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How Much Does it Cost to Eat at the Lost Kitchen? Dinner Price, Other Menus.

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How much does it cost to eat at the lost kitchen

The Lost Kitchen is one of the highly renowned eateries in the United States that specializes in serving farm-to-table meals. Like the restaurant’s unique name, everything in it is unique, whether it’s food or its reservation system.

Unlike most restaurants and hotels, making a phone call or a random online booking won’t allow you to eat here.

To secure a table at The Lost Kitchen, the customers must send a postcard via maiL, which goes to the lottery system. Similarly, the restaurant served four nights a week for six months, and there are only 48 seats available every night.

Moreover, the restaurant was founded by Chef Erin French in 2014. She is an entirely self-taught chef who gained success with persistence and practice.

You may also witness the restaurant on Magnolia Network’s reality show, “The Lost Kitchen.” Which first aired in 2021 and wrapped up the 3rd Season on January 2013.

Now remain with us until the end to know all about the menus, dinner prices, and other details about the Lost Kitchen.

Where is The Lost Kitchen Restaurant? Location

The Lost Kitchen Staff

According to the source, the Lost Kitchen is located at 22 Mill Street, Freedom, Maine.

This restaurant is situated in the middle of rural Maine, 17 miles inside Belfast, a mid-coast town, and getting there is an experience in and of itself.

You must travel down a two-lane rural road and turn left onto Main Street in Freedom to get to The Lost Kitchen.

As many of you may know, the restaurant is inside a renovated antique mill, Mill at Freedom Falls, and to get there, you must first cross a bridge over a flowing stream.

The breathtaking view you come across on the trip will fulfill your heart even before you reach the restaurant. After arriving at the Lost Kitchen, you can expect a warm welcome with the farm-to-table dining experience waiting for you.

Hence, it is not just the food at the restaurant, but the entire trip to it is a whole new fulfilling, and refreshing experience.

About the Food in The Lost Kitchen

Erin French Serving food to eat to the customers in the lost kitchen restaurant

Thousand of people worldwide send postcards only to get their seats reserved to experience the delicacies at the Lost Kitchen.

As a self-taught cook, Erin’s food does not have any particular formula or ingredients; she uses simple and minimum ingredients to make delicious cuisines that are both satisfying and healthy.

According to the online portal, she learned cooking from her mother and grandmother, so her cooking methods are primarily traditional. Likewise, another reason why the foods at her restaurant are so good is that most of the ingredients she uses are local and freshly grown.

In an interview, Erin said,

“I get the best produce, My friend will text me a photo of a cauliflower in her field, and I’ll say, ‘Bring me 12 of those.’ “Later, that friend will serve the cauliflower herself. Another friend who raises ducks taught French how to confit them. A third plates the salad greens she grows.”

However, the dinners consist of multiple miniature courses of meals. And the most loved item was the halibut fish, oysters, and borscht.

The consumers said that even the salad was beyond expectations as it had deep-fried capers in place of crouton piled onto the fresh, locally grown foods.

Likewise, another woman said she visited the Last Kitchen with her husband, and the food she had was unreal. They had old heirloom tomato soup with cilantro, a delectable cabbage salad, melt-in-your-mouth swordfish, and a spicy-sweet, delicious apple cake.

Some other famous cuisines on the menu were Garlic spring allium soup with smoked ricotta and Maine crab. 

Hence, the foods served at the Lost Kitchen are farm-to-table. Not only are the meals at the restaurant local, but the ambiance at the restaurant is also calm and homely.

Similarly, to give 100% best dining experience, the dining room has sanded plank floors, suspended mill trestles, and exposed beams. Likewise, the tables are also traditionally made in Maine’s DIY fashion.

Speaking more about the foods at the Lost Kitchen, it has received a 5-star rating. According to the source, the restaurant offers 7 meals in 4 hours.

People eating in the restaurant The Lost Kitchen

How Much Does it Cost to Eat at the Lost Kitchen? Is it Worth it?

Eating at the Lost Kitchen is pretty expensive.

The fixed price a person has to pay at the restaurant is $195, and you will have to pay extra for drinks or tips. However, the cost may also differ according to the menu. Interestingly, the menu at Lost Kitchen changes almost every day.

One of the customers said they paid $ 18 for a pack of 4 beers. Also, most of the customers on Reddit said they paid $250 per person without drinks. Another person said,

“If you’re there for 5 hours, you’ll end up having a few drinks and tip 20%, so let’s say $375/pp by the time you leave.” 

Similarly, another customer said they paid approx $800 for five people, including tips and wine

Speaking of the worthiness of the experience, most of the visitors of the Lost Kitchen claimed their experience to be worth it.

Hence, though the price is high, most people go to the Lost Kitchen to have a lifetime experience.

How Much is Dinner at the Lost Kitchen?

The Lost Kitchen Menu and food prices

As per the reports, the dinner at the Lost Kitchen was $195 per person  before 2022. But with increasing demand, the price has gone up and as of 2023, the cost of eating at the lost kitchen is $250 per person excluding tax and tips. Also, you pay extra for wines and drinks.

However, the menu changes every night as per the ingredients available. Even if drinks are not included in the price, it’s important to note that consumers have praised the restaurant for its top-notch service and delicious meals.

In September 2022, one pleased diner even mentioned paying $200 per person, saying that it felt underpriced considering their unforgettable experience at The Lost Kitchen.

Customers’ Thoughts on the Prices at The Lost Kitchen

Customers had mixed feeling about the prices of the food at the restaurant.

Most people who went to the Lost Kitchen said it was worth the price. However, some people stated that no food in the world is worth $250. Some people claim they get better food at a lower price.

Similarly, there were also people who said that the place was only worth it for the rich people.

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