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Luca Manfé Restaurant, Net Worth, Wiki-Biography

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Images of an Italian chef, Luca Manfe

Who could ever forget the final episode of MasterChef US season 4? One of the show’s finalists was Luca Manfé, who won the entire tournament after a mouthwatering clash with another finalist, Natasha.

It was a historic win for Luca since he was the first non-American male to win MasterChef.

Luca Manfe is an Italian chef, which is why he brings authentic Italian taste to his food. Ever since his stint in MasterChef, Luca amassed a huge fanbase who all wish to learn cooking skills from him.

Besides Luca’s popularity, there is a lot to be inspired by this Italian chef. Luca left Italy during his twenties to travel and work in different countries like Australia and the US.

Luca could compete in the highest stages after gaining experience by working under some of the great chefs with specialties in Japanese, French, and Modern American dishes.

After MasterChef, Luca is now known for his famous food truck and self-written cookbook, My Italian Kitchen.

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Luca Manfé Restaurant

Despite being a prolific chef, Luca never opened a restaurant. However, Luca has served as a manager and head chef on numerous eateries.

Fans know that Luca ran his catering company called Dinner with Luca soon after winning MasterChef. Moreover, Luca got his first client right off the bat, where he had to cook for a family event. Dinner with Luca proved to be a success for Luca.

Since then, Luca has traveled to various countries to cook for small and big clients.

However, Luca had little success with his food truck venture. A few years ago, Luca started The Lucky Fig and began serving foods on the street.

The Lucky Fig served the best Italian foods on the go. However, this business was a total disaster and sort of collapsed in 2016. According to Luca, serving high-end Italian meals on food trucks was not a good decision as people only preferred fast street foods.

However, The Lucky Fig revived in 2017 when Luca found a new venture capitalist for his business. With the help of an investor named Alex Muse, Luca got the funds to establish his business in Dallas by correcting his past mistakes.

Now, Luca has included dishes like sandwiches, hot dogs, pizzas, arancini, and takeaways. Moreover, Luca’s truck is utilized for team building and motivational speaking events as well.

Luca Manfé Net Worth

Luca Manfe stands with a net worth of $1-5 million as of 2023. There are various ways through which Luca makes a good living for his family.

Firstly, Luca whooped in a considerable sum of $250,000 for winning MasterChef in 2013.


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Appearing and winning MasterChef gave Luca good exposure. From then on, whatever he did become a success thanks to thousands of his fans.

Luca’s cookbook, My Italian Kitchen, sold hundreds of copies, each worth $13.19 for Kindle and $24.16 for hardcover.

Luca also makes earnings from his YouTube channel, where he always gives away free cooking lessons. So far, Luca has 17.8k subscribers. However, if one is looking for private cooking lessons, one can do so by signing up for Luca’s cooking programs.

Generally, there is an option of a $500 package for couples or four people and a $700 package for a maximum of ten people.

Ever since the 2020 pandemic, Luca has made it convenient by setting up LIVE interactive classes at the comfort of home. Moreover, this pandemic saw more people investing in his packages.

Similarly, Luca’s catering and food truck business brings in a decent profit annually. Luca Manfé also earns as a brand ambassador for Donna Italia, a pizza oven industry.



Luca Manfe’s date of birth is 1981. As of 2023, Luca has reached the age of 42.


Luca Manfe is of Italian ethnicity. However, Luca holds American citizenship.

Married and Children

Luca Manfe with his wife and kids
An Italian chef, Luca Manfe with his wife and kids.

Luca’s wife is Catherine Manfè, and the Manfe couple is celebrating their 11th marriage anniversary in 2023. Together, the Manfe family has two young sons, Luca Jr. and Valentino.

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