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Kent Rollins Net Worth, Age. Wife Shannon Keller Rollins.

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Image of famous cowboy cook, Kent Rollins

Kent Rollins is an American cowboy cook who comes from Hollis, Oklahoma. Not only that, but he brings some of those southern food cultures to the table. Rollins made his mark by appearing in numerous culinary competition programs. Read this to know Kent Rollins net worth and age. Also, facts about his wife Shannon Keller Rollin.

His cooking skills are different and unmatchable, but his southern accent and humor are what put weight on his talent.

Beginning his journey by preparing meals for cattle as a rancher, Kent never imagined he would be putting his cooking skills in front of the world. But this highly skilled son of a gun influenced the millions making him one of the most followed southern celebrities.

The Chuck Wagon cook is currently focused on providing cooking lessons for pork, chicken, beef, etc., to his followers on YouTube.

Cowboy Kent Rollins Net Worth: $2 Million.

Kent Rollins is a multitalented individual who has stacked up a good amount of earnings through his cooking knowledge. Kent made money by preparing meals for ranches in Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon Cooking from a young age. The following are the income sources to add to Kent Rollins net worth.

Television appearances.

Soon, Kent saw himself working in front of the camera as people from all over America participated in prominent food competition shows. Kent earned hefty salaries for each episode he did. Till now, this cowboy has featured in networks like Food Network and NBC.

Similarly, Rollins participated in Chopped Grill Masters, Throwdown! with Bobby Flay, Chopped Redemption, Cutthroat Kitchen, Food Fighters, and CBS Sunday Morning.

YouTube and Books.

Kent is active in his YouTube channel, where he makes almost $2.23K a month. With over 1.65 million subscribers and an average of 150k views on his videos, Kent is living a financially stable life.

Moreover, Kent and his wife are the authors of some of the best-selling books. The books Faith, Family & the Feast, and A Taste of Cowboy, which costs $13.59 and $14.99, respectively, have sold over 2.5k copies so far.

Stores and Apparel.

Online shop store has been a great source of money for Kent Rollins. Through his website, one can buy kitchen items like Cowboy Hash Knife and seasonings to give the dishes a southern touch.

Likewise, Kent sells hoodies and spring t-shirts whose prices range from $6 to $25.

Adding all that up, Kent Rollins has a net worth of $2 Million.


The Food Network’s cowboy, Kent Rollins, was born in Oklahoma on September 8, 1957. now, Kent Rollins is 65 years old.

Wife Shannon Keller Rollins Age.

The famous cowboy cook is married to his wife, Shannon Keller Rollins. Unlike Kent, Shannon Keller grew up in a different state of Portland, Oregon. Shannon obtained an undergraduate degree in communication from the University of Portland.

Cowboy Kent Rollins wife Age is 40 years old as of now as she was born in 1982.

Shannon earned her diploma in cooking from her husband’s Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon Cooking school. So far, she has mastered the cooking of some of the finest southern dishes.

Currently, Shannon is a chuckwagon caterer who helps her husband in her work like ranching, shooting videos, cooking, marketing, etc. Besides this, Shannon plays a big role in co-authorizing Kent’s cookbooks.

She began living in Oklahoma ever since exchanging vows with Kent. Shannon and Kent tied the knot somewhere in August 2011.

How did Cowboy Kent Rollins and his wife Shannon Met?

Kent and Shannon’s dating history goes way back in time. Both met each other several years ago. In Nevada, it was in a workshop known as Cowboy Poetry Gathering where Kent laid his eyes on Shannon.

Shannon, who happened to be the workshop in charge, loved to be around Kent and hear him teach. Seeing her smile made Cowboy Kent fall in love with her.

Later, Shannon joined Kent in his Red River Ranch Chuck Wagon Cooking school and the wagon. It was at that time that Kent found out how tough she is with the Chuck Wagon.

Everybody knows how witty Kent can be. His amusing humor made Shannon feel comfortable around him too. Shannon and Kent soon hit it off by dating one another.

Kent Rollins and Wife Age Difference.

Kent and his second wife have had differences in various aspects of life. Their age, for instance. Kent is 65, while Shannon is 40. With such a significant age difference, Kent and Shannon have different likings.

For example, Shannon listens to music from Lady Gaga, whereas Kent prefers the good old Wills and Don Williams. Kent Rollins and his wife’s 26 years old age difference does not stop them from having a peaceful and happy life like any same-age couple.

Cowboy Kent Rollins and wife Shannon’s Marriage.

The Rollins couple revealed that they both had different tastes for foods from where they came from. Kent taught Shannon how to cook cowboy-style dishes, whereas Shannon introduced Kent to foods he never tasted before. According to Shannon, her husband had never seen an avocado.

Image of famous cowboy cook, Kent Rollins and his wife

A famous cowboy cook, Kent Rollins, and his wife, Shannon Keller Rollins.

However, despite the age difference, Shannon and Kent share a strong bond. One can say that Shannon introduced Kent to a modern lifestyle. Writing cookbooks and making usage of the internet were all Shannon’s ideas.

Kent shared a heartfelt message to Shannon and all the other strong women like her on the occasion of Woman’s Day. Likewise, Kent revealed that his wife is a talented cook who is good at baking. He loves braided French bread and banana pudding that his wife makes for him.

Cowboy Kent Rollins and his wife spend their lives traveling more than 20k miles feeding the local cowboys as their own. After all, Cowboy Kent is a recognized Chuck Wagon cook. Taking a source out of their cookbook, Kent and Shannon believe that giving food is equivalent to offering faith and family to others. And this, indeed, is the recipe of happiness.


So far, Kent and Shannon do not share any children. He has a son from his previous relationship whose identity is still a secret. However, Kent has a grandson named Kaden, whose life seems to be parallel with Kent’s childhood.

At a young age, Kaden has already splashed his creativity in creating various food items. He loves cooking with his grandpa and appears in his YouTube videos to help him cook and do multiple cooking challenges.

Most recently, Kaden won a Christmas Cookie Challenge with his grandpa. Surprisingly, this young kid has plenty of talent in him.

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