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Buddy Valastro’s Wife Lisa Valastro Net Worth, Age, Wiki

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Buddy Valastro and Lisa Valastro

Celebrities are known and loved by the people for the extraordinary talent that they possess. The same can be said about Buddy Valastro’s wife Lisa Valastro.

Moreover, Lisa is recognized by thousands of people for being the better half of another popular American celebrity, Buddy Valastro.

Fans have been wanting to know more about this gorgeous and talented woman. So, let us take a closer look at the details about her personal and professional life.

Who is Lisa Valastro?

Lisa Valastro is a professional American baker and reality show personality. She was born on the 9th of March, 1980.

Although she was born in America, she belongs to the British-Irish ethnicity. Lisa was raised by her parents- Mauro Belgiovine and Gloria Tammacco. Both of them migrated from Molfetta, Puglia, Italy.

Moreover, Lisa grew up with her brother Maurizio Belgiovine, who is a graduate of Rutgers Business School. Sources also say that Lisa has a sister, though this was never substantiated. But there is no information about her.

Image of Buddy Valastro's wife Lisa Valastro and daughter.


Lisa Valastro Net Worth and Career.

There isn’t much information about Lisa’s initial days of struggle. Later, it came to the media’s attention that she was working for a biotechnology company called LifeBankUSA.

It seems Lisa is very fond of cooking and baking. This was evidenced by her providing recipes and showing off her cooking skills in numerous cooking shows.

Her popularity skyrocketed when she got married to Buddy Valastro. Ever since then, she made her first appearance in TLC’s reality television show Cake Boss alongside her husband, who was the star of the show.

The show depicted how Buddy and his crew designed and baked cakes, and also, the show would peek into the Valastro family’s lives with a cameo performance by Lisa’s children.

Since then, Lisa has been in the public eye very often. In subsequent years, Lisa appeared on multiple talk shows such as Kitchen Boss, Rachael Ray, and The Chew as a guest.

Lisa Valastro also appears on her husband’s YouTube channel Cakehouse where she shares her personal food recipes with the fans. Moreover, Lisa has starred on the Cake Boss Buddy’s YouTube Channel, appearing in a total of 26 episodes. She also features on Lisa’s Home Cooking. Besides this, Lisa is also a fantastic cake baker just like her husband.

Recently, Buddy Valastro’s wife Lisa runs her own podcast by the name What’s up Cuz? There, she mostly talks about her personal life, and family in general.

One of the most interesting topics to come up touched on her upbringing. She talked about how strictly her parents raised her.

As of 2031, Lisa Valastro’s net worth is $500,000.

She is married to Buddy Valastro.

In today’s world, where break-ups and divorce have become common thing amongst celebrities, Lisa’s marriage with Buddy has proved to be stronger than most. There have never been any rumours or gossip regarding any extramarital affairs.

The two have been together for 22 years now. Remarkably, their love is still as strong as when they first met. This shows their effort to keep their relationship fresh and strong.

Image of Buddy Valastro's wife Lisa Valastro

Buddy Valastro’s wife Lisa Valastro

How did Buddy and his Wife Lisa Valastro meet?

It was rumoured that Buddy was dating Lisa. As a matter of fact, the two met at a very young age due to family connections.

Before they started dating, Lisa and Buddy were good friends. They were introduced to each other by Buddy’s cousin, who happened to be Lisa’s best friend and neighbour.

Lisa used to visit Buddy’s bakery Carlo’s Bakery, and the pair would spend time together. Eventually, the couple married on the 14th of October in 2001.


Lisa Valastro used to live with her parents and her siblings. After tying the knot, she now lives with her husband and four beautiful children.


Lisa Valastro and her husband Buddy Valastro have four children. Her firstborn was a daughter named Sofia. She was born in April 2003.

Likewise, for the second time, Lisa was blessed with a son in 2004, whom they named Bartolo “Buddy” Jr. Furthermore, they conceived two more sons, namely, Marco and Carlo.

They were born on 26th February 2007 and 14thof February 2011, respectively.

Weight Loss.

As of now, it may appear as if Lisa is a slim woman who has a fit body. However, this was not the case a few years back.

Lisa has worked very hard to achieve the body she has now. Back in 2014, Lisa posted a picture on Twitter where she showcased her body and weight in the past compared to now.

She mentions that she has lost 85 pounds (38.55 kgs) by working out all day and maintaining a strict diet without excuses. Truly, this was an inspirational story by Lisa Valastro.

Taking inspiration from Lisa, her husband also decided to begin his weight loss journey in 2018. Although he has not revealed the amount of weight that he lost, yet thanked the Optavia program for helping him in losing weight.

Buddy Valastro’s Wife Lisa Valastro was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Just when everything was going perfectly well with the Valastro family, Lisa and her husband were struck with a scare. In late 2020, Lisa’s husband got into an accident when his hand got stuck in a piece of machinery at the bowling alley.

Buddy required surgery after this accident and now has limited mobility in his hands.

During the same period, Buddy Valastro’s wife, Lisa Valastro, was also diagnosed with an increased risk of breast cancer. She was suffering from cystic thyroid disease, which slightly increased the risk of breast cancer.

As of 2023, she has only been discussing the potential treatment for this disease.

Instagram and social media profile and activities.

Talking about social media, Lisa is very active on social media and has thousands of followers. More specifically, she has 676k followers on Instagram and 30k followers on Twitter. A dive into her accounts reveals that Lisa is active when it comes to charity work as well.

Wiki Facts.

Full Name Elisabetta Valastro-Belgiovine
Mother’s Name Gloria Tammacco
Father’s Name Mauro Belgiovine
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Birth Date 9th of March, 1980
Age 43 years old
Siblings Maurizio Belgiovine
Husband Bartolo Buddy Valastro
Children Sofia, Bartolo “Buddy” Jr., Marco, and Carlo
Profession Baking, Cooking, Podcast host
Net Worth $500,000

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