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Emeril Lagasse Net Worth, Spouse, Children, Wiki, Facts.

Image of Emeril Lagasse with his wife, Alden Lovelace

American celebrity chef and television personality Emeril Lagasse is the winner of the National Best Recipe Award in 2003 for his “Turkey and Hot Sausage Chili.” Starting a career in 1979, he is also famous as restaurateur and cookbook author. Read this to know Emeril Lagasse’s Net Worth. Meet his Current wife and ex-wives.

Emeril Lagasse’s Age.

Image of Chef, Emeril Lagasse

Emeril Lagasse was born on 15th October 1959 and is currently 63 years old. His full name is Emeril John Lagasse III. Chef Emeril was born in Fall River, Massachusetts, the United States of America. Emeril is of American nationality and belongs to the mixed ethnicity.

The name of his parents is father Emeril John Lagasse Jr. and mother, Hilda Medeiros. His mom died on 24th August 2016. He studied at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School.

His incredible talents helped him to earn a scholarship to New England Conservatory of Music but instead got enrolled at John & Wales University to continue his culinary education.

Emeril Lagasse’s Net Worth is $75 In 2023.

Image of TV Personality, Emeril Lagasse house 

Caption: TV Personality, Emeril Lagasse house

After graduating from Johnson & Wales University in 1978, in the following year, he started working as an executive chef at Dunfey’s Hyannis Resort. Before opening his own restaurant, he served as an executive chef of Commander’s Palace in New Orleans for around seven and a half years. He opened his first Emeril’s in 1990 in New Orleans.

Do you know the celebrity chef has also contributed numerous recipes abroad the International Space Station?

Emeril made his television debut appearing on the show, Great Chefs. Since then, he has hosted and appeared in numerous shows like How to Boil Water, Essence of Emeril, Emeril Live, Cooking with Master Chefs, From Emeril’s Kitchen, The Emeril Lagasse Show, Emeril’s Table, and many others.

As of 2023, Celebrity Net Worth claims that Emeril Lagasse’s net worth is $75 million. His culinary career is the primary source of income, whereas he also earns a hefty amount of money from his television career. His restaurants are also helping him much to push his worth to the high figure. Likewise, his secondary source of income is his cookbooks.

The million television personality has published 18 cookbooks, owns 13 restaurants, television programming, and licensed kitchen and food products.

Regarding Emeril’s mansions, he had moved out of New York palace and New Orleans’ home.

Emeril Lagasse is Now Married to wife Alden Lovelace.

Image of Emeril Lagasse with his third wife Alden Lovelace

As of now, Emeril leads a healthy marital life with the third wife, Alden Lovelace, who is a real estate broker. Emeril and current wife Alden Lovelace tied the knot on 13th May 2000.

Now, Emeril and Alden enjoy the marital life of two decades and happy with each other. There are no controversies or extra-marital affairs of the pair ever disclosed in the media.

Emeril Lagasse’s First failed Marriage with Ex-wife Elizabeth Kief.

The 63 year-old television star is married thrice and divorced twice. He first tied the knot with Elizabeth Kief. They first met while working at Venus De Milo Restaurant based in Swansea, Massachusetts.

After dating for a few years, the pair exchanged wedding vows in 1978. Emeril and Elizabeth were married for eight years before divorcing in 1986.

He later Married Tari Hohn as Second Wife.

Three years after divorcing the first wife, Emeril exchanged the wedding vows with second wife, Tari Hohn. Just like his first conjugal life, his second marriage also did not work out; thus, the pair divorced in 1996.

Emeril Lagasse’s Children.

Image of Emeril Lagasse daughters

Caption: Emeril Lagasse daughters

From three marriages, Emeril is father to four children. He welcomed two kids with his first wife and two with his current spouse. He welcomed two daughters; Jillian Lagasse and Jessica Lagasse with Elizabeth.

Three years after marrying the third wife, Emeril and Alden welcomed their first child, Emeril John Lagasse IV, in March 2003. A year later, Alden gave birth to the pair’s second child, daughter Meril Lovelace Lagasse.

Jillian Lagasse Biography.

Image of Emeril Lagasse daughter Jillian Lagasse

Caption: Emeril Lagasse daughter Jillian Lagasse

Emeril Lagasse’s daughter Jillian Lagasse is following the paths of her father. As she was keen on food from a young age, her dad gifted her a set of chefs’ whites. She even worked with her father, helping in the Pastry and Dessert Department.

Jillian then started assisting Emeril on his book tour and cooking events. She also helped and assisted him in his “Emeril’s Creole Christmas” cookbook.

Jillian is also an author who has written books like The Lagasse Girls’ Big Flavor, Bold Taste, and No Gluten, and The Gluten-Free Table with her sister, Jessica Lagasse.

Jillian moved to London, England, in 2004 to attend make-up and airbrush artistry school. In the same year, she was diagnosed with Celica’s.

It did not take long for the star kid to be on the spotlight working for “The Originals” as its staff-makeup artist. This does not mean she has stopped working with her dad.

As of now, Jillian splits time in London and New Orleans.

Jessica Lagasse’s Biography..

Image of Emeril Lagasse daughter Jessica Lagasse

Caption: Emeril Lagasse daughter Jessica Lagasse

Jessie Lagasse is an author and diet planner. Her father’s passion for the culinary industry is what attracted her to cooking.

As Jessie grew older, she understood that every person is not familiar with the food lesson, so she started collecting these. When she had to start a gluten-free diet in 2001, her methods changed. She then started working on gluten-free recipes and implementing different cooking strategies

Talking about Jessie’s professional life, she is a married woman. She is married to her husband, Steve Swanson. The couple has two children; both sons, Jude and John Peter, together.

Emeril John Lagasse IV Biography.

Emeril John Lagasse IV is Emeril Lagasse’s first son and third child. He was the first child born to Emeril and his current wife, Alden Lovelace.

Emeril was born in March 2003, three years after his parents tied the knot. He is 18 years old, as of 2023.

Emeril once featured on the headlines alongside his sibling Meril and his father, Emeril, in May 2018. The siblings joined their father cooking for National Shrimp Day.

Meril Lovelace Lagasse Biography.

Meril is the third daughter of the legendary chef, Emeril Lagasse. She is Emeril’s second child with current wife, Alden Lovelace. She was born in 2004 and is 17 years old, as of 2023. Her half-siblings are Jillian Lagasse and Jessica Lagasse.

Actually, Meril’s name is quite impressive. It is her father’s name without E. She has been captured in the events alongside her parents. However, it is not clear where she is studying and what she is planning for.

Emeril Lagasse’s Social Media Life

Image of Emeril Lagasse's Instagram account

Emeril is active in social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He is active on Instagram with the handle, Emeril, and has over 346k followers, as of January 2020. Likewise, his Facebook page has 505, 085 likes, and 517, 103 followers. He has 1.08 followers on Twitter.

If you go across any of his social media accounts, they are full of pictures of foods and dishes he prepared. He also often uploads pictures of his family as well.

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