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Delia Smith Net Worth, Husband Michael Wynn-Jones.

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Delia Smith

Women can do anything a man can. This statement has been proven to be true by many women in the past and so has Delia Smith.

Delia Ann Smith is a British businesswoman and a former celebrity chef who is best known for her exceptional cookery talent and persuasive writing skills. Read this to know chef Delia Smith’s net worth.

Moreover, throughout her life, she has achieved numerous individual awards for her contribution to cookery.

Her personal recipes have been tested and loved by millions of her followers. Even at this age, Delia is still committed to teaching cooking skills through her websites and social media.

Besides cooking, the 82-year-old Delia is also a businesswoman who started investing in football clubs alongside her husband Michael Wynn-Jones.

Delia Smith
Delia Smith

In this article, we will look into the details of Delia Smith’s personal and professional life and unveil some of her remarkable moments.


Delia Smith was born on the 18th of June, 1941, in Surrey, England. Delia was raised by her own parents Harold Bartlett Smith and Etty Jones Lewis, and is a Christian by religion.

She attended Bexleyheath School and later dropped out at the age of 16. Nonetheless, there are no further details about her qualifications.

Initial Struggles.

Before breaking out in the culinary industry, Delia had to go through the fundamental steps. She started as a dishwasher in a small restaurant in Paddington.

After that, she moved on to waitering and finally allowed to cook in the same restaurant. It was from then that Delia began an interest in cooking.

She used to read English cookery books in British Museum and tried out the recipes with the family she was living with.

Later, she began working for studio photography at Carlton Studios. After few years, in 1969, Delia was offered a cookery writing position for Daily Mirror.

Likewise, she has also written for companies like Evening News and Standard. For 12 straight years, Delia wrote cookery articles for the companies until she went to write for Radio Times till 1986.

Breakout in television.

During the early 1970s, Delia Smith appeared as a residential cook on BBC East’s Look East, a regional magazine program. From then on, Delia started her own cookery show by the name Family Fare.

The show ran well from 1973 to 1975. And during the process, Delia got a wide exposure among the fans as well.

In subsequent years, the 79-year-old made guest appearances on shows such as Multi-colored Swap Shop, commercials for Waitrose, and her own five-episode series, Delia through the Decades.

Other than impressing her fans with cookery shows, she also succeeds at amazing everyone with her published books about cooking. Some of her works, such as Delia Smith’s The Winter Collection and How to Cheat at Cooking, have each sold millions of copies, making it rank amongst the biggest selling books.

Later in February 2013, Delia publicly announced her retirement from television cookery shows and that she would only be concentrating on offering her recipes online.


One would think that Delia is finished with her career, but little do they know that this British is nowhere near willing to hang up. Delia and her husband, Michael Wynn-Jones, started investing in a drowning football club, Norwich City, and held a majority of the share, making her a multi-millionaire woman.

Delia Smith Net Worth.

Chef Delia was already starting to earn a decent amount of cash from her profession as a culinary expert. However, the joint investment for the football club along with her husband has boosted her net worth to great heights.

Talking about Delia’s wealth, this retired English cook and a former businesswoman is believed to have a net worth of $36 million which she shares with her husband.

Husband Michael Wynn-Jones and Kids.

Delia met Michael Wynn-Jones for the very first time in her life when she was working for Daily Mirror. It was rumored that the couple dated for some time during this period and eventually decided to marry in 1971.

Delia’s husband Michael Wynn-Jones was the deputy editor of the Daily Mirror at that time. Besides this, Michael was also the founder of New Crane Publishing company that published several of Delia’s books. However, he sold the company back in 2005.

Derlia Smith and husband Michael Wynn-Jones
Delia Smith and husband Michael Wynn-Jones

In an age where divorce and extra-marital love affairs have been a common thing in a couple’s relationship, Delia and husband Michael Wynn-Jones relationship never showed any signs of breakage.

Truly, their love life stands out as an example of how couples should it has been well over 50 years of their marriage and as of today, Delia is enjoying a serene and luxurious life with her husband.

Talking about Chef Delia Smith’s children, the 82-year-old multimillionaire has never had any children. In an interview, Delia mentioned that she would have loved to have a child of her own.

However, she appeared to have no time to conceive a child due to her busy work schedule.

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