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Marcel Vigneron Wife, Lauren Rae Levy. Net Worth, Restaurants.

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Top chef Marcel Vigneron

Some are known for a mixture of multi-ethnic foods; others are recognized for making foods hand-in-hand with science. Marcel Vigneron is one of those celebrity chefs known for their molecular gastronomy approach to cooking.

Read this to know Marcel Vigneron’s net worth in 2021 and meet his wife Lauren Rae Levy.

Who is Marcel Vigneron?

Marcel Vigneron is a Washington-born chef born in May 3, 1980. Vigneron gained fame after competing in America’s famous food competition show, Top Chef, where he ended up second.

Not just Top Chef, but Marcel has appeared in several other tv shows, including Food Network‘s The Next Iron Chef and Superstar Sabotage: Heat 2.

Additionally, this celebrity chef is the owner of award-winning restaurants Wolf and the Beefsteak.

Marcel Vigneron Wife Lauren Rae Levy

Chef Marcel Vigneron with his wife in their wedding
top Chef Marcel Vigneron with his Wife Lauren Rae Levy

Marcel Vigneron tied his heart with the woman of his life Lauren Rae Levy. Lauren is an entrepreneur and model.

She is the rightful owner of LRL Group, a fashion designing company known for promoting various styles of apparel and accessories. Besides this, her family owns a cookware brand known as Gotham Steel.

But as of now, Lauren is a full-time mother who looks after her precious one all day.


Marcel Vigneron wedded Lauren Rae Levy on November 9, 2019. Vigneron’s wedding ceremony was a lavish one held in Santa Susana, California. The creative couple who got engaged in February 2019 had planned to hire Tessa Lyn Events for organizing their event for a long time.

And it is apparent why the Vignerons chose them as their wedding place had stunning flower arrangements and mouthwatering cuisines like no other.


As of 2023, Marcel and his wife are the parents of their newborn baby, whom they gave birth in December 9, 2020, around 1 a.m. After going through much trouble, Vigneron and his wife came up with a name for their baby.

They named him Kingston Levy Vigneron. Marcel and Lauren often call their child a rainbow baby.

The way Kingston parents revealed their baby’s gender was terrific too. Seems that Marcel collaborated with a nitrogen gas ice-cream company of his wife’s family.

When the blue nitrogen gas came out of the truck, the audience present at the event knew that it was a boy.


Before conceiving Kingston, Lauren and Marcel had the misfortune of losing a baby back in December 2019. The Vigneron couple were disheartened when they found out that Lauren was carrying a dead fetus for two weeks.

For removing the fetus, Lauren also had to undergo a surgery of dilation and curettage.

Marcel Vigneron Net Worth.

Marcel Vigneron is a prominent celebrity chef and a successful businessman who has accumulated significant wealth at 43. Various reports suggest that Marcel Vigneron’s net worth is $5 million as of 2023.

Firstly, competing in food shows helped Marcel gain fame and paid him well for each episode. Reports suggest that Top Chef contestants get paid $921 per episode after they get to the round of 12.

Likewise, the winner gets $250k. Though Marcel was a runner-up, he managed to whoop in decent money from the show.

Likewise, Marcel’s appearance as a judge on televised cooking shows has increased his fortune too.


Finally, his most significant assets were his restaurants and catering companies, Wolf and Beefsteak. However, Marcel’s assets shut down in 2020.

Both Los Angeles eateries served Marcel’s most delicate dishes in one of the coziest environments.

Marcel’s Wolf also provided catering services for which he charges separately.

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