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Aaron May (Chef) Net Worth, Wife and Wiki.

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Image of the successful cooks in the world, Aaron May

Perhaps one of the most successful cooks in the world, Aaron May, chef, rose to the limelight as a celebrity chef. The world may know him for being the private chef for TikTok celebrity Dixie D’Amelio. Read this to know Aron May’s net worth and wife.

Likewise, May is a tv star who has appeared in Food Network’s prominent television shows like Guy’s Ranch Kitchen and Grocery Games as the judge.

But Aaron May is more than that. He is an accomplished individual who has in-depth expertise in food. Not only that, but Aaron has deployed his culinary skills in various hotels and restaurants.

Currently, May owns restaurants in different parts of America as well.

This talented chef, as well as business owner, originated from Scottsdale, Arizona. However, May completed his culinary arts program in Paris at Ecole Ritz Escoffier.

So far, May has over 27 years of experience in the food industry.

Chef Aaron May Net Worth.

Aaron is a culinary expert who has his hands full with various professions. Reports claim that this 45-year-old chef may have a net worth of $2 million.

We know that Chef Aaron May brings a lot of experience to the table, making him a head chef. A typical executive chef in Arizona earns approximately $70,387, which must be May’s salary.

Apart from this, May earns a hefty profit from his restaurants in Arizona. It is no wonder that Chef Aaron has plenty of customers in the doors as hundreds of people have given positive ratings.

Not to mention that Aaron is a private chef of the famous D’Amelio family. Hence, May’s salary is enough to earn him staggering wealth.

Is Aaron May Chef married to his wife?

Chef Aaron May is a busy man who has a lot on his plate. At times like this, he rarely sits in front of the media to talk about his personal life.

Aaron is undoubtedly a dedicated individual to his profession.

Even on social media, we can see him posting content related to his work and the dishes he makes.

At 45 years of age, Aaron May seems to be single, as he has not revealed whether he is married. Even if he has, there is no mention of May’s wife.

It should not come as a surprise that this chef is dedicated to his career in culinary arts. Hence, one can say that May is married to his career instead.

Image of the successful cooks in the world, Aaron May
Food Network’s prominent chef personality, Aaron May

His Restaurants and Location.

Chef Aaron May is a prominent cook known for his restaurants that serves one of the best dishes in Arizona. So far, he has full ownership of multiple restaurants and is the executive chef at numerous places too.

All of his restaurants are located in his hometown of Arizona. Aaron made sure that his eateries were located in neighbourhood-friendly environments while giving an authentic feel.

Moreover, Aaron’s restaurants have made their appearances on various food programs of Food Network as well.

So far, Aaron has four Lettuce Turnip Beets restaurants.

The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen restaurant was originally in Fort Collins but later moved to Tempe, Arizona.

Some of the best dishes they offer are pork chilli, pork butt, and Parmesan Hamburger. The restaurant gives a North Wood vibe.

Godward Tavern is another exciting place to eat that Aaron May established. Surrounded by a crowd of people and a live musical performance makes, this restaurant a fantastic place to eat and chill. Godward Tavern is located in the heart of Scottsdale.

Similarly, Over Easy is a go-to place for breakfast, brunch, and lunch, with daytime cocktails, that Aaron May established in 2008.

It is also situated in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Other than this, Aaron closed his Italian restaurant, Sol y Sombra, in 2009. It was the first restaurant he opened in 2006.

Besides this, Aaron May is also the head chef and co-owner of Dough Pizzeria and Bar in Los Angeles.


Chef Aaron May was born on December 25, 1977. Hence, as of 2023, May is 45 years old.

Body Measurement.

Aaron May is a large man, thanks to his immense height and weight. May stands tall at an incredible height of 6 feet 3 inches.

Likewise, his overwhelming body size weighs 60 pounds more than a man of his size. His exact weight is still unknown.

Controversy with the D’Amelio family.

The D’Amelio family is known for their content on TikTok and YouTube. Aaron May came into the limelight when fans noticed the D’Amelio family’s mistreatment of May’s cooking in their YouTube video.

On that day, May had cooked a peculiar Spanish paella that contained edible snails. However, the teenagers from the family were gutted by the dish. One of the teenagers misbehaved by vomiting the food right in front of the chef.

Many fans abused the D’Amelios for being mannerless and having little knowledge of such food.

But when asked how Aaron felt about this whole situation, he said that he was not offended. May and the family members thought the entire content was supposed to be funny as they did this stunt with their consent.

The D’Amelio family apologized publicly and also revealed that they have a good relationship with Aaron May. Not just that, but Dixie D’Amelio collaborated with Chef May by bringing him to her show The Early Late Night Show, indicating that they are on good terms.

Image of the top chef, Aaron May
DAmelio Family and one of the successful cook, Chef Aaron May

Culinary Activities

Chef Aaron May is a larger-than-life character who is always in the lookout for promoting culinary arts.

Recently, he was in talks about commencing an event, Tournament of Champions II in Arizona, where people can bring out their special hometown cooking skills and make great foods.

Also, on April 25, 2021, Aaron threw a party while following the CDC guidelines when the US finally opened up after the Covid pandemic subsided. He called this Aaron May’s Big Boy Cook Club Cookout, held between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. in Central Phoenix.

The chefs included some star-studded names such as Aarti Sequeira, Damaris Phillips, Akira Back, Christian Petroni, etc.

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