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Sam The Cooking Guy Net Worth & Restaurants, Merch.

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Image of a famous cook, Sam Zien

There are few people ever to master the art of cooking cultural foods quite like Sam Zien. Sam, better known to the world as Sam the Cooking Guy, is a culinary expert who rose to fame after appearing in several food-related tv shows.

Read this to know Sam The Cooking Guy Sam Zien’s net worth and his restaurants.

Back when televisions were the mainstream platform for artists, Sam took full advantage of it. He pleaded with every network he could find to air his cooking shows.

Thus, many people got to know Sam and his cooking techniques. Even now, he has millions of followers on his YouTube.

Not only that, but this restaurateur jots down his cooking recipes in his books that are available to everyone. Hence, he is one of the best-selling cookbook authors as well.

Not to mention, Sam owns two of the highly-rated restaurants in San Diego. Sam is married to his wife Kelly Zein.

Sam The Cooking Guy Restaurants.

There was no better place to open a restaurant than his hometown of San Diego for Sam Zien. Nestled in a busy yet friendly environment coupled with an authentic feel, Sam’s restaurants are the best place for lunch, dinner, and takeaways.

Sam Zien opened his first restaurant in collaboration with Grain & Grit near downtown San Diego in July 2018. It is known as Not Not Tacos which is situated inside Little Italy Food Hall.

This establishment contains Zien’s secret recipes for various traditional and non-traditional tacos and other meat items such as salmon, Korean rib, pork, shrimp, and meatloaf.

Sam Zien’s second restaurant, Graze by Sam, is also established inside the Little Italy Food Hall. Graze by Sam is another one of Sam’s most fabulous creations for cocktails and takeaways.

Sam opened this restaurant in March 2020. Unfortunately, he had to close this one temporarily due to the onset of the Covid19 pandemic the same month.

However, it is open now by strictly following the CDC guidelines.

Net Worth.

According to multiple sources, Chef Sam Zien has accumulated a net worth of $2 million. Sam has his years of profession as a chef to thank for his wealth.

However, he has other sources of income that generated significant wealth as well, such as:

Television Series.

Sam Zien is a television star who produced various programs for local San Diego television stations and County Television Network (CTN). He also did another series called Just Grill This! and appeared on NBC’s The Today Show.

Being a renowned icon on tv, Sam got recognition and a decent income.


Sam has his own YouTube channel through which he makes his earnings.

With over 2.86 million subscribers and grossing an average of 300k viewers on videos, Sam earns at least $8.08K a month through YouTube ads.

One of his videos, Breakfast Burrito, has over 1 million viewers on YouTube. Thus, Sam makes handsome money from YouTube more than he ever did before.


Sam Zien is the author of a critically acclaimed cookbook called Sam the Cooking Guy: Recipes with Intentional Leftovers. It costs $9.5 and has sold over 3k copies through Amazon only.

Image of successful chef, Sam Zien's book

One the successful and popular chef, Sam Zien’s best selling book ” Sam the Cooking Guy: Recipes with Intentional Leftovers”

Other cookbooks include Awesome Recipes and Kitchen Shortcuts, Just a Bunch of Recipes, and Just Grill This!


Here is the list of merchandise available in the store: T-shirts, Hoodies, Paper bags, Caps, Mugs, Posters, Knives, essential kitchen items, and Phone Covers. Prices are considerable and range from $10 to $50.

The best thing about Sam’s merch is that it inspires Americans to cook. Hence, his slogan is “Make America Cook Again”. Have a look at some of Sam The Cooking Guy’s merchandise.

Sales from these merchandises add to Sam The Cooking Guy’s net worth.

Sam The Cooking Guy Knife.

One thing about cooking is the delicate splicing of foods in just the right size. For this purpose, Sam uses his knife.

Fans love his knife so much that they get sold out the moment it’s available.

Sam the Cooking Guy has four kinds of knives available, and all of them are designed in California and assembled in China. They are as follows:

The Classic.

Beginning with The Classic, this one is a knife for various purposes safely designed by Sam. The blades are ideal for slicing, mincing, cutting, and disjointing food items such as meats and vegetables.

It consists of an 8-inch blade made of German X50 Steel with an 18° sharp razor.

The aesthetic knife is supported by a handle made of 5-inches matte pakkawood. The Classic weighs 7.9 ounces and costs $79.

The Perfect.

Though this one is a small knife, it would be wrong to underestimate it. It is a handy knife perfectly designed by Sam for doing intricate cuttings & peelings of smaller foods, meats, fruits, and vegetables. It costs $49.

The Perfect knife is made of German X50 Steel of 4 inches. Thanks to its sharp 18° cutting razor blade, it can get deep into tight corners.

All in all, this knife weighs as light as 3 ounces.

The Essential Nakiri Knife.

The Essential Nakiri knife is one of the preferred knives thanks to its multifunctionality and affordability. Not only that, but this Japanese-styled knife is Sam the Cooking Guy’s favourite as well.

This slightly weightier knife is excellent for cutting harder vegetables, chopping and mincing meats, and crushing garlic. Likewise, its hollow ground construction of blades helps to reduce food sticking to the edges while cutting them.

The 5.2 inched matte pakkawood handle matches its aesthetic build and is incredibly durable. The whole knife weighs 8.3 ounces, and the price for this knife is $79.

The Ideal Bread Knife.

The ease, durability, and reliability while cutting loaves of bread is what makes this knife an ideal one. Its long and scalloped blades help the knife slice bread while maintaining exterior & interior textures.

It consists of German X50 steel of 8 inches and a matte pakkawood handle like its peers. The total weight of the knife is 6.7 ounces, and it costs $69.

Combo Packs.

One can enjoy the benefit of discounts on these knives by purchasing two combo deals; The Dynamic Duo and The Dream Team. The Dynamic Duo set consists of The Classic and The Perfect knives for $102.00, saving $26.

Likewise, The Dream Team set consists of all three knives at an affordable price of $148.00, originally $197.

To top it off, Sam the Cooking Guy’s signature makes the knives even more authentic.


Sam the Cooking Guy’s custom t-shirts are one of the best-selling merchandise in his arsenal. Every t-shirt is a premium one with average pricing of $24 and has various colours to pick from.

Available for any human size makes them even more convenient. Most of his t-shirts carry a slogan or a phrase to inspire people to take an interest in cooking.

Cutting board.

For a cook, his cutting boards are a working desk. Generally, the Sam Surface slate is 1 inch thick and has an 18″ diameter.

This cutting board is perfect for chopping foods. Moreover, this board reduces knife dullness. It has rubber feet on its back such that it does not slip on wet surfaces.

People can buy this custom-made cutting board engraved with a premium Sam the Cooking Guy logo at $129.95.


The 64-year-old cook was in a bit of a controversy when he appeared on NBC's The Today Show. During a cooking segment with Hota Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford, Sam had to yell emphatically at the girls to stop chattering while talking.

Though they laughed it off in the end, this video has over two million views where people complimented Sam's firm stance.

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