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Mark Wiens Wife Ying Wiens. Net Worth, Parents, Ethnicity. Dead or Alive?

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famous blogger turned vlogger, Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens is a famous blogger turned vlogger who travels around the world looking for delicious food. His blog Migrationology features his travels and exploits in search of good food.

Mark loves to explore street food from different parts of the world. Mark Wiens is also a famous YouTube personality with more than 7 million followers.

Read this to know Mark Wiens’ net worth and meet his wife Ying Wiens and their kids.

Mark Wiens Wiki

Chef and food vlogger, Mark Wiens travels and eats for a living. Bangkok, Thailand, is his current home base, but his vlogs often take him to different parts of the globe. Mark’s YouTube channel has more than 7 million subscribers, and his videos have accumulated more than 1 billion views.

Mark was exposed to traveling early in life because his parents were missionaries. The whole family traveled a lot depending on where his parents’ mission took them.

They lived in different parts of Africa when he was growing up. Mark graduated with a degree in Global Studies from Arizona State University in 2008.

His love for exotic food started as a young boy growing up in Congo. He often went out into the jungle to try unique fruits, berries, and edible insects.

Mark was also able to try the traditional dishes of several countries since their family traveled a lot.

Mark Wiens Wife Ying Wiens.

Ying Wiens is the wife of Mark Wiens. She is a Thai national who originally resided in Krabi. Like her husband, Ying also has her own travel vlog.

Mark met Ying when he used to work as an English teacher at a school in Bangkok. The couple got married in an intimate ceremony at a Bangkok restaurant.

In November 12, 2016, Ying brought into this world their son Micah via an emergency C-section. The Wiens family of three are enjoying a happy life in their beautiful home in Bangkok.

Mark Wiens with his wife and son
Mark Wiens with his wife and son

Mark Wiens Net Worth.

The net worth of Mark Wiens for 2023 is $6.5million. His YouTube channel provides him with a daily earning of $6,500.

These revenues are acquired from the advertisements featured in his popular YouTube channel.

After his college graduation, Mark traveled to South America with no long-term plans in mind. While there, he took a course so that he can teach English classes. In 2009, he came up with the idea to create his blog called

Mark’s blog targets audiences who love good food and traveling. His blog encourages his followers to explore food and places that are outside of their comfort zone.

The newbie blogger traveled to Southeast Asia to get content for his blogs.

He found himself in the Philippines with only a few dollars in his wallet. At that point, he decided to travel to Bangkok.

He got a job as an English teacher in Bangkok to earn some money.

However, teaching became tedious for him and so he decided to earn money online. His goal was to travel and make money all in one go.

At this point, Mark decided to create a food blog called Eatingthaifood.

He collaborated with his friend and fellow Arizonian, Dwight Turner. After three years of blogging, Mark released his first e-book entitled Eating Thai Food Guide, and he made some money out of it.

Mark realized that blogging was not enough to earn an income, so he decided to venture into vlogging. Luckily, his YouTube channel became a success with more than 7 million followers. Aside from his food vlog, he also created a travel vlog called Mark Abroad.


The names of Mark’s parents are now known. It is known that his mother was born in Hawaii and is of Chinese ancestry.

His father is an American. Both of his parents are missionaries which instilled the love for traveling in the heart of the young Mark.

Ethnicity And Nationality.

Mark Wiens has a mixture of Chinese and American genes. His mother had pure Chinese ancestry but was born in Hawaii.

On the other hand, his father has American ancestry. Mark was born in the United States, particularly in Phoenix, Arizona, which means that his nationality is American.

Mark Wiens eating fish
A famous blogger turned vlogger, Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens Dead?

There have been circulating rumors that Mark Wiens is already dead. There is no truth to these stories, and Mark is very much alive.

He is still very active on his vlogs and website. The famous vlogger has been posting vlogs as often as two times a week, proving that he is still alive and well.

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