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Yolanda Gampp Husband, Son, Net Worth.

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A YouTube star and cake decorator, Yolanda Gampp

Yolanda Gampp is a YouTube star known for her artistic bakery as a cake decorator. With her growing interest in cakes and bakeries in general, she learned the skills by watching her father bake; without getting formal training.

After her basic studies, she joined the Culinary Arts program conducted by George Brown and completed her graduation. Furthermore, Forbes listed her as the Top Food Influencer of 2017, and she also received a Webby Awards in 2016.

In this article, we talk about the celebrity chef’s husband, son, and net worth.

Yolanda Gampp is Married to her husband David Gampp.

Yolanda Gampp and David Gampp exchanged wedding vows after several years of being together. Instead of doing it quickly, they slowly started dating and knowing each other.

It also helped their relationship to become super stable. Furthermore, she named her husband ‘Mr. Cake.’

Currently, Yolanda Gampp is happily married to David. They also have a son. David’s full name is David Perruzza, and he works in real estate. He is a chef as well.

In addition, he handles most of the home cooking and sometimes helps out Yolanda with her bakery.

Yolanda Gampp Children

Yolanda Gampp and her husband, David, have a son. His name is Prince Gampp. They are hoping to give Prince practical skills needed for personal development.

Yoland Gampp with her husband, David and her son

A YouTube star, Yoland Gampp with her husband, David, and son, Prince

Yolanda Gampp Net worth

In 2023, Yolanda Gampp has an estimated net worth of $1 to 5 million. She has an estimated annual income of $150-$250 from YouTube earnings.

In addition to her YouTube earnings, she also receives a commission and earns from her website.

Yolanda Gampp published a book titled How to Cake It. Her book shares the same name as her first YouTube channel.

She also has another YouTube channel named ‘How to Cake It Step by Step.’

As the channel name suggests, it provides an in-depth tutorial regarding baking and decorating cakes. In addition to these, she also has a website dedicated to cooking.

Wiki Bio

Yolanda always had an interest in cakes. She was born in July 21, 1977 in Canada. Her father was a baker by profession. He worked as a baker in Germany before he moved to Canada.

Furthermore, his elegant bakery is what inspired Yolanda to become a full-time baker. She owns a YouTube channel and her own businesses ‘Sweet Fix’ and ‘Cakes by Yolanda’ in Toronto, Canada.

Before her YouTube channel started, she used to work for some famous bakeries near her. These include ‘Dessert Trends’ and ‘Desserts by Phillips.’

Over time, she used her mother’s kitchen to bake cakes and gained some following. Her cakes got the attention of a famous sitcom ‘Sugar Stars.’ They also featured her in 2012. Increasing popularity inspired her to open her own business. She named her first shop the ‘Sweet Fix.’

After three years, she started her YouTube channel in February 2015. It goes by “How to Cake It,” with over 4 million subscribers and 500 million views.

She turns everything into a cake, like a keyboard cake or a cake that looks like a jar of peanut butter. Her endless creativity and excellent artistic designs regarding cake decoration turned her bakery into an internet sensation.

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