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Kristen Kish Wife Bianca Dusic. Height, Restaurants

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Image of the renowned chef, Kristen Kish

Kristen Kish was born in Seoul, South Korea, on December 1, 1983. But when she was four months old, an American couple from Michigan adopted her. Kish became famous in the culinary world when she won the Top Chef Season 10 in 2012. She is only the second woman and the first Asian woman to win on Top Chef. The renowned chef revealed to the public that she was a lesbian in 2014.

Chef Kristen Kish is Now Married to Wife

Chef Kish has just tied the knot with her girlfriend on April 18, 2021. The couple exchanged their personally handwritten vows at an intimate garden ceremony. Kish announced her wedding through Instagram a day after the ceremony. She posted a photo with her new wife as a form of the wedding announcement. The wedding took place in the beautiful back garden of the couple’s home. A judge was present to officiate the wedding. Chef Kish wore a black tailored suit while her wife Bianca wore a blue dress paired with silver heels.

The couple exchanged vows that they have written for one another. Their family was not physically present for the wedding due to travel restrictions. However, both their families were able to witness their intimate wedding virtually.

Kristen and Bianca originally planned to have a more extensive guest list for their big day with their friends and family in attendance. However, the current worldwide health crisis forced them to change their plans but still push through with the wedding. Bianca’s family is from Australia, so there was no way to fly in for the wedding due to a current travel ban. The couple got engaged in 2019 and got married two years later.

Who is Bianca Dusic?

Bianca Dusic is the Australian wife of Chef Kristen Kish. She is currently employed at the Standard International Hotel as its Food and Beverage Vice President. In the past, Bianca has also worked for The Sydell Group. Bianca Dusic has had a long career in the food and beverage business.

Bianca finished her degree in contemporary dance arts at Deakin University in the year 2000. She proceeded to take a course in primary and secondary education and graduated in 2002.

Bianca Dusic is also a licensed health coach with credentials from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Graphic. Bianca is a native of Australia, and her entire family is still based there. She and Chef Kristen currently share a home in New York.

Kristen Kish with his wife, Bianca Dusic
The renowned chef, Kristen Kish and his wife, Bianca Dusic.

Kristen Kish Career

Chef Kristen Kish used to love watching cooking shows as a kid. From then on, she has always dreamed of being a chef. In high school, she worked as a model to earn some extra money. Afterwards, she enrolled at the Le Cordon Bleu, where she successfully earned her degree in culinary arts.

After getting her degree, she was hired as a sous chef at Stir in Boston, Massachusetts. Barbara Lynch, the owner of Stir, promoted her to chef de cuisine later on. Cher Kristen was also the chef de cuisine in Menton, another restaurant owned by Barbara Lynch.

Lynch was one of her mentors, and she was the one who convinced Kristen to join Top Chef. The restaurant owner believed that women chefs need to be represented on the cooking show.

In 2014, she decided to leave her job at Menton and start on her own. She realized that males highly dominated the culinary world, and she wanted to change that. Ever since she started her culinary career, she has always had a hard time rising to the top in the male-dominated kitchen.

Chef Kristen decided to open her restaurant with predominantly female staff. She wanted to give women a fair chance to succeed in the culinary world. In 2018, Chef Kristen finally opened her restaurant in Austin, Texas, and she named it Arlo Grey.

The proud chef and owner reveal that 60 % of her team in Arlo Grey are women. Kristen Kish also made another achievement when she published her cookbook in 2017. Her cookbook is entitled Kristen Kish: Recipes and Techniques. It contains 80 recipes that are a fusion of her American and Korean heritage.


Chef Kristen Kish stands at 5 feet and 6 inches tall. Her height has helped her earn an extra income in high school, taking on some modeling jobs. Being tall may also have some advantages as a chef. She gets to reach inside cupboards without the need for a ladder. Now, that makes her work around the kitchen a lot easier.

Net Worth and Restaurant

Arlo Grey is the restaurant that Kristen Kish opened after winning Top Chef and deciding to leave her post at Menton. Her restaurant is located inside Line Hotel in Austin, Texas. Arlo Grey has an excellent lakeside view, where guests can dine al fresco or within the comforts of their air-conditioned indoor dining area.

The food is mainly French and Italian cuisine. Chef Kristen also included some recipes from her childhood in the MidWest. She also includes some of the food that she has sampled in her travels abroad. The creative chef comes up with new dishes from time to time, so the menu is regularly updated. There is always a new dish to try at Arlo Grey.

The net worth of Kristen Kish as of the present is at $3 million. Her source of income mainly comes from her renowned restaurant Arlo Grey where she is the chef and owner. She also has some television engagements such as Guy’s Grocery Games and Dishmantles.

The celebrity chef has also appeared on The Best Thing I Ever Ate shown on the Food Network. Kristen Kish also co-hosts 36 hours, a food and travel show. It is a television adaptation of a column of the same name from the New York Times.

She also appears on Fast Foodies. It is a cooking show on TruTV where she and her other co-hosts try to recreate their celebrity guest’s favorite fast food item.

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