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Valerie Bertinelli’s: Overcoming her “Narcissist Ex-husband” through “Intensive Physical Therapy”

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Valerie Bertinelli's Divorce from ex-husband Tom Vitale

Let’s talk about Valerie Bertinelli’s post-divorce journey. The One Day at a Time star and Food Network host recently shared how she coped with her emotional pain after her divorce from Tom Vitale in November. And guess what?

Her secret weapon wasn’t a pint of ice cream but rather an “intensive” physical therapy that helped release the emotional pain stored in her body. Talk about a powerful coping mechanism! Who knew that working on our connective tissues could be so healing?

Valerie Bertinelli is “Over the Narcissist”

The famed actress is showing that she’s a true queen by sharing her post-divorce journey with her followers.

And even though some folks tell her to just “get over it,” according to her, she’s already long “over the narcissist.” It’s great to see her helping others who have gone through similar struggles.

Bertinelli isn’t just a talented actress and Food Network host; she’s also a wise woman who knows a thing or two about self-reflection.

After her divorce from Tom Vitale, she took the time to explore what led her to put up with things she shouldn’t have. By doing so, she was able to move forward and create a better life for herself. Bertinelli’s message is simple but powerful: we all deserve happiness, and it starts with loving ourselves first.

Journey of Self-Love and Healing after Divorce

The star’s openness about her struggles is commendable. She’s been through multiple marriages, including one to Eddie Van Halen, and experienced abuse in one of them. She was previously hitched to the rockstar and later tied the knot with financial planner Tom Vitale.

In a recent video, Bertinelli talked about how she experienced abuse but didn’t specify who was behind it. However, instead of hiding her pain, she shares her story to help others who have gone through similar experiences. Her message is clear: we all deserve happiness and should prioritize loving ourselves.

Bertinelli’s journey is a true inspiration for anyone who’s been through tough times. She reminds us that healing is not a race and that it’s okay to take our time to recover.

After all, it takes time to get over someone who’s left a hole in our hearts bigger than a donut! But jokes aside, Bertinelli’s story shows that by facing our emotions and digging deep to understand what led us to the situation in the first place, we can move forward and create a life that we truly deserve.

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