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Chef Thomas Keller Net Worth. His Wife-to-be Fiance Laura Cunningham.

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Thomas Keller has been in the limelight for being the author of the award-winning cookbook ‘French Laundry Cookbook.’ Get to know more details about Thomas Keller Net worth and info about his wife to be fiance Laura Cunningham.

Who is Thomas Keller?

Image of Caption: American chef, Thomas Keller

Caption: American chef, Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller is an award-winning chef, cookbook author, and restaurateur. As aforementioned, he is the author of the popular cookbook ‘The French Laundry cookbook.’ Moreover, he has authored 5 more bestselling cookbooks.

Also, Thomas Keller is famous for having featured in the film ‘Spanglish.’ In the film, he taught actor Adam Sandler how to cook the biggest Sandwich in the world.

Is Thomas Keller is Married to Laura Cunningham Yet?

Image of Caption: Thomas Keller engaged with Laura Cunningham

Caption: Thomas Keller engaged with Laura Cunningham

Just like many other celebrity chefs, Thomas Keller has a woman by her side. Her name is Laura Cunningham. The two are not yet married.

Despite that, they have stuck to each other for a whole lot of years. Thomas Keller and Laura Cunningham are workmates. They met when Laura Cunningham dropped an application to be the brand director of French Laundry

Thomas Keller fell in love with the beautiful Laura Cunningham and proposed to her to be his girlfriend. Indeed Laura Cunningham agreed, and the two started dating.

In 2008, Chef Thomas Keller and Laura Cunningham got engaged. Since then, they have never come out clear about their marriage plans.

Continue reading below to know Chef Thomas Keller’s Net Worth.

Who is Thomas Keller soon to be wife Laura Cunningham?

Image of Caption: Hospitality Manager, Laura Cunningham

Caption: Hospitality Manager, Laura Cunningham

While talking about the success of Thomas Keller Restaurants, Chef Thomas Keller’s wife-to-be Laura Cunningham ought to be mentioned. She is the one behind the flawless hospitality at The French Laundry in Calif and Per Se.

In short, she is the hospitality manager at The French Laundry.

Laura Cunningham first worked at a restaurant at the age of 15. The restaurant was known as ‘Meadowood resort St Helena Calif.’ Later on, she worked as a bartender in San Francisco.

At this time, she was a student at the University of California, studying Italian, Literature, and History.

After school, Laura worked with Chef Jonathan and Waxman.

Owing to her great love of working in the restaurant industry, she dropped an application to Chef Thomas Keller as soon as he opened The French Laundry.

Luckily, Laura was hired to be the hospitality manager/brand director. Up to date, she continues to be a significant part of the French Laundry.

As of now, Laura has plans to open her restaurant.

Thomas Keller Net Worth.

Image of Thomas Keller as a known chef

Thomas Keller is among the richest chefs in the world. He holds a whopping net worth of $130 million, as of 2023. Chef Thomas Keller has garnered this huge amount from his restaurant business and cookbook.

Chef Thomas Keller was born in 1968 in Napa, California. At times, Thomas’s mom hired him as help in her restaurants.

Due to this, he ended up developing a natural love for cooking.

Later in his life, Thomas Keller worked as a chef in Rhode Island. While here, he worked alongside Chef Roland Henin. Therefore, he ended up perfect in cooking French dishes.

Subsequently, he returned to America in the year 1984. In America, he first served as a Chef at La Reserve, New York.

As a result of his dream to become independent, Chef Thomas decided to open up his first restaurant. He opened his first restaurant, ‘Rakel’ in 1987. Because of the excellent services in the restaurant, Rakel restaurant got two stars from the New York Times.

In1994, Thomas Keller purchased French Laundry at $1.2 million. The restaurant has become so successful. In the list of the most expensive restaurants in the world, French Laundry is the top 10.

Apart from this, the French Laundry has received so many awards. These awards are from; James Beard Foundation, Gourmet magazines, The mobile guide, Michelin guide.

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