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Aarti Sequeira Husband Brendan McNamara. Net Worth.

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Image of an Indian American cook and journalist, Aarti Sequeira

People know Aarti Sequeira, an Indian American cook, and journalist, as the winner of The Next Food Network Star Season Six. The charismatic chef attracts the attention of the viewers and producers of the Food Network with her bubbly attitude and sumptuous dishes.

Read this to know Aarti Sequeira husband Brendan McNamara and her net worth.

Aarti is known for her unique way of using Indian recipes in her dishes. After winning the reality TV show, she gained more TV appearances and had her own cooking show, the Aarti Party.

Let us know more about our talented chef.

Chef Aarti Sequeira Wiki.

The tv-personality was born in Mumbai, India, turning 45 years old this coming August 19, 2021. Aarti was raised in Dubai by her parents and decided to move to the United States, where she studied.

She has a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and worked as a production assistant for CNN. After a year, she moved to New York to work as a producer in CNN.

Before her fame as the Next Food Network star, Aarti already worked in the entertainment industry. She worked as a journalist in her local television, university radio, and a documentary from an award-winning director before stepping into the big entertainment industry.

But the talented journalist was still looking for something that will fulfill her passion. Cooking was not her interest until she moved to Los Angeles and got the chance to learn culinarily.

In 2007, Aarti earned her professional cooking certificate in The New School of Cooking.

Winning in the Season 6 of the Food Network reality show made Aarti’s dream job possible. She was able to fulfill her passion for cooking alongside her academic background.

Chef Aarti Sequeira is Married to her Husband Brendan McNamara.

Aarti has two daughters with her husband, Brendan McNamara. The Food Network star met her soulmate while studying at Northwestern University.

Aarti and Brendan tied the knot in 2003 after dating for a couple of years.

The mom of two, chef Aarti always has time for her family and two beautiful daughters despite her busy career. Although, after giving birth to her youngest, Aarti suffered from postpartum depression.

Aarti was so thankful for her husband for being helpful and supportive.

Brendan McNamara became her strength every time she feels worthless and unworthy to be a mother to her kids. With her battle in depression, her husband is always with her.

The food personality now supports mothers who suffer postpartum depression. She knows how it feels to be in their shoes. Fighting that battle is hard, so she is always willing to lend a hand.

The celebrity chef is active in social media, but she always makes sure not to share a lot about her private life.

Image of an Indian American cook and journalist, Aarti Sequeira and her husband
An Indian American cook and journalist, Aarti Sequeira, and her husband, Brendan McNamara

Aarti Sequeira Husband Brendan McNamara Wiki, Biography.

Brendan McNamara, a director, and producer, is the founder and creative director of Team Bondi Pty. Limited. The 43 years old producer is working in the entertainment industry since 1998.

He made his way to be a prominent casting director from being a runner from a small casting company. With his years of experience in the industry, Brendan already works in numerous movies as a casting director and producer, and actor.

Brendan and Aarti met while getting their degree at Northwestern University. Aarti worked with her husband in her culinary show, Aarti Party.


Chef Aarti Sequeira and her husband Brendon McNamara have two beautiful daughters, Moses and Eliyah. Like any other parent, Aarti and Brendan also had some trouble making their kids eat vegetables.

In her blog, Aarti shares some tips and advice on making your kids eat their vegetables. According to her, it starts in the womb; eating lots of vegetables while pregnant will help your kids to like eating vegetables.

Image of an Indian American cook and journalist, Aarti Sequeira and her family
Famous Indian American cook, Aarti Sequeira with her husband, and children

Net worth: $1.5 Million.

With Aarti’s continuous success, her wealth is significantly growing in 2023. 1.5 Million USD is her estimated net worth as of 2023 with her current assets and properties.

Her career in the entertainment media is her primary source of income, alongside being a successful chef and author.


Food represents cultures, and Aarti wants the people eating her food to taste the best of both worlds, the American and Indian cultures.

One of the Next Food Network Star hosts, Guy Fieri, named her Spice Queen as a nickname because of her love for spices.

The chef indeed loves her spices. She is famous for her unexpected techniques on how to incorporate different flavors and spices into various dishes.

The Spice Queen surely knows the ins and out of Indian cuisine and mixed it with traditional American dishes.

Aarti wrote her first cookbook, the Aarti Paarti: An American Kitchen with Indian Soul. It is a compilation of her recipe of simple ways to incorporate Indian spices into traditional American kitchens.

Cookbook sales is one of the income sources for Aarti Sequeira’s net worth.

Restaurant and Location.

Aarti Party lasted for three seasons. After this, the cooking show host focused on her cooking blog that advises its reader regarding Indian cuisine and other cooking tips and techniques.

Aarti still doesn’t have her restaurant but is currently serving her fans and readers with her numerous recipes worth trying.

Weight Loss.

The dedicated foodie shares her passion in her blog and online cooking show series. Her fans and followers love how the chef helps them bring extraordinary flavors to their tables.

Chef Aarti Sequeira recipes are not the only ones getting a lot of love from her fans; her viewers and readers are also enjoying her tips and advice on choosing your food to stay fit and healthy.

She even shared recipes and restaurant guides to help others to drop pounds.

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