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Champion Michael Castellon: Alex Guarnaschelli’s Boyfriend Turned Fiancé.

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Image of American chef, Alex Guarnaschelli.

Alex Guarnaschelli is a well-known American chef and television personality who is commonly seen on different shows of the Food Network channel.

Read this to know Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s husband-to-be, former boyfriend, now fiance, Michael Castellon.

Besides being known for her sparkling career, Alex is also recognized by the public for being the daughter of a Legendary cookbook editor, Maria Guarnaschelli, who turned a domestic cooking chore into a cultural touchstone.

Photo of famous chef, Alex Guarnaschelli.
Chef Alex Guarnaschelli

How Alex Guarnaschelli and Champion Michael Castellon Met?

When someone becomes a celebrity, it does not take much longer to be on the trending topics, just like Alex, who recently made headlines after announcing her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Michael Castellon, after dating for almost 4 years.

Guarnaschelli met Castellon for the first time four years prior to their engagement when Alex went out dining with her friends at a restaurant in New York City.

As a matter of coincidence, the restaurant turned out to be owned by Michael Castellon, a former contestant and winner of Food Network’s cookery reality show, Chopped.

Alex had a steak from the restaurant on that day and was truly amazed by its taste so she wanted to thank the restaurant’s owner. She did so through a waiter she knew who was working in the restaurant and helped her to meet Michael.

It turns out that not only was the steak amazing, but Michael was equally appealing to Alex. Soon after their first meeting, they started dating a couple of times and were in a relationship for 4 years.

Eventually, the couple took their relationship to new heights by agreeing to an engagement.

It was Michael who had proposed to Alex on her 48th birthday, and both the couple officially shared this happy news to their fans through their social media outlets.

Alex Guarnaschelli’s Engagement with her fiancé.

The engagement of Alex Guarnaschelli and Michael Castellon became the talk of the town when the announcement first broke out.

In an interview with People magazine, Alex Guarnaschelli happily revealed the details about the day of her engagement to her fiancé Michael Castellon.

It seemed that Alex and Michael were heading into a grocery store to get more supplies for a gathering that was about to happen on the occasion of Alex’s birthday. Michael had pulled a prank before proposing to her.

Photo of Alex Guarnaschelli and her fiancée Michael Castellon.
Alex Guarnaschelli with her fiancée Michael Castellon.

Just before reaching the store, Michael pulled the car over, claiming he’d seen a stray dog, which he then said was a baby deer. He then led the Food Network to start out of the car to a scenic spot with a windmill, where he got down on one knee to pop the question for the proposal.

Obviously, Alex was flabbergasted by his proposal and agreed with the engagement. She further added that the couple is in no hurry of getting married and is happy being engaged. Clearly, Alex cannot wait for a big wedding in the future with her fiancé.

Who is Michael Castellon?

Michael Castellon, also known as Chef Mike, is a famous American celebrity chef who came into the limelight after winning the Chopped in Food Networks show. The same network where his current fiancé is working.

Michael was born on the 11th of September 1981 in Florida, USA. Unfortunately, there is not much information related to his early life, such as his family and his educational background.

However, what was clear is that he was interested in the world of culinary from an early age.

He started getting attention from his fans after his first appearance in cooking reality shows. He has also worked for several food shows like Guy’s Grocery Games and Iron Chef America: The Series as Alex’s sous chef.

Currently, he owns a restaurant in New York City, the same restaurant where he met his fiancé Alex Guarnaschelli.

As of 2023, Michael Castellon’s net worth is estimated to be approximately around $2 million. His income sources are from the restaurants he works in and his profession as a chef.

He also makes a decent sum of money from his YouTube channel, where he uploads cooking recipe videos. Additionally, he is one of the famous television personalities who gets paid a huge amount for his appearances.

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