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Andrew Zimmern Net Worth. His Ex-Wife Rishia Haas and Their Divorce.

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Image of Andrew Zimmern Net worth. His Wife Rishia Haas and Their Divorce.

Andrew Zimmern is 62 years old American Celebrity chef, author, traveler, and TV host. Andrew is a well-known TV host on Travel Channel, where he hosts two of his shows, Andrew ‘Zimmer’s Bizarre World‘ and ‘Bizarre Foods American.’

Other than hosting these two shows, Andrew is also a consultant producer and content creator. Andrew has succeeded in all his diverse careers.

In this article, we are going to learn facts about Andrew Zimmern’s net worth, ex-wife Rishia Haas and current relationship status.

Who is Andrew Zimmern?

Andrew Scott Zimmern was born on 4th July 1961 in New York, USA. His father, Robert, and mother Caren are Jews, and so is the son.

There is no information about him having any other siblings. Andrew was introduced to cooking when he received specialized culinary training at the age of 14 when he was in high school.

He later joined and graduated from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie in New York. He attained a bachelor’s degree in arts, history art.

His desire to be a teacher made him be a professor and succeeded in writing two manuscripts.

Andrew Zimmern suffered from drug abuse and alcoholism after college. Despite getting employed in a restaurant, the salary seemed not enough.

Image of Author, Andrew Zimmern
Caption: Author, Andrew Zimmern

To get extra cash, he stole from women purses and sold the items inside them to get money for drugs and alcohol. This careless habit caused him to stay homeless for a whole year.

In 1992, he moved to Minnesota for rehabilitation. He still affiliates himself to that facility to date.

In the year 2012, Andrew started launched the Andrew Zimmern Canteen. To have such business of his own, about Food, had been his lifetime dream, coupled with his fascination about traveling all over the world that gave him the rare opportunity to taste different foods across the diverse cultures of the world.

He 2014, he designed a template for handcrafted cookware, species, and accessories in conjunction with CHEFS.

In the pursuit to taste the different foods across cultures, Andrew has visited up to 170 countries of the world.

Restaurants list and their locations.

On his show, Zimmern’s List, He featured seven eating spots in San Francisco, and here is the list of his restaurants.

  1. Ferry Plazza Farmers Market, One Ferry Building, San Francisco
  2. Cockscomb Restaurant, 564 4th Street, San Francisco
  3. Onsen Bath And Restaurant, 466 Eddy Street, San Francisco
  4. Lers Rose, 730 Larkin Street, San Francisco
  5. Cowgirl Creamery Cheese Shop One Ferry Building, San Francisco
  6. Out the Door, One Ferry Building, San Francisco
  7. Swan Oyster Depot, Polk Street, San Francisco

Andrew Zimmern Net Worth.

Andrew’s net worth is estimated to be $14 million. He has accumulated this much wealth from his diverse career.

From the Bizarre Food show, he used to earn 35 Dollars per episode. Additionally, he has several high ranges of cars and a house where he lives with his family.

Image of Chef, Andrew Zimmern net worth
Caption: Chef, Andrew Zimmern net worth

Andrew Zimmern and Rishia Haas Divorce.

After a year of dating, Andrew married Rishia Hass on 26th December 2002 at St. Paul Judge Roseanne Nathanson, Minneapolis. They two met in Minnesota while Andrew was still teaching.

Andrew Zimmern and Rishia Haas both had a keen interest in the kitchen. After three years of wedlock, the couple welcomed a new member to their family, a baby boy named Noah, in 2005.

After years of being happily married, things started falling apart in 2018. Andrew’s career was consuming, taking all his time.

Image of Andrew Zimmern with his ex-wife Rishia
Caption: Andrew Zimmern with his ex-wife Rishia

He would be in the kitchen the whole day and write at night. Things would get worse when he hits the road and go for his numerous trips.

This denied his young family father, husband time. And Rishia could not take it anymore.

The two lived separate lives for some time but did not go to the extent of getting divorced or at least they have not made it public yet.

His social media accounts might suggest that Zimmern is living alone. No picture of his wife, not even on his special birthday occasion.

This might have made many blog writers and his fans believe that he is divorced and living alone. But, we are in no position to make any statement on chef Andrew Zimmern’s marriage until he reveals something himself.

Rishia Haas Wikipedia biography.

Rishia Haas is a 50 years old American who is an administrative assistant at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. She formerly worked at Retreat Alive with the Spirit of Recovery as an admission Coordinator.

Other than herself made fame, she is famously known as the wife of Andrew Zimmern.

She was born on 17th July 1973 to Bill Haas and Amy Dickson as her parents. She started schooling at Anoka High school and later joined Augsburg College, where she graduated.

Her net worth is estimated to be $5 million, which she has acquired from her job.

Andrew Zimmern Gay Rumors.

Andrew’s parents were gay, and as they say, like father like son, well, it’s not clear if he took after his father. He has, however, come out clearly and in defending gays.

One of the reasons he is not President Trump’s fan. He is known to be a very generous huger. Who knows, it could be true.

His Current Relationship Status.

As of now, we still believe that Andrew is still married to Hass. And the three are happily living in their big mansion in Edina, Minnesota.

If rumors about having another date come out, be sure to find them here.

He is an Author.

Writing is never a walk in the park, and when it’s not a full-time career, but it’s something inside you have to let out, then you have to sacrifice more to make that happen. For Andrew, the same case applied.

He had to sit up too late in the night after everyone in the kitchen and write for up to two hours in the kitchen. He would only sleep for fours per night.

This massive effort resulted in him writing a total of four books. These include Alliance of World Explores Volume, one that won the Gold IPPY Juvenile Fiction, Andrew Zimmern’s Field Guide to Exceptionally Weird, Wild, and Wonderful Foods, Bizarre Truth and Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World of Food.

TV Shows.

Before being on TV, Andrew had a long radio career. Some of the show he ever presented include the chowhounds, the Andrew Zimmern Show, and Food Court with Andrew Zimmern.

On the screen, Andrew has a total of 21 credits for the shows he has taken part in.

This started way back in 2004 with the show, World’s best that focused on the world’s best delicacies. His latest show What’s Eating America with Andrew Zimmern that airs on Sundays on MSNCB.

He also loves to travel and has travel TV shows that also relate to Food. We can say that his life revolves around traveling and Food, if not being on TV. Here is a list of the other TV shows

  1. OTT, one episode 2004
  2. Big Country, one episode
  3. World’s Best, one episode
  4. Bizzare Foods, one episode, 2007
  5. What’s Your Trip, three episodes, 2007
  6. Bizarre World with Andrew Zimmern, one episode, 2009
  7. Andrew Zimmern’s Bizzare World, ten episodes, 2009
  8. The Border Check, one episode, 2013
  9. Dining with Death, eleven episodes, 2010 – 2013
  10. Andrew Zimmern’s Big Departure, one episode, 2014
  11. Bizarre Foods America, Fans Favorite, one episode, 2013
  12. Andrew Zimmern Driven by Food, eight episodes 2016
  13. Bizarre Food, Delicious Destinations, one episode, 2015
  14. Andrew Zimmern’s Bucket List, two episodes 2016
  15. Big Food Truck Trip, six episodes 2018
  16. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, two hundred and nigh teen episodes, 2007 – 2019
  17. The Zimmern List, Thirty-eight episodes, 2017 – 2019
  18. Bizarre Food, sixteen episodes, 2018 – 2019
  19. What’s Eating America with Andrew Zimmern five episodes, (still running) 2020
  20. Bizarre Foods America, seventy-four episodes, 2012 – 2020
  21. Bizarre Food: Delicious Destinations, one hundred and forty-seven episodes, 2015 – 2020

He was fired from “Bizarre Foods’.

In an interview, Andrew said a controversial statement about Chinese Food served in Midwest restaurants got the host of Bizarre Food loose his prime time in Discovery Channel. He later apologized for using informal words.

Andrew Zimmern on Social Justice.

On his show ‘What’s Eating America,’ Andrew tuned the food show to talk politics when he went out to seek public opinions about their take on the role of immigrants on food security and climate change. This step received a critic, but that did not stop him.

He believed that the issues he addressed were fundamental, and there was no other better time to talk about them. He is also known to be a staunch democrat.

Full nameAndrew Scott Zimmern
Age62 years old.
Date of Birth4th July 1961
Place of BirthNew York, USA
ProfessionChef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host
Net worth$ 14 million.
WifeRishia Haas
KidsNoah Zimmern
Zodiac SignCancer
ParentsCaren And  Robert Zimmern

Andrew is very active on social media with 1.2 million followers on Twitter, his Facebook fan page has over 650K likes and a YouTube channel with over 34K subscribers and over 837K followers on Instagram He loves Instagram and recently took part on #Passthemic, a sensitization about Corona Virus.

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