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Chef Mark McEwan Restaurants, Net Worth and Biography facts.

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Image of Chef Mark McEwan Restaurants, Net Worth and Biography facts

Mark McEwan is a 66-year-old American-born Canadian celebrity chef and television personality. He is famous for hosting his show, ‘Heat’, which airs on Food Network Canada.

This show follows some of the best restaurants run by various chefs. Mark is also famous for being the head judge for Food Network’s show, ‘Top Chef Canada’ in this article, we will get you information about his shops, net worth, and facts about him.

Early Career.

Mark started working as a dishwasher in Buffalo before moving to Canada. He joined and graduated from Browns College in 1979 and started working at Sutton Place Hotel in 1981. He was made the chef in that hotel after two years.

Mark McEwan Restaurants and TV shows.

Image of Chef Mark McEwan restaurant name Fabbrica

Chef Mark McEwan restaurant name Fabbrica

Mark opened his first two restaurants in 1990. These are Pronto and North 44. He then opened other restaurants. In 2009, he made a 6 million investment that was consumed by his opening four restaurants. This investment ploughed back a 900,000 profit within a year. He added two more eateries. These restaurants include;

  1. Diwan – 77 Wellington
  2. Fabbrica – 27 Bruce Street South Toronto
  3. Fabbrica – 66 Wellington Street West Toronto
  4. Fabbrica – 49 Karl Fraser Road
  5. One Restaurant – 116 Yorkville Ave., Toronto
  6. Bymark – 66 Wellington St. West, Toronto

Mark was the head judge for the show Top Chef Canada. He appeared in the sixth season that aired in 2018 between April and May. He also has his show on social media platforms, including YouTube, named ‘Chef to Chef with Mark McEwan.

Grub Content and Centennial College once produced the show. Mark is also an author; his first book was released in 2011, titled Great Foods at Home. This show is about Mark meeting his fellow renowned chefs and conversing with them about their history. He also gets an opportunity to taste the delicacies prepared in those hotels.

Mark McEwan is Married to Roxanne.

Mark is married to his longtime partner Roxanne. The two met way before Mark established his first hotel. The two had plans to get married, and all was set for D-day.

But in the process, the idea of having their restaurant came in between, and besides, his fiancé got pregnant.

It forced the two to hold their wedding plans and invest all their resources towards starting their restaurant. Mark sold his sports car, asked his parents for a house mortgage, and took all the money from the bank to start his restaurant.

Mark McEwan and wife Roxanne eventually got a marriage certificate from the City Hall instead of having a ceremony. The couple was blessed with one boy, Eric, who also took after his father and is currently a chef, running the family business.

Chef Mark McEwan Net Worth 2023.

Image of Chef, Mark McEwan net worth

Chef Mark McEwan’s net worth

Having invested 6 million in 2009, which started to pay off almost immediately, Mark’s net worth is approximately $ 5 million as of 2023. However, the exact figure or even its approximation is unknown. But he is a wealthy man.

Age and Date of Birth.

Mark was born in 1957 in Buffalo, USA. He spent his early life in New York. There is no information about Mark McEwan’s family or siblings.

When he was of age, he moved to Canada. He is currently 66 years old. He was born in September, so his zodiac sign is Virgo.

Wiki and Facts.

Full name Mark McEwan
Age 66 years old.
Date of Birth September 1957
Place of Birth Buffalo, USA
Profession Celebrity Chef and Author
Net worth $ 5 Million
Wife Roxanne
Kids Eric
Nationality Canadian/ American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents N/A

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