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20 Best Chefs in the World with the Most Michelin Stars

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Top Michelin Stars Chefs

Food is fundamental to life. But unlike our other necessities like air, we don’t just eat food; we also enjoy it. As the chefs say, “First we eat with the eyes, then the nose, and finally with the mouth”. What would it be like to be served by the best chefs in the world? Or even to be the best chef in the world? We all have questioned this at some point. Today, we are here to find out answers.

The world of Culinary has many flavors. It has provided us with chefs who revolutionized our food culture and cooking practices forever. Most chefs dedicate their life to creating the best cuisine recipes that are passed down to generations.

In this article, we discuss 20 of those personalities who have shaped up the cooking industry and endowed us with delicacies that we’re sure to treasure until the very last bite.

About Michelin Star

Every chef is incredible on his/her own, but there are still factors that one can distinguish among the finest. One of those is the Michelin Star.

The Michelin Star is the highest honor a chef and a restaurant can receive. People compare them with ‘the Oscars award’ in the international culinary industry. It is a dream of any chef to obtain one that takes a lot of skill and dedication. In the following topics, you’ll learn about the top Michelin Star Chefs.

So who has the most Michelin Stars in the world? Let’s find out.

How to Get a Michelin Star?

Michelin stars are obtained by requesting the Michelin Guide organization for an inspection of your restaurant. The inspectors will come anonymous and without notice. So it would be best if you were prepared at all times.

The process of obtaining a Michelin star is not straightforward. A Michelin star does not come with a list of requirements that you fulfill, and boom, you get one.

By following certain principles and discipline sacred to the culinary world, you become eligible to receive one. Michelin star is awarded from one to three depending on the deservingness of the chef or a restaurant. Below are some guidelines if you are serious about vying for one.

  • Using the best ingredients.
  • High-end dishes with perfect plating.
  • Best technical skills and staff.
  • A menu that is full of personality.
  • Consistency in quality throughout the year and every dish.
  • Work environment and customer feedback.

Who is the Best Chef in the world?

Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon is the best chef of all time. During his career, he accumulated a constellation of 31 Michelin stars! He is the pioneer of perfectionism in French cuisine. Joel is also the mentor of the world-famous chef Gordon Ramsay.

The chef carries a hot temper. Once, Joel threw a plate at Ramsay in the kitchen, and Ramsay left the room without a word. Maybe that’s where Ramsay got his influence.  In 2018, during the time of his death, Joel had 28 Michelin stars to his name. This is a feat which the current chefs will find very hard to conquer.

Joel Robuchon is also recognized as ‘Chef of the Century’ by many culinary geniuses.

Image of the top chef, Chef Joel Robuchon

Well-known ‘Chef of the Century’, Joel Robuchon.

Other Best Chefs in the world

1. Alain Ducasse

Alain Ducasse was born on September 13, 1956. As of 2021, he has 17 ‘Michelin stars which is the highest for living chefs. The chef with the highest Michelin stars, Joel Robuchon (31 Stars) died in 2018. So it won’t be wrong to call him the living best chef in the world.

Ducasse is famous for being the only chef whose food has been sent to the International Space Station. The chef views it as achieving ‘The final frontier in cooking. Over the years of his career, the chef has built an empire that includes 36 restaurants across different countries. Ducasse is also the first chef to carry three Michelin stars in three restaurants in different states.

In 1984, Ducasse survived an aircraft crash that severely injured him. He was awarded two Michelin stars the same year. The chef’s career began at the Pavillion Landais restaurant when he was taken as an apprenticeship.

Later, he shifted to the United States in 2000 and started the Alain Ducasse restaurant in New York City. The restaurant received three stars from Michelin red guide in 2005. By 2012, the chef had 21 Michelin stars to his name.

Image of the top chef, Alain Ducasse

31  Michelin stars to his name and one of the top chefs in the world, Alain Ducasse.

2. Pierre Gagnaire

Pierre Gagnaire is one of the most famous chefs in France. He has received 14 Michelin stars in his career, making him the second-best chef in the world.

The chef received his first Michelin star when he was 26 years old. His flagship restaurant in Paris, named Rue Balzac, is one of the best in the world. Rue Balzac flaunts its triple Michelin stars for 30 years plus now.

Pierre is well known for changing traditional French cooking. The chef has led the fusion cuisine movement and is recognized by the Michelin guide.

Image of the top chef, Pierre Gagnaire

14  Michelin stars to his name and one of the top chefs in the world, Pierre Gagnaire.

3. Martin Berasategui

Martin Berasategui is a Spanish chef who has twelve Michelin stars in his name. When he turned 14, he began helping his parents in their restaurant. The chef started pastry training at the age of 17.

Martin Berasategui is known for his amazing cuisines. At the age of 25, the chef was awarded his first Michelin star for his ‘Restaurante Martin Berasategui.’

By 2001, the restaurant was awarded three Michelin stars and is on the world’s 50 best restaurants for six years. Martin has a total of 4 restaurants that are awarded a Michelin star. He currently has 12 Michelin stars.

Image of the top chef, Martin Berasategui

12  Michelin stars to his name and one of the top chefs in the world, Martin Berasategui.

4. Yannick Alléno

Yannick Alléno is the owner of ‘Alléno Paris au Pavillon Ledoyen.’ The restaurant is situated in Paris and is recognized by the Michelin guide as one of the best in the world.

It has 3 Michelin stars to its name. Yannick runs eighteen restaurants, including this around the globe.

Yannick has a total of 10 Michelin stars in his name, securing him the top 10 positions in the world. The culinary world has widely acclaimed his works on research and development on French cuisine.

The chef is very keen on perfecting the flavors in a dish, providing them with texture, and maintaining minerality.

Image of the top chef, Yannick Alleno

3  Michelin stars to his name and one of the top chefs in the world, Yannick Alléno.

5. Anne-Sophie Pic

When it comes to female chefs, there are few who can stand aside Anne-Sophie Pic. She flaunts 8 Michelin stars and owns five high-class restaurants which easily secure her spot in the top 10 chefs of the world.

Like most brilliant chefs, Anne is from France and had no formal culinary training when she started her career. Upon her father’s death, she took ownership of her family’s restaurant, Maison Pic. Soon, the restaurant was recognized by the Michelin guide and earned its first three stars.

Anne-Sophie later opened a second restaurant named Anne-Sophie Pic. Her works in the culinary industry are remarkable.

Image of the top chef, Anne Sophie Pic

8  Michelin stars to his name and one of the top chefs in the world, Anne Sophie Pic.

6. Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay is famous for featuring in TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef, and Kitchen Nightmares. The chef previously held 16 Michelin stars. But his busy schedule in reality shows and his adventurous lifestyle did not let him maintain it. As of 2021, Ramsay sits at 7 stars.

The chef is famous for his brilliant British cuisine and his kitchen demeanor. He owns a restaurant in London, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London’s longest-running three-starred restaurant. The restaurant has held its three Michelin stars for 20 years now.

Ramsay was born in Scotland. The TV personality is associated with 35 restaurants around the world. The public widely acclaims his works in the popular TV shows he has featured in. Ramsay has a massive net worth of $220 million.

Image of the top chef, Gordon Ramsay

16 Michelin stars to his name and a top celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay.

7. Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller is the owner of the ‘The French Laundry.’ He is one of the few chefs from America on this list. Many consider his restaurant to be one of the best in the world. Although the Michelin stars are not considered the peak of achievement for most chefs in America, Thomas is playing his part in setting an example.

The chef is originally from California. He borrows his cooking inspirations from traditional French cuisines. Thomas currently holds 7 Michelin stars.  His cooking and contribution to the culinary world are appreciated in America and France equally.

Image of the top chef, Thomas Keller

The owner of the ‘The French Laundry’ and 7  Michelin stars to his name as one of the top chefs in the world, Thomas Keller.

8. Yoshihiro Murata

Yoshihiro Murata has 7 Michelin stars to his name. The Japanese chef is associated with four restaurants across the world. Murata’s family owns a century-old restaurant in Japan that flaunts 3 Michelin stars and is famous for its classic Kaiseki cuisine.

Heston Blumenthal, a holder of Michelin stars, studied culinary works under Yoshihiro and considered him an inspiration for his cooking style.

Yoshihiro received the prestigious American Express Icon Award in 2020. His contribution to promoting Japanese cuisine all over the world is remarkable.

Image of the top chef, Yoshihiro Murata

7 Michelin stars to his name and one of the top chefs, Yoshihiro Murata.

9. Seiji Yamamoto

Seiji Yamamoto was awarded American Express Icon Award in 2019, being the first of his kind to acquire this feat. In every dish he cooks, the chef brings out the magic of Japanese cuisines.

Yamamoto currently has 7 Michelin stars in his name. He is one of the most celebrated Japanese chefs of the century.

The chef is always eager to understand the depths of cooking. Once, he sent an eel for a CT scan. This allowed him to have a better understanding of the science behind an Eel’s unique taste. Yamamoto fuses ancient Japanese cuisine recipes with modern gastronomy techniques.

Customers and culinary personalities alike praise Yamamoto’s restaurant in Tokyo. The restaurant ‘Ryugin’ now has branches in Hongkong and Taipei. All his restaurants have been featured in ‘50 Best Restaurants of Asia.’

Image of the top chef, Seiji Yamamoto

The owner of restaurant ‘Ryugin’ as well as one of the top chefs, Seiji Yamamoto.

10. Andreas Caminada

Andreas Caminada has seven Michelin stars to his name. At the beginning of his career, he worked as a pastry chef. When he was 26 years old, he got the responsibility of chef de cuisine in a castle restaurant in the Swiss Alps. With his expertise and dedication to culinary, the restaurant achieved success like never before.

Currently, the chef owns two other Michelin star-rated restaurants. His first restaurant was named ‘Sccloss Schauenstein.’ As of 2021, the restaurant has triple Michelin stars.

Image of the top chef, Andreas Caminada

7 Michelin stars to his name and one of the top chefs, Andreas Caminada.

11. Carme Ruscalleda

Carme Ruscalleda is one of the most prominent female chefs. She holds 7 Michelin stars for her three restaurants. Her traditional Catalan recipes and seasonal delicacies are famous among customers and culinary personalities alike.

Carme grew up on a Spanish farm. Her dishes and menus are meaningful that showcase a personality of their own. The chef is also the author of many books, Cuinar per ser feliç being the most popular one.

The chef currently owns two restaurants in Spain and one in Japan.

Image of the top chef, Carme Ruscalleda

7 Michelin stars to her restaurant and one of the top female chefs, Carme Ruscalleda.

12. Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal is one of the most popular in the field, with six Michelin stars in his name. The Queen of England has awarded him an OBE for his remarkable works.

The chef’s career began as a credit controller. There he learned the basics of French cooking and mastered it. He is intrigued by the science of food. His dishes ‘nitro-scrambled egg’ and ‘bacon ice cream’ have gained popularity in the past decade.

Image of the top chef, Heston Blumenthal

One of the most creative chefs, Heston Blumenthal.

13. Masahiro Yoshitake

Masahiro Yoshitake is the third Japanese chef on this list. Japanese cuisines are one of the finest delicacies in the world. Yoshitake intends to take it beyond Japan and show it to the world.

The chef currently has 6 Michelin stars in his name. His restaurant in Tokyo, ‘California Rolls,’ is the best in town.

It is the only one with 3 Michelin stars. There is also a tradition in his restaurants where the customers can’t take pictures while dining.

After his success in Tokyo, the chef opened ‘Sushi Shikon’ in Hong Kong. This restaurant also holds three Michelin stars since 2017.

Image of the top chef, Masahiro Yoshitake

Masahiro Yoshitake.

14. Heinz Beck

Heinz Beck owns a restaurant in Rome that goes by the name ‘La Pergola.’ It is the only restaurant in Rome to receive 3 Michelin stars. As of 2021, Heinz is a bearer of 5 Michelin stars. He is a respected figure in Italian and Mediterranean culture.

Heinz values health and nutrition highly in his every cooking work. The chef strives to find a balancing point between taste and health. For this, he is involved in many pieces of research with scientists and Universities.

The chef is deeply concerned with the effects of food on the human body. He is one of the most senior chefs in Italian culinary.

Image of the top chef, Heinz Beck

Heinz Beck.

15. Jordi Cruz

Jordi Cruz received a Michelin star at a very young age. Currently, he has five of them. Jordi is the head chef at ABaC restaurant in Catalan. And thanks to his skills and dedication to the profession, the restaurant currently boasts three Michelin stars.

Jordi is also an author. He has written six books throughout his career and has starred in Masterchef Spain as a judge.

Image of the top chef, Jordi Cruz

Jordi Cruz.

16. Paco Perez

The chef has 5 Michelin stars top his name. Paco Perez was born in Spain and always wanted to be a footballer. But as he started working in his family’s bar, his thoughts were clear. What he felt for cooking superseded his love for football.

Perez owns a restaurant, ‘Miramar’ in the Mediterranean. It features two Michelin stars for its state-of-the-art 21st-century cuisine.

Perez established the ‘Miramar’ in 1939 as an inn. In 1990, Paco Parez fell in love with the granddaughter of the founders and married her. The fate of the restaurant changed along with his own from that day.

Image of the top chef, Paco Perez

Paco Perez.

17. Quique Dacosta

Quique Dacosta is a well-known chef from Spain. He is the author of the book Arroces Contemporáneos which depicts his passion for rice. The chef has worked extensively for the development of this ingredient and revolutionalized it. He is the author of 3 more books that talk about the cuisines of his four restaurants.

Dacosta is a holder of 5 prestigious Michelin stars. He joined El Poblet restaurant when he was 17 years old. That’s when his culinary career truly began. After the evident success and 3 Michelin stars, Dacosta renamed the restaurant as Quique Dacosta Restaurant.

Image of the top chef, Quique Dacosta

Quique Dacosta.

18. Joan Roca

Joan Roca is a famous chef from Spain. As of 2021, he has 3 Michelin stars. Joan is the owner of El Celler de Can Roca. The restaurant has received excellent reviews in the Restaurant magazine in the past.

The Guardian once gave him the honor of the best chef worldwide.

At an early age, the chef started working in his parents’ restaurant. He wanted to be a top chef ever since he was 10. Joan specializes in reanimating traditional cuisines using a modern approach.

Image of the top chef, Joan Roca

Joan Roca.

19. Lisa Goodwin Allen

Lisa Allen is a British chef and the winner of the Great British Menu cooking show. She was born in Lancaster, the UK, in 1981. Lisa was passionate about cooking from an early age.

She started her culinary career by working part-time at the restaurant Holbeck Ghyll. Later, she competed in season 5 of ‘Great British Menu’ and was among the four winning chefs.

Currently, Lisa is the head chef at Northcote restaurant. The restaurant holds one Michelin star.

Image of the top chef, Lisa Goodwin Allen

Lisa Goodwin Allen.

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