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Maangchi Net Worth, Husband, Age, Wiki

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Image of YouTube celebrity, Maangchi.

Emily Kim, commonly known by her nickname, Maangchi, is a Korean-American YouTube celebrity and author who is famous for her informative and entertaining cooking videos on YouTube centered around Korean cuisine. Moreover, her contribution to cuisines was noted by The New York Times and was labeled YouTube’s Korean Julia Child. Read this to know Maangchi’s net worth and husband.

Maangchi is a South Korean born in 1957 to a family that ran a seafood industry. So, it is no surprise that she pursued a career in cookery. After working in Korea for quite some time, Maangchi shifted to Manhattan, New York.

Korean meals are one of the most sought-after dishes globally, and Emily was well aware of this. However, when she arrived in the US somewhere in 2007, she found that there was a lack of Korean food.

Meanwhile, the mid-2000s saw an increase in the usage of media like the Internet and YouTube. Hence, Maangchi decided to make full use of it and teach people to make Korean dishes.

As of now, Maangchi is an American nationality who has dedicated to giving full time to her YouTube career.

Photo of YouTube celebrity chef, Maangchi.
YouTube celebrity chef, Maangchi.

Maangchi Net Worth

Although Maangchi has not revealed her wealth but here is our solid estimate of how much Maangchi’s bank account has.

Most of her income came from her previous career as a chef. Once she landed in the US, she also worked as a counsellor at a non-profit organization for some time. Now, she works full-time as an online cook on YouTube.

Maangchi’s youtube channel has almost 600 million views as of writing this article. 600 million views on youtube pay her at least $4.5 million before taxes from Google ads only. Not to forget about her merch and endorsements.

So, as of 2023, Youtube chef Maangchi’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.


Belonging to a family who was into the seafood industry, Maangchi also preferred working in the culinary industry. She learned cookery from her mother and grandmother and worked as a chef from a very early age.

She later moved to Missouri, US, to initially work as a teacher. Later she started cooking Korean food with the local Korean-American community.


Maangchi is a famous YouTuber who has over 6.29 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 700 million views. She rose to prominence for teaching the viewers how mouthwatering and unique Korean cuisines were made.

Back then, only a few people were teaching Korean-style cooking on YouTube. Moreover, her charming personality and profound knowledge of traditional Korean recipes made her deeply captivating.

Therefore, most people would only watch her videos which became popular on YouTube over time.

Motivated by growing success on YouTube and numerous positive comments, Maangchi also released her first cookbook for her fans in 2015.

Likewise, the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs made it official that they would be collaborating with Maangchi and her band to appealingly showcase Korean foods to consumers.

Husband and Married Life. 

Maangchi has decided to keep her married life away from the noisy media. As a result, there is not much information about her spouse and married life.

It is believed that Maangchi has married twice in her life. Her first marriage ended somewhere in 2003 after the couple settled in Columbia, Missouri, in 1992.

Currently, Maangchi is married to her second husband, who happens to be an amazing web designer and developer, David Seguin. The couple officially tied the knot in 2009 and lived in an apartment in Times Square.


While Maangchi has never revealed her children’s true identities, it is believed that she has two children; one daughter and a son.

Maangchi’s Wiki-Facts

Full NameEmily Kim
Korean NameKim Kwang-sook
Date of birth1957
Place of birthYeosu, South Korea
SpouseDavid Seguin
ProfessionYouTube personality
Net Worth$3 million

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