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Marcus Samuelsson Net Worth. Meet His Wife Maya Haile.

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Image of Marcus Samuelsson Net Worth. Meet His Wife Maya Haile.

Marcus Samuelsson is an award-winning Ethiopian professional cook, cookbooks author, and restaurant owner. He is renowned for appearing on shows like Chopped, 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, Incredible Chef, Iron Chef America, and Top Chef Masters.

Throughout his career, Marcus won awards like James Beard Rising Star Chef Award in 1999, Best Chef New York City in 2003, among others. Read this to know Marcus Samuelsson Net Worth.

Marcus Samuelsson is married to wife Maya Halie since 2009.

Marcus Samuelsson is a happily married man. He has been married to Maya Halie for 14 years now. The two met in 2005 when Marcus Samuelsson was looking for his blood relatives.

They fell in love and started dating. 3 years later, Marcus Samuelsson asked Maya Halie to be his wife, and Maya said Yes. They had a simple engagement party in Sweden.

Later on, the two lovebirds officiated their union through a traditional Catholic wedding in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Maya’s brother was the presiding priest at the wedding. The wedding’s aftermath was quite dramatic.

Some of Marcus Samuelsson’s blood relatives complained that they weren’t invited to the wedding. They still hold a grudge against him and his wife up to date.

Image of Caption: Marcus Samuelsson with his wife Maya Haile

Caption: Marcus Samuelsson with his wife, Maya Haile

On 19th July 2016, Marcus and his wife Maya welcomed their son, known as Zion Mandela. Marcus and Maya now live happily together in Harlem, New York.

Together, they founded the ‘Three Goats Organization.’ Three Goats Organization is a charity organization aimed at improving the general welfare of needy people in Ethiopia.

Who is Marcus Samuelsson Wife Maya Haile?

Maya Haile is a stunning Ethiopian model who is 1.8m long. She began modeling as a teenager. Initially, she was to be a nurse. She studied nursing in Holland.

Due to her great passion for modeling, Maya decided to quit nursing and focus on modeling.

Professionally, she is known as Gate Haile. So far, she has worked with several modeling agencies like IMG, Elite, and Ford. Also, she is part of UNICEF’s New Generation program.

Marcus Samuelsson Restaurants and Locations.

Here’s a list of Marcus Samuelsson’s restaurants and locations

  • Red Rooster Harlem, located in New York City.
  • Red Rooster Over town, located in Miami.
Image of Caption: Marcus Samuelsson restaurant Red rooster

Caption: Marcus Samuelsson restaurant Red rooster

  • Marc Burger, located in Chicago, California.
  • Ginny’s superclub, located in New York.
  • Kitchen and Table, located in Scandinavia
  • Eatery Social Taqueria, located in Sweden.
  • Red Rooster Shoreditch, located in London
  • Marcus B&P, located in Newark.
  • Norda, located in Sweden.
  • Marcus Montreal in Canada.
  • Marcus Bermuda in Hamilton
  • Uptown Brasserie in New York City.

Marcus Samuelsson Net Worth.

Marcus Samuelsson has cooked his way through financial support in the culinary world. As of 2023, Marcus Samuelson has a net worth of $6 million.

His primary sources of income are from his job as a professional chef, from his restaurants and cookbooks.

Marcus Samuelsson got the inspiration to work as a chef from his grandmother, who he always helped in the kitchen. He remembers making meatballs and other interesting Swedish meals with his Granny.

Despite his father’s constant worries that it would be hard for him to make it in the culinary world as a black person, Chef Samuelsson decided to go for his dreams. He studied at the culinary institute in Gothenburg.

After graduation, he worked at ‘Aquavit,’ a Swedish restaurant. Within no time, James Beard Foundation ranked him Best Chef in New York City due to his expertise.

James Beard Foundation gifted his book ‘The Soul of a New Cuisine’ as the best international cookbook.

Marcus Samuelsson’s other cookbooks include; New American Table, Aquavit, Make it Messy, The Red Rooster Cookbook, Marcus Off Duty: The Recipes I Cook at Home, Make It Messy, and The Red Rooster, Harlem.

Marcus Samuelsson also brings in some cash from his part-time job as a guest lecturer of International Culinary Science at Umea University, School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts.

Interestingly, Marcus Samuelsson also amassed some of his fortunes from television shows like an inner chef in 2005 on Discovery Home Channel and Urban Cuisine in 2008. On the shows Top Chef, Iron Chef USA, Iron Chef America, Chopped, and ‘My Momma Throws Down,’ Marcus was featured as a judge.

Marcus Samuelsson Height.

Marcus Samuelsson is 1.62m. He weighs 75kgs.

Image of Caption: Marcus Samuelsson height is 5 feet 6 inches

Caption: Marcus Samuelsson height is 5 feet 6 inches

Marcus Samuelsson daughter Zoe Samuelsson.

Marcus Samuelsson has a daughter known as Zoe Samuelsson, which he fathered at the age of 20. This was when he was working in Austria.

At the time, Marcus had to keep his daughter as a secret from his colleagues to avoid any problems and stereotyping.

Marcus Samuelsson supported his daughter financially. His adoptive mom paid child support to Zoe’s mother until Marcus was able to.

This was because he was still financially unstable at the time of his daughter’s birth.

Image of Caption: Marcus Samuelsson daughter Zoe Samuelsson

Caption: Marcus Samuelsson daughter Zoe Samuelsson

Marcus met his daughter again when she was 7 years old, in June 2005, and later on when she was a teenager. They now share a very good relationship and visit each other from time to time.

Currently, Zoe lives in Austria. Details of what she is doing with her life remain unknown.

Marcus Samuelsson Parents and Other Family.

Marcus Samuelsson was born on 25th January 1971 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His Ethiopian name was Kassahun Tsegie.

Sadly, Marcus’ mother died in a tuberculosis outbreak when Marcus was only 3 years old. His father is a priest at Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

Marcus separated from his biological parents during the Ethiopian civil war in 1974. A Swedish family volunteered to take care of Marcus and his sister.

His sister, initially known as Fantaye, was renamed to Linda Samuelsson.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson admits that his late adoptive mother, Annie Marie Samuelsson was his greatest pillar of success. She helped him write job applications to various classy hotels in Sweden after school completion.

His adoptive father, Lennart Samuelsson, is a geologist. Marcus has eight half-siblings from his biological father’s side.

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