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‘Sam The Cooking Guy’ Sam Zien Wife Kelly Zien & Kids.

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Image of a Canadian-American cook, Sam Zien

Sam Zien is a Canadian-American cook. He started his career as an executive for a pharmaceutical company.

But eventually, he followed his passion for cooking and started his YouTube channel as ‘SAM THE COOKING GUY.’ The channel has 2.85 million subscribers and 1.2K+ videos currently.

Sam has been a TV show cook, restaurateur, a cookbook author, and a YouTube personality in his career. In this article, we dismiss the trivial facts and focus solely on his relationships and family.

Sam, The Cooking Guy, is married to his wife, Kelly Zien.

Sam exchanged wedding vows with Kelly Zien in 1985. He is a family man and loves spending time with the family.

The couple is parent to three sons and recently celebrated their 38th anniversary.

Kelly has always been very supportive of Sam. She encouraged him even in the worst of his ideas, knowing better than to demotivate him.

Sam considers himself lucky to have found a dependable partner.

After the tragedy of 9/11, Sam lost his job. It was Kelly who worked for the family until Sam figured out his plan.

When he came up with his idea of making cooking videos, Kelly knew that he didn’t know anything about cooking.

But despite his past failures, she still cheered him all the way. It was his beautiful wife’s support and his brilliant idea that gave him the success he deserves.

Even after so many years, the couple shares a beautiful bonding. The internet is filled with photos of Sam and Kelly travelling together.

Kelly, in most parties and celebrations, accompanies Sam. Both Sam and Kelly are pet lovers. They have three dogs in total which include an orange Labrador and a Chinese Crested.

Image of a Canadian-American cook, Sam Zien and wife
A restaurateur, cook, author, and YouTube personality, Sam Zien and wife, Kelly Zien

Who is Kelly Zien?

Kelly Zien is the wife of popular YouTube personality Sam Zien. She is a restaurateur by profession and has been married to Sam for a long time.

In addition to managing the restaurant, Kelly also helps Sam with various recipe ideas. Her dressed salad recipe is quite popular in the world of cooking.

Son Max Zien.

Max Zien is the face behind the camera on Sam’s YouTube. Initially, Sam used to post videos that played for over 90 minutes.

Max analyzed the trends and suggested some improvements.

Firstly, he shortened the video length by about 80%. Sam had nightmares about fitting his entire lesson on 5-15 minute videos.

Ut Max was right. Nobody had the time to sit in front of their PC for an hour or more, watching cooking videos. As a result, the subscriber count went up from 50 to 50,000 in 6 months.

To date, Max is responsible for all the editing and quality control of the channel. The father and son pair keeps up a tight schedule and uploads three times a week.

Thanks to their hard work, they are now a leading cooking channel on YouTube with almost 3 million subscribers.

Max is married to Muse Jilli Joffe. In 2014, Sam asked for suggestions on his Facebook page about where his son should get married.

As per our reports, Max and Jilli exchanged wedding vows in 2015. The joint family, including Sam, Kelly, Max, Jilli, and other members, went on a trip last year on the occasion of Jilli’s birthday.

Image of a Canadian-American cook, Sam Zien and his son
A Canadian-American cook and personality, Sam Zien and son, Max Zien

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