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Tamra Davis Net Worth, Husband, Wiki facts.

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Tamra Davis

Tamra Davis is an American film, television, and music video director. She was born in Studio City, California.

With her grandparents being in the media industry she was expected to be on the same career line. Her grandfather was a comedy writer and her grandmother was an actress at Fox.

Davis always wanted to be an actress and in the 11th grade, she took a risk of being a dropout for meeting an Egyptian Film Producer Ibrahim Moussa who gave her an opportunity to work in Paris for six months.

Tamra Davis Net Worth.

However, she returned to the US and worked at an art gallery but soon resigned and worked in an apprentice position at American Zoetrope. In the phase of switching, jobs and experimenting Francis Ford Coppola suggested she complete her studies first.

She took the advice and joined Lo Angeles City College.

Tamra Davis

Tamra Davis

Davis shot many videos and films during her college time. After getting out of school, Davis sent her video collection and was hired to record the band, Husker Du. Davis gives huge credit to that music video for developing her sensibility as director. 

She saw there was no gender discrimination in the video world which gave her many chances to do new experiments. She has directed more than 155 pieces of music throughout her career mostly focusing on feminist issues.

Gun Crazy was directed by Davis which starred actor Drew Barrymore. Other films such as Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child, Half Baked, Billy Madison, and Cb4 are directed by Davis herself. 

She has also directed television shows such as My Name is Earl and Everybody Hates Chris. Famous singer Britney Spears has acted for Davis in the movie Crossword. 

Today Tamra Davis is not just a director she herself own and runs a cooking show setting out vegetarian fare titled “Tamra Davis Cooking Show” easily available on her website.

She has also given some of the best recipes on her cookbook named “Make Me Something Good to Eat”.  As of 2023, Tamra Davis’ net worth is estimated to be $1 Million.

Is Tamra Davis Married?

In 1993 Tamra Davis married Mike Louis Diamond, best known as Mike D, an American rapper, and a founding member of the Beastie Boys hip hop community. They were living in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, during their marriage. They’ve got two children, Davis Diamond, and Skyler Diamond.

After almost 23 years of marriage, they agreed to be divorced on a civil basis.

Mike Louis Diamond

Mike Louis Diamond

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