daughters gave.


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The Reggae Reggae Jerk Sauce isn’t the only Levi Roots sells. He topped it off two other original X Hot Reggae Reggae Sauce and The Squeezy Jerk BBQ sauce available in different sizes. He also made a Jerk Coat n’ Cook Instant Marinade sauce for fast meals.

Levi Roots posing with his products
Levi Roots with his excellent products.

Not forgetting the lovers of Mayonnaise, Levi launched his product called the Reggaenaise. Similarly, you can add flavor to all your meals with his vast range of seasonings.

He owns the Caribean Seasoning, the Reggae Reggae Rub, and Smokey BBQ Rub seasonings for your delight.

Supposing you don’t want to cook, you can snack on his Caribbean-themed Reggae Reggae Groove Cut Crisps. Alternatively, you can accompany your meals with his Caribbean soft drinks available in different flavors, such as the Jamaican Sunset, Caribbean Crush, and Tropical Punch.

You can purchase all his products at selected stores near you, including ASDA, TESCO, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, and Waitrose. On the other hand, copies of his books and recipes are available for purchase on Amazon.

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