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Michael Symon Net worth, Wife Liz Shanahan: 15 Facts you should know.

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Michael Symon is a restaurant owner, reality television personality, writer, and culinary expert. He is the proprietor of establishments such as the B Spot.

Shifting the focus to his literary exploits, we have discovered that he has written several books. These include titles like The Soul of a Chef.

As far as his endorsements are concerned, we learned that he was once the spokesperson for businesses like Vitamix. Let’s explore details about Chef Michael Symon’s net worth and wife, Liz Shanahan.

Here are 15 facts you should read about.

Restaurants and Locations.

Michael Symon owns a handful of restaurants. During the 2016 presidential election, Chef Symon showed that he was not afraid to speak his mind, and declared that Donald Trump was not welcomed in any of his restaurants.

  • Lola.

This was Michael Symon’s first restaurant, and it dates back to 1997. The place is located at 2058 East 4th Street in Cleveland. Michael’s establishment prides itself in serving rustic food in a sleek, lively environment.

All ingredients are sourced from local purveyors.

Image of Michael Symon first restaurant Lola located in Cleveland
Caption: Michael Symon first restaurant Lola located in Cleveland
  • The B Spot.

The B Spot Restaurant is an industrial-chic chain, which can be found all over Cleveland. Its original location is 28699 Chagrin Blvd, in Woodmere.

The famous chain specializes in gourmet burgers and a variety of milkshakes. They offer a happy hour between 3 and 5 pm, where customers can buy a hamburger for only five dollars.

Image of Michael Symon restaurant The B Spot loacted in Woodmere
Caption: Michael Symon restaurant The B Spot located in Woodmere
  • Lolita.

The Restaurant was located at 900 Literary Rd, in Cleveland. Unfortunately, a fire in 2015 caused it to shut down. Michael Symon announced that he was going to open a new restaurant altogether, Sherla’s Chicken and Oysters.

However, Chef Symon found himself busy with other exploits and sold the space to Dave Ferrante, who is the proprietor of Visible Voice books. The building hasn’t been reopened yet.

Image of Michael Symon restaurant located at 900 Literary Rd, in Cleveland
Caption: Michael Symon restaurant located at 900 Literary Rd, in Cleveland
  • Roast.

This restaurant was the first establishment that Chef Symon opened outside Cleveland. It is located at 1128 Washington Boulevard and was opened back in 2007.

The place is designed like a wood-fired meat house, which enables it to focus on steak. It is ideal for intimate gatherings.

  • Angeline.

The Angeline Restaurant is named after Symon’s mother, who played a big part in his culinary career. To date, she still offers him guidance. The restaurant is located in Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City.

It specializes in foods like Angel’s Lasagne, which is also named after his mother. It remarkably consists of over 30 layers of meat and pasta!

Chef Michael Symon’s Net Worth is $8 Million.

Chef Symon has spent decades in the culinary industry, which has helped him amass a significant net worth. In addition to his work as a chef, Michael has also worked in television.

His affiliation with the Food Network, for example, has seen him appear on shows like Melting Pot and The Next Iron Chef.

Michael receives a substantial income for his exploits on television. In regards to his writing career, we found that he still has several books available for sale online. Live to Cook, for example, is available for $35 on Amazon.

In order to acquire a hardcover copy of The Soul of a Chef, you’ll also have to part with about $51. His books are highly-priced and in demand. As things stand, Michael Symon’s net worth sits at $6 million.

Michael Symon is Married to Liz Shanahan.

Chef Symon’s wife is a woman named Liz Shanahan. The couple first ran into each other at one of Symon’s restaurants.

At the time, Liz was helping him manage the establishment. A working relationship gradually blossomed into a romantic dalliance.

At the time they started dating, Liz had a two-year-old son from a previous relationship. After they tied the knot, Chef Symon officially adopted Liz’s son Kyle, and the family three settled down in Los Angeles.

Image of Michael Symon with his wife Liz Shanahan
Caption: Michael Symon with his wife, Liz Shanahan

More than two decades on, and Michael and his wife are still together. They regularly share social media posts of each other at dinner parties and public events.

On the 3rd of December 2018, Michael and his wife, Liz Shanahan, became grandparents after the birth of Emerson.

His wife, Liz Shanahan Bio.

Liz Shanahan is a woman who has vast experience in the culinary world. She and her husband work together.

This was no more so evident than when they opened Lola together. Other than a career in the restaurant industry, we also learned that Liz is an animal lover.

Michael Symon and wife Liz has two dogs: Ruby and Ozzy. One is a bullmastiff whereas the other is an old English dog.

Age & DOB.

Michael Symon was born on the 19th of September 1969 in Cleveland, Ohio. At this moment, he is 53 years old.

Being a Virgo, Michael is burdened with a wealth of creativity. It has enabled him to thrive in the highly competitive world of the culinary arts.


Chef Symon is a published author with several titles to his name. Some of his books include titles like Fix it with food, 5 in 5 for every season, Playing with Fire: BBQ and More from the Grill, The Chew-Summer Flavors, Carnivore, What’s for dinner, Fall Flavors and Live to Cook.

Image of Michael Symon book named 5 in 5 for every season
Caption: Michael Symon book named 5 in 5 for every season

Michael Symon’s Top 5 Recipes.

1. Halushki with Pap’s Dumplings.

  • Ingredients- 3 eggs, 3 ounces of milk, 2 cups of all-purpose flour, 8 ounces of butter, 12 ounces of smoked ham, one sliced onion, one cabbage (diced), two tablespoons of paprika and salt and pepper.


  • Mix the flour, eggs, milk, salt, and pepper in a bowl by hand and place in the fridge for one hour covered.
  • Add saltwater to a pan and bring to the boil.
  • Then cut the mixture from the fridge into dumplings and let them boil for five minutes.
  • Fry the onions in the butter and add the cabbage and paprika.
  • Mix the dumplings, cabbage mix, and ham together and serve.

2.  ‘I Don’t Have Steak’ Cheesesteak.

  • Ingredients:

  • 1 ½ pound of ground meat, 12 ounces of melty cheese, four bread buns, four tablespoons of butter, one sliced onion and salt, and pepper.
  • Steps:

  • Stir fry the onions in the butter until caramelized and then remove the onions from the pan.
  • Increase the heat and add the beef to the onion drippings.
  • Add salt and pepper and cook for roughly three minutes on either side.
  • Then break up the beef with a spoon.
  • Place the onions on top of the meat and then add the cheese.
  • Fill the rolls with the mixture and serve.

3. Drunken Cabbage.

Third, in the list of Chef Michael Symon’s recipe is drunken cabbage.

  • Ingredients- 1 red cabbage (cored and sliced), ½ pound smoked bacon, one thinly sliced onion, 12 ounces of wheat beer, two tablespoons of caraway seeds, three tablespoons of coarse mustard, two tablespoons of sugar and salt and pepper.
  • Steps:

  • Cook the bacon over low heat and then add the onions and sweat for two minutes.
  • Add the remaining ingredients and cook for roughly 30 minutes.
  • Serve this dish hot or cold, with pork or chicken.

4. Shrimp Scampi with Pasta.

Read below to know Michael Symon’s recipe for Shrimp Scampi with Pasta.


  • 2 pounds of shrimp, 1 pound of dry pasta, ¼ cup of olive oil, eight tablespoons of unsalted butter, 1 cup of liquid (white wine works well), 12 cloves of garlic, two lemons (juiced) and salt and pepper.
  • Steps:

  • Bring a pot of salty water to the boil and add the pasta.
  • Cook until al dente.
  • While cooking the pasta, add the oil, butter, garlic to a different pan and sweat for two minutes.
  • Add the shrimp and stir fry for about one minute.
  • Then add the lemon juice and liquid and cook for approximately three to five minutes.
  • Drain the pasta, but keep some of the pasta water.
  • Add the pasta and water to the pan with the shrimps, mix, and then serve.

5. Tart Cherry and Red Wine Sundae.

Among 5, Michael Symon’s Recipe, “Tart Cherry and Red Wine Sundae,” is the last.

  • Ingredients:

  • 2 cups of dry red wine, two teaspoons of red wine vinegar, 4 cups of frozen cherries, two tablespoons of corn-starch, 1 cup of sugar, one cinnamon stick, and vanilla ice cream, for serving.
  • Steps:

  • Heat a saucepan on medium-high heat and add the cherries, sugar, corn-starch, and cinnamon stick.
  • Cook until the sugar begins to melt, which should take roughly one minute.
  • Add the wine and bring to the boil.
  • Continue to cook until the wine has reduced and thickened, which should take roughly four minutes.
  • Remove from the heat, take out the cinnamon stick and add the vinegar.
  • Scoop the ice cream into bowls, top with the warm cherry and red wine sauce and serve.

Chef Michael Symons Do not Have any Biological Kid.

Chef Symon only has one child, a step-son named Kyle Symon. He is the biological son of Liz Shanahan and her ex-partner.

There is not a lot of information available on his biography, save for the fact that he is also a father. His daughter’s name is Emerson.

Image of Michael Symon with his step son Kyle Symon
Caption: Michael Symon with his stepson Kyle Symon

Michael Symon is a Tattoo Lover.

Michael Symon has so many tattoos that even his own wife, Liz Shanahan, cannot list all of them. She does not know how many he has! When questioned about his tattoos, Symon admits that he has probably spent the best part of 200 hours getting inked.

Image of Chef, Michael Symon tattoo
Caption: Chef, Michael Symon tattoo

His first tattoo was of a cartoon devil, which he got when he was a teenager in high school. Since then, chef Michael symon has been adding to his collection regularly. His collection of tattoos includes a diagram of primal cuts, inspired by a cookbook from the 1800s.

He also has an angelic ‘got pork’ pig tattoo on his left shoulder.


Chef Michael is the son of Angel and Dennis Symon. Interestingly enough, he has a multi-cultural background. These include Silician, Greek, and Eastern European ancestry. He grew up alongside a sister named Nikki Symon.

The Greek part of his ancestry comes from his father, Dennis. Back in the day, he used to work for the Ford Motor Company. His mother, on the other hand, is Sicilian regarding her origins.

His passion for cooking comes directly from her. To date, she makes the best lasagna he has ever had.

Image of Michael Symon with his mother Angel Symon
Caption: Michael Symon with his mother, Angel Symon

TV Shows.

Chef Symon has enjoyed a long career on television. He has been a staple on the food network for decades now.

This has seen him feature in television shows like Iron Chef America, Food Feuds, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Cook Like an Iron Chef, and Food Feuds.

Image of Chef, Michael Symon from the TV show, Iron Chef America
Caption: Chef, Michael Symon from the TV show, Iron Chef America

Social media accounts and activities.

Chef Symon has amassed a remarkable following on Instagram. To date, he reportedly has 573K followers. Michael uses this platform to list recipes, cooking tips, as well as host Q & A with fans.

Just recently, he wowed fans with his recipe for the Charred Scallion Dip. There are several more recipes to be found on his page as well. Besides cooking, we also learned that Michael is a huge fan of wrestling.

He posted a picture of wrestling legend, Rick Flair, back in April. Additionally, we also learned that he is an animal lover. He posted a cute picture of his dog, Norman, a few weeks ago.

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