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Laura Vitale Net Worth. Husband Joe Vitale is Engineer.

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Image of famous cook, Laura Vitale

Laura Vitale is one of the most widely followed cooks of all time. People know her better thanks to her appearances on countless hit food shows.

However, Laura’s viral YouTube channel brought her to these platforms. Read this to know Laura Vitale’s net worth. Meet her husband, Joe Vitale.

Laura’s recipes have gone viral in the last decade. Some of her extraordinary meals are Tart Eggs in Purgatory, Gigi Hadid Pasta, and Cheesy Bacon Ranch Potatoes, to name a few.

Though Laura is an American, she carries Italian blood. No wonder an Italian like her knows the essence of food. Vitale is a self-made sensational cook who mastered the art of cooking by following her grandma’s teachings.

She makes self-made Italian food items and shares them with her 3.88 million subscribers alongside her husband, Joe Vitale, who is also the co-creator of her channel.

Net Worth.

The host of Laura in the Kitchen has made considerable wealth by creating Italian cuisines that anyone can easily follow. As of 2023, reports estimate that Laura Vitale has a fortune of $2.5 million.


First and foremost, Laura Vitale’s YouTube channel brought her to stardom. Mrs Vitale has garnered over 3.88 million subscribers and more than 650 million viewers. From YouTube only, Laura is making $15k a month.

With the number of views Laura is getting, it is expected that Laura Vitale’s net worth could rise in the coming years.

TV Shows.

Vitale is a recognized household name as she has appeared in shows including Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay, the Today show, The Kitchen, and many more where she appeared as a judge, guest or cook. Appearing on these shows has earned Laura a decent wage.

Later, she got her show on the Cooking Channel called Simply Laura, which ran from 2014 to 2016. It was one of the most-watched shows on the network, which helped Laura earn even more.

Books and Affiliate Marketing.

She is the author of two cookbooks, namely Laura in the Kitchen: Favorite Italian-American Recipes Made Easy: A Cookbook and Sweet Italy: The Best Dessert Cookbook to Learn How to Cook Great Italian Desserts.

Her first book costs $8.99 on Kindle and has sold more than 2k copies so far.

Likewise, Laura lists the kitchen items she uses while cooking on Amazon. This way, whenever one buys the product, Laura can earn through commission.

The income sources are a significant contributor to Laura Vitale’s net worth.

Husband Joe Vitale.

Image of famous cook, Laura Vitale and her husband
Owning a YouTube Channel, “Laura in the Kitchen,” Laura Vitale with her husband, Joe Vitale.

Laura Vitale is married to a former engineer, Joe Vitale. Joe comes from a family of plant sellers in New Jersey and holds an Italian-American ethnicity.

Mr Vitale completed his education in electronic engineering at the Drexel University of Philadelphia in 2005.

As per his LinkedIn profile, Joe Vitale became an automation engineer for two years at Tri-M Building Automation Systems.

Following this, Laura Vitale’s husband worked as a project manager at Systems East for almost seven years.

However, he began to focus on his family’s business of growing succulent plants. Currently, Joe is the co-founder of his family’s company called ArizonaEast.

His brother is the CEO of their company, whereas Joe Vitale is the infrastructure developing engineer.

Responsible for Laura in the Kitchen.

The man behind the beginning and success of Laura Vitale is none other than her husband, Joe.

When Laura came to the US, she helped her father cook at their Italian cafe in New Jersey. But ever since its collapse, Laura went jobless.

However, Joe knew how talented and passionate Laura was at cooking.

The couple tried many options for earning through Laura’s talent. They went looking for platforms for cooks. However, none of them worked.

Laura even attempted to write a cookbook, but no one wanted to buy her product since she was still unknown to the world.

When there was no hope, Joe suggested Laura set up a YouTube channel to boost her popularity. For this reason, Joe bought cameras, lights and set up a kitchen workspace for his wife.

Initially, Laura was reluctant. But seeing her husband’s dedication, she went for it.

Their first video was shot from a camera worth $49, but later upgraded it. Soon, Laura began picking up views, which motivated them to make more videos.

So, the couple took out time after working at their then-full-time jobs to film their content for YouTube.

People loved her Italian cuisine and started to take her as a genuine cook. Indeed, if it wasn’t for Joe Vitale, the world may have never recognized her talent.

Marriage and Kids.

Joe and Laura walked down the aisle on 23rd October 2009 and have stayed together for over a decade. Laura Vitale’s husband is a full-time co-creator at his wife’s production company.

Laura and Joe spend their time making content and introducing famous guest chefs in their videos.

Laura and Joe are also the parents of their only daughter, Mia, who was born on 31st January 2017. Mia is constantly appearing on her parent’s social media.

She is six years old as of 2023.

Image of trending famous cook, Laura Vitale and daughter
Famous for her trending cook YouTube channel, Laura Vitale with her daughter

Story of How Laura Vitale and Husband Joe Vitale Met.

Laura met her now-husband while working at her father’s Italian restaurant in Camden. Joe lived in the same building where Laura’s father ran his restaurant.

He was a regular customer at their lounge.

The duo were only friends at the time. Laura revealed that her father is strict when it comes to dating men. Luckily, her father was on good terms with Joe and was fond of the guy.

He also encouraged Laura to pursue a guy like Joe.

Since then, Laura and Joe began dating each other, and she made a heart-shaped pizza for him the day they shared their first kiss.

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