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Chef Brooke Williamson Restaurants & Net Worth. Wiki, Husband

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Image of The winner of the coveted Top Chef, Brooke Williamson

The winner of the coveted Top Chef, Brooke Williamson, is one of the recognized chefs in California.

Thanks to her fantastic cooking talent, competing in tv shows and festival events have brought the spotlight to Brooke. Not only that, but with years of service in the culinary industry, this celebrity chef is now the owner of multiple restaurants in California.

Moreover, Brooke is a decorated culinary expert and the first youngest cook to make meals at the James Beard House.

Chef Brooke Williamson Restaurants and Location

Amuse Café was the first restaurant that Williamson opened with her husband in California. They launched Amuse Café in late 2003. However, this cafe has been shut down.

Next, their second eaterie was Hudson House in Redondo Beach. This restaurant opened in 2008, the same year when Brooke gave birth to her son.

However, after twelve long years, the Hudson House saw its final days as it shut in 2020. Because of the pandemic in 2020 and the monetary losses, Hudson House and The Tripel in Playa del Rey had to be closed.

Nonetheless, Hudson House provided one of the best seafood in California. Williamson wants to keep the spirit of Hudson House alive and hopes to relaunch it once everything is under control.

Another restaurant that Brooke launched with her husband was Playa Provisions, located in LA. Also, this is the only restaurant still kicking in 2023.

It is a go-to place for casual eatings like breakfast and lunch. Moreover, this restaurant is one of a kind as it offers four-in-one services like King Beach (marketplace), Small Batch (ice cream shop), Dockside (seafood dining spot), and Grain (whiskey bar).

The fourth endeavor of Brooke Williamson was Da Kikokiko, nestled in Playa Vista. Da Kikokiko offers a unique take on Hawaiian dishes complemented by the vibes of the pacific ocean for a fresh seafood experience.

Brooke Williamson Net Worth

Brooke Williamson is a celebrity chef whose culinary career has made her worth millions. According to various sources, the 45-year-old holds a staggering net worth of $2 million as of 2023.

Income Sources

Upon graduating as a chef, the Los Angeles-born Williamson worked in numerous restaurants for an average salary of $56,295. Gaining experiences after working with elite chefs improved Williamson’s cooking skills over the years.

Her dishes were getting so much recognition that the producers of Top Chef did everything they can to bring her to the show. It is reported that Williamson earned a hefty salary for each episode she did.

Lastly, Williamson’s biggest asset is her restaurant which she opened alongside Nick Roberts. Being the executive chef of three restaurants and a boutique, Williamson ends her year bagging huge profits.

Besides this, Williamson provides consulting services which include Business planning and development, Design coordination and direction, Kitchen organization and layout, etc.

Brooke Williamson Husband

Chef Brooke is a married woman. Williamson tied the knot with an equally experienced chef named Nick Roberts. Nick, whom many know as the one from The Tripel restaurant, came to the limelight ever since marrying a celebrity chef.

Nick Roberts is an outstanding chef who comes from Carmel, California. His father and mother raised him in their Durney Vineyards. Surrounded by wine operations, Nick’s interest in beverage developed since childhood.

However, Nick focused on foods later. This California-born chef did his education at California Culinary Academy.

Chef Brooke with her husband, Nick Roberts
The winner of the coveted Top Chef, Brooke Williamson, and her husband, Nick Roberts.

How Did They Meet?

It was only a matter of time before these two excellent chefs crossed paths for Williamson and Roberts. Roberts and Williamson met each other when they began working at Zax, Brentwood, in 2001. Back then, Roberts was a sous-chef at Zax.

Both had a common goal of opening a restaurant and were looking for every possible venture. Roberts’s tremendous insight in cuisine, as well as business aspects, impressed Williamson.

Eventually, Williamson became friends with Roberts, and the two hit it off.

Married Life

Brooke kept her wedding day a secret to everyone except her family. However, reports claim that she exchanged wedding vows with Roberts in 2007. Since then, the husband and wife have been on a roll.

However, things can take a toll on their married life. Both, being chefs, have to spend more than sixteen hours in their restaurants.

As a result, they get little time to spend at house.

But for Williamson and Roberts, this is normal, and make the most out of it.

Being chefs, Roberts and Williamson spend every day trying to make new recipes. In return, this would help their restaurants to be unique.

Moreover, Brooke’s husband encourages her to appear in front of the fans. Since she is a celebrity, this helps to maintain status and restaurant recognition.

The husband and wife’s first restaurant as co-partners was Amuse Café.


Brooke is the mother of a 14-year-old child named Hudson. She called one of her restaurants Hudson House after her child’s name.

Brooke Williamson with her husband and son
The first youngest cook, Brooke Williamson with her husband and son Hudson.

Brooke Williamson Wiki

Age and DOB

Brooke Williamson’s date of birth is on the 15th of August, 1978. This makes Williamson 45 years old as of 2023.

Likewise, this swell chef comes to us from Los Angeles, California.


Brooke Williamson has not disclosed the names of her parents. However, it seems Brooke is the daughter of Mexican parents.

Also, one of Williamson’s Facebook posts revealed that Williamson’s father is no more with her.

Meanwhile, Williamson is still enjoying quality time with her mother. Though Williamson’s mother’s name is still a mystery, we can see her mother in her Facebook posts.

Brooke said in an interview that her mother is an artist with expertise in graphic art and making decorative items out of ceramics. On the other hand, Brooke’s dad was a fine photographer.

While her father may not be present with Brooke, she has always looked up to her mother for strength.

Back when Brooke was a high schooler, she had trouble socializing with other girls who would make fun of her appearance. This is why Brooke wished to become a boy, as she believed living a girl’s life is complicated.

However, Brooke’s mother convinced her to prove that girls can do whatever a boy can and excel at it. Brooke took this statement to heart and decided to become a chef like men.

Not only that, she went on to own multiple restaurants in the future.


A young Brooke Williamson, who watched legendary chefs on tv rather than cartoons, wished to get into culinary schools. But before Williamson could get her hands on culinary, she went to the University of Colorado Boulder to concentrate on business.

She had aspirations to open up her restaurant someday.

After leaving Boulder, Williamson pursued an education in the Culinary Institute of America, which has produced hundreds of renowned chefs.


Brooke has worked under a handful of experienced chefs before she could commence her career. She was under Chef Ken Frank’s supervision when she worked at Argyle Hotel.

Next was a sous chef, Chef Michael McCarty’s, at Michael’s of Santa Monica.

Similarly, Daniel Boulud of the renowned Daniel restaurant in New York City guided her in meal preparations.

Finally, Brooke worked in partnership with her chef husband in the future.

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