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Chef Ming Tsai Biography: Wife Polly Tsai and 7 Other Facts. 

The 59 years old professional chef Ming Tsai was born on 29th March 1964 in Dayton, Ohio. He learned restaurant operations from his parents and has a great talent for making customers happy with good food and hospitality.

Follow this post to know more about his career and his life stories.

Ming Tsai is a Famous American Chef.

Ming Tsai is not only a famous chef but also a television personality and celebrity. He has done several TV shows named The Next Iron Chef, simply Ming, and others.

Ming had a cooking habit since his childhood. He used to accompany his parents to their restaurant named Mandarin Kitchen.

He pursued mechanical engineering but also took up cooking classes during the summer vacations. Soon after he completed his graduation, Ming took the experience in the field of cooking by traveling all across the globe.

He got many degrees to his name in the field of cooking, hotel administration, hospitality, and others. Soon, he became a hit name in the list of famous chefs in America.

Image of Caption: American chef, Ming Tsai
Caption: American chef, Ming Tsai

Ming Tsai Is Married to Wife Polly Tsai.

The famous American Chef, Ming Tsai, is also a loving husband. He got married to Polly Tsai in April 1996.

It is over 27 years of their marriage and is continuing to live a happy and peaceful life. She has two brothers Mark and David.

Ming and Polly met each other during the squash sport event of Mark and David. There is not much information about the couple’s love life as they like it that way.

But from some sources, the news came that Ming Tsai stated in an interview giving all his success credit to his wife.

There is news of Polly Tsai helping Ming backstage during the show, Simply Ming. It shows their bond and compatibility in the relationship.

Image of Caption: Chef Ming Tsai posing with wife, Polly
Caption: Chef Ming Tsai posing with wife, Polly

Tsai Couple has 2 Sons.

Chef Ming and wife Polly Tsai have two sons named Henry Tsai and David Tsai. His son David has some food allergies, and he came to know about that when David was just three years old.

Therefore, he started promoting allergy awareness and also introduced a system for allergy safety in his restaurant, Blue Ginger.

Chef Ming Tsai Wife, Polly Tsai Cancer.

Ming Tsai confronted the news that her wife has stage-4 lung cancer, at the California Spirit 33 Gourmet Garden Party.

He said in a speech while accepting the impact award of 2018. Ming Tsai also says that Polly Tsai is currently under treatment and takes an expensive pill that costs a total of $17,000 every month.

Polly Tsai was born on the 24th of September 1977 and is 45 years old as in today. She is a white American and has mixed ethnicity.

Her death news is just a rumor, but she is under treatment for her lung cancer.

Ming Tsai Net Worth, Restaurants.

Ming Tsai is a proud owner of two restaurants in the United States named Blue Dragon and Blue Ginger. Both the restaurants are of premium class and also have awards to their names.

Blue Ginger is located in the region of Washington, Wellesley, United States. Blue Dragon is situated in the region of Boston, United States.

Ming has a collective net worth of over $10 million to date. His main source of income is from his restaurants and salary for being a celebrity chef and television star.

Ming Tsai Family, Parents, Siblings.

Chef Ming Tsai is son to father, Stephen Tsai, and mother, Iris Tsai. He has no siblings but has two brothers-in-law, David and Mark Talbott. Ming lives a happy life today with his wife Polly Tsai and his two sons, Henry and David Tsai.

Chef Ming Tsai Charities.

Apart from Family reach, Ming Tsai has made big charities in organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ment’ or BKB Foundation, Cam Neely Foundation, Chefs for Humanity, and many more.

Due to his history of encounter with Cancer in his family, he does not want others to suffer due to a shortage of funds.

Therefore, he does charity to Cam Neely Foundation to help support the cause. Cam Neely takes care of all the needy cancer patients by giving them the funds essential for their treatments. Similarly, he dedicates his monetary effort along with his time to do charity to make this world a better place to live in.

Social Media accounts and activities

Ming Tsai is very much active on all social media platforms. He goes up to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to share his new dishes for special occasions. Ming shared a picture a few days back on Instagram with the plates full of delicious delicacies. He captions it by saying,

“First meal of the year of the rat!! Good Luck dumplings, green water spinach, scallion coin pancakes, spicy beef for a spicy year!!”.

He has many other posts on all his social media channels, replicating his skills as a professional chef.

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