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Stanley Tucci reveals his “terrifying” Oral Cancer. health update

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American actor and filmmaker Stanley Tucci recently opened up about his struggle with oral cancer. The 62-year-old had a conversation with “Sunday Today” host Willie Geist about his fondness of food, upcoming projects, and his well-being. The Emmy-winning performer shared that he was absolutely worried when he found out he was suffering from cancer in 2017. 

Cookbook author Tucci shared he relied on a feeding tube for six months while struggling against oral cancer. He revealed his disease badly impacted his ability to taste and appetite; it also caused him to lose weight.

While promoting his latest Prime Video show “Citadel,” the performer also mentioned oral cancer was “common” in men of the 60s. Stanley also shared he was wrongly diagnosed for two years, but thankfully, the cancer didn’t spread.

Further, the actor shared with Geist that his tumor was too huge to be eliminated through an operation. So, Tucci had to undergo treatment for 35 days, including “light-dose” chemotherapy for six rounds.

Stanley, who acted in the 90s legal drama Murder One, stated that the therapy harmed his body and food intake, so he shed 35 pounds.

“I couldn’t eat,” the Hollywood star said, “I had a feeding tube for six months, and everything tasted like-you-know-what and smelled like you know what.” He was able to eat and taste properly again after a long battle with the tumor.

The Oscar-winning “Lovely Bones” performer said that his first spouse, Kate Tucci, suffered breast cancer, which ultimately claimed her life in 2009. Also, Stanley mentioned that he and his late wife traveled all over the world to find the best treatment for her.

The “Hunger Games” star thanked his wife, Felicity Blunt (who is the real sister of actress Emily Blunt), who helped him to persevere through the cancer treatment.

On the podcast, Stanley also confirmed to the host that he’s “okay” and currently in excellent condition after undergoing rigorous treatment and diagnosis. The talented actor remarked that he could taste and smell better after that therapy.

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