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Paul Hollywood Net Worth 2021.

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Paul Hollywood

One of the most renowned Baker serving the most expensive bread, Paul is better known from The Great British Bake Off. His sculpting training has helped him in his dough handling techniques making his bread exquisite. He has made various appearances on Television Shows and has an interest in motor racing. He has participated in various championships, including British GT. Read this to know British chef Paul Hollywood’s net worth in 2021.

Who is Paul-Hollywood?

This celebrity baker’s career began when he started making bread at age 10. Paul’s father owned a bakery and persuaded Paul to join their family bakery. Paul left his sculpting degree to join his father’s bakery.

He went to become one of the best chefs working as head baker for luxurious hotels.


He then started hosting and judging culinary shows for BBC and Channel 4. Born in 1996, Cheshire has penned several cookbooks, and in 2005 one of his seven cookbooks, 100 Great Breads, won TOP Bread and Pastry Book title.

In 2008 he came to the limelight with an almond and Roquefort sourdough bread, making it the most expensive bread of Britain.

In 2019 he was part of the Food Network series, for which he traveled 3000 miles for a culinary trip across America. He then traveled to Japan for another series, and in 2020 he again appeared on channel 4’s Bake Off.

Paul Hollywood Net Worth 2021.

Paul’s net worth is estimated to be $15 million. He observed a significant growth in his wealth when he moved from BBC to Channel 4. With BBC One, Paul used to earn around $130 thousand per series, which escalated to $540 thousand moving to Channel 4.

He also owns around $10 million worth of assets in HJP Media LLP. Other factors that add to Paul Hollywood net worth are his book sales and his work as head baker at various lavish properties.

House, Cars, and Lifestyle.

Paul adores motors and motor racing. He flaunts a $300 thousand Aston Martin DBS Superleggera. He started racing championships with one of Aston Martin GT4. Paul also won his championship at Silverstone with the GT4.

Paul Hollywood started looking for L shaped design for his garage to store his luxurious collection. He is also restoring a £60,000 B200 Benetton chassis, a car raced by Alexander Wurz in 2000. Paul presented himself a $130thousand high-end Range rover to ease from his breakup with Summer Monteys-Fullam.

He reportedly also sold his entire car collection after his breakup and purchased these cars to numb pain. Paul is not only infatuated with cars, but bikes have also been on his collection.

Through his private sources, he reportedly has 14 bikes and has recently imported Kawasaki H2s, and also owns a Panigale 1199s.

Paul Hollywood
Paul Hollywood

Paul also owns the massive property of 10 acres in kent. It is a Grade II Farmhouse priced at $ 1 million where he used to live with his wife Alexandra and son Josh before they split in 2017 when Paul admitted to having an affair with his co-host Marcella Valladolid. After Paul’s separation from his wife, he dated for two years with Summer before splitting ties.

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