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Claire Fellows (Ainsley Harriott former wife) and Children.

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Claire Fellows is famous as Ainsley Harriott’s former wife. Ainsley Harriott is a cookbook author, chef, and reality television personality. His body of work includes shows such as Friend’s For Dinner, Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen, Ready Steady Cook, and Ainsley’s Food We Love.

In contrast, his stint as a writer has also been equally impressive. He has authored texts like Just Five Ingredients and Low-fat Meals in Minutes.

Other than that, chef Harriott also makes use of his Twitter account to share recipes (his paella dish for instance) with his fans. Meet his former wife, Claire Fellows, and their children.

Is Ainsley still married to Clarie Fellows?

The short answer is no, Ainsley Harriott is not still married to Clarie Fellows. So what happened? The two first met back in the late-80s.

As their story goes, Chef Harriott, who had not yet gained worldwide acclaim for his cooking prowess at the time, walked into a random clothes boutique one afternoon.

He was browsing through different items of clothing when his eyes fell on a beautiful dark-blonde woman. This just happened to be Clarie Fellows.

After talking for a while, they exchanged contact information and went on their first date soon after.

By 1989, after a successful courtship, Ainsley and Claire Fellows were walking down the aisle. They’d go on to stay together for 23 years.

By all accounts, their marriage was not easy, particularly as Ainsley constantly faced allegations of cheating and, at one point, even being gay.

Chef Harriott would deny all of these rumours in a series of now-deleted tweets that confirmed that he was only attracted to women.

Why did Ainsley Harriott and Claire Fellow Divorce?

In November 2012, several news outlets broke the story that Ainsley and Claire had separated and were divorced. A spokesperson for Chef Harriott would eventually come out to confirm these rumours.

He said that their split was entirely amicable and that the two would continue to be co-parents.

Later on, Ainsley would also confirm, in an interview with the Daily Mirror, that he and his wife had indeed separated. He talked about how things didn’t last between him and Claire.

Ainsley went on to add that he still had a lot of love and respect for his ex-wife Claire, and it was something that wouldn’t change. This, along with the amicable nature of their separation, leads us to believe that their marriage just ran its natural course.

Perhaps Chef Harriott’s strenuous career got in the way of their relationship.


Ainsley and Claire Fellows have two children together. Their first child, Jimmy Harriott, was born in 1990, a year after they tied the knot. As of 2023, Jimmy is set to turn 33 years old.

Chef Ainsley once revealed that his son is following in his footsteps and enjoys cooking as well. Ainsley and Claire’s second child was a daughter named Maddie. She was born back in 1993 and is set to turn 30-years old this year.

Maddie is quite an outspoken woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. In fact, she even chastised her own father for dating women who were younger than her after the divorce.

Clarie Fellows Wikipedia.

Claire Fellows is a former designer who rose to prominence after her relationship with Ainsley Harriott became public knowledge. Moreover, she is also related to comedian Graham Fellows.

Claire was born on the 5th of July 1961 in America, which tells us that she is set to turn 62 years old in a few weeks.

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