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Mike Isabella Wikipedia: Wife, Restaurant and Net Worth

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Images of an outstanding chef, Mike Isabella

Mike Isabella has endured ups and downs throughout his life. At one point, Mike was the star chef known for his talent and plenty of restaurants. However, Mike’s defamation has stripped him from most of his possessions in the present day. Want to know why? continue reading below. Read to know Mike Isabella’s net worth & restaurants.

Mike Isabella Wikipedia

Michael Isabella is an outstanding chef whose extraordinary talent in cooking got recognition after he appeared on Top Chef. This culinary expert’s date of birth is a mystery, but Mike is known to be around 45 years of age.

Mike comes to us from Italy and brings extraordinary Italian cuisines to the table. His passion for cooking developed ever since Mike saw his Italian grandmother cook mouthwatering dishes for him.

Moving forward, Isabella acquired his education in culinary from New York’s The Restaurant School. Likewise, the 45-year-old chef sharpened his skills by working under the guidance of elite chefs like Douglas Rodriguez and Jose Garces, who taught Mike Latin cuisines and fine dining techniques. Mike Isabella Wikipedia page does not exist but continues reading to know about Mikes’ wife and Kids.


One of the reasons Mike Isabella is known for besides tv appearances is his several restaurants. Mike Isabella built an empire of restaurants in Washington D.C., ranking his eateries among one of the giants.

Mike’s opened his first eatery in D.C., known as Graffiato. Likewise, it also has a second branch in Richmond. Graffiato had some of the most refined European food cultures coupled with American taste, such as Jersey-style pizzas and Italian sauces.

With the successful launch of Graffiato, Mike formed a brand name called Mike Isabella Concepts. Along with this, Mike has opened various multi-ethnic food restaurants in D.C.

Some of them include Greek-style restaurants such as Kapnos, Kapnos Taverna, and Kapnos Kouzina. Likewise, Mike has a sandwich place called G sandwich by Mike Isabella, which turns into an Italian restaurant by night. Finally, Pepita Cantina was an Italian eatery that opened in Virginia.

Offers came from all over the state to open new restaurants for Mike Isabella. Hence, Mike opened restaurants worth millions of dollars, such as Requin in Wharf, Kapnos Taverna in College Park, and Isabella Eatery at Tyson’s Galleria in 2017. Mike’s latest addition is Kapnos at Reagan National Airport.

Unfortunately, almost all of these restaurants have now been shut down.

Mike Isabella Net Worth

Chef Mike Isabella has seen a sharp decline in his worth ever since his restaurants went out of business. As of now, Isabella stands with a wealth of $1 million.

Previously, Isabella was the owner of assets worth over $30 million. The eatery empire which he built in the last decade collapsed ever since Chef Isabella went bankrupt. The deformation caused by the chef’s infidel behaviors resulted in his staff filing lawsuits against him and his restaurants. This caused the collapse of his million-dollar restaurants.

Besides this, Mike Isabella appeared in tv shows, including Top Chef, Top Chef Duels, and Top Chef All-Stars, which brought him decent fame and wealth. Mike’s appearances at movies like Arrange to Settle and Unique Sweets also boosted his fortune.

The former Top Chef competitor is now partnering with Food Fix 123 and has helped establish various food industries. Previously, as a chef, Mike earned an annual salary of $50k.

Mike’s cookbook, called Crazy Good Italian, priced $27.99, has also brought him side incomes.

Wife Stacy Nemeth

Chef Mike Isabella is married to his one and only girlfriend, Stacy Nemeth. Nemeth is working as an event manager at Hotel Monaco at the moment.

Nemeth was working as the head waiter of a Greek restaurant in Atlanta the day the two met. Mike fled to her restaurant to talk about opening a kitchen in their area. It was when Stacy filled as a server for Mike that the duo first exchanged interactions. However, both were only being professional at the time.

Mike Isabell and his wife, Stacey Nemeth
An outstanding chef, Mike Isabell and his wife, Stacey Nemeth.

Fast forward, Mike met Stacy again at a bar after work. This became a cliche for them since Mike and Stacy began spending weekends together and exploring new restaurants around them since then.

Mike seemingly had a crush on Stacy and tried hard to propose to her though Stacy continually fended off his proposals. However, as time passed by, Stacy accepted his seriousness regarding her and his career.


Nemeth and Isabella tied the knot on August 29, 2009. It was Mike’s wife who planned and organized the event while Isabella was competing in Top Chef. However, during the wedding day, Mike instructed other cooks to cook according to his menu. Nonetheless, Mike wed his wife  Nemeth at Mount Airy Manson in front of 100 people.

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