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Chef Michael Voltaggio Wife. Net Worth & Restaurants

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Chef Michael Voltaggio in an event

Bravo TV’s Top Chef franchise has had plenty of winners, and one of them is Chef Michael Voltaggio. Known for his bad-guy attitude, Voltaggio went on to win the whole competition by impressing judges and fans with his satiating dishes.

Not only that, but Voltaggio gained more fans thanks to his appearances as the food show’s judge on multiple occasions. Today, Voltaggio owns several eateries too.

After coming to the limelight, Voltaggio’s fans are eager to know this celebrity chef’s personal life.

Michael Voltaggio Wife/Girlfriend

The top chef of Top Chef, Michael Voltaggio, has had trouble settling with a woman. So far, the 44-year-old has been in two relationships with different-aged women.

First Wife

Michael Voltaggio's first wife Kerri Adams
Chef Michael Voltaggio’s first wife Kerri Adams.

Previously, Voltaggio was the husband of a woman named Kerri Adams. People often take this woman as the Canadian reporter as they share the same name. However, she is not.

Nonetheless, Kerri rose to prominence thanks to her husband’s fame. However, despite coming to the limelight, Kerri and Michael kept their married life away from the media.

As a result, nobody knows the actual marriage date of Kerri and Michael.

We know that as of today, Voltaggio and Keri have divorced due to unexplained reasons. Some speculate that it was Michael’s addiction to smoking and partying that led to their split.

Voltaggio reveals in an interview that he regrets doing so too.

Who is Michael Voltaggio Dating Now?

Ever since parting ways with Keri Adams, Voltaggio’s fans have been dying to know who this celebrity chef is currently dating. As it turns out, Voltaggio is locking hearts with a young fashion designer named Sami Miro. Miro is 32 years old.


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Not only that, but Miro is a model known for her vintage looks and fashion choice. Miro also runs her business of fashion items like clothes and accessories under Sami’s brand name Sami Miro Vintage.

Sami Miro has an equal amount of fan following as her boyfriend. Both Sami and her boyfriend are active on their social media and post plenty of pictures of each other. However, it is unclear when Sami and Voltaggio began dating.


During the time Voltaggio was married to Kerri, he had two daughters with Kerri. They are Olivia Voltaggio and Sophia Voltaggio. Voltaggio’s children live with their mother in Florida and rarely appear on their father’s social media.

Chef Michael Voltaggio's first wife Kerri Adams with their children
Chef Michael Voltaggio and ex-wife Kerri Adams with their children.

Michael Voltaggio does not share any children with his current partner.

Chef Michael Voltaggio Net Worth

Michael Voltaggio is a renowned chef and restaurant owner. He gained prominence after appearances on multiple food-related shows.

On par with such fame, Michael has earned some decent wealth too.

Though Voltaggio’s actual net worth is still a mystery, various sources claim that Voltaggio has accumulated a net worth of somewhere in between $1 to $5 million.

Income Sources

Michael Voltaggio is a prominent chef who has been earning since a young age. Back then, his only source of income was through cooking in his hometown restaurants for $15.40 an hour.

However, when Voltaggio got into Top Chef, his fame and wealth began to grow. Since then, Voltaggio earned even more by appearing as a judge in Guy’s Grocery Games, Iron Chef America, and Top Chef Canada.

Being a celebrity chef, Michael Voltaggio is often looking to expand his brand of foods and accessories. Voltaggio is the executive chef at his restaurants, from which he earns profitable turnovers. As an executive chef, Voltaggio earns almost $73,536.

Lastly, Voltaggio’s restaurants are his most significant assets, which helped him worth in millions.

Chef Michael Voltaggio Restaurants

Michael Voltaggio has been involved in culinary from a young age. Even now, Voltaggio is the executive chef at various restaurants along with his own.

So far, this celebrity chef owns four major restaurants.

First of all, Voltaggio established his first restaurant named Ink in West Hollywood. However, it is now shut down. Likewise, his Sack Sandwiches in Los Angeles also suffered the same fate.

Similarly, Voltaggio partnered with Bryan, his chef brother, to launch Voltaggio Brothers Steakhouse in Oxon Hill, Maryland, and STRFSH in California.

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