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Brooke Williamson Restaurants, Wiki, Husband, Net Worth

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Image of American chef, Brooke Williamson

Brooke Elliot Williamson was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. The American chef shares only a little information about her personal and family background.

Read this to know Chef Brooke Williamson’s restaurants. Meet her husband Nick Roberts.

Chef Brooke Williamson Wiki.

Growing up, Chef Brooke already shows her love for food. The young Chef likes making people happy and realized that food could quickly put a smile on anyone’s face.

Unlike other kids, the six-year-old Brooke would prefer to watch her favourite Chef Jaquez Pepin and Chef Julia Child with their cooking techniques rather than watch cartoons.

Brooke Williamson involved herself in arts, soccer, dance, and photography while studying in high school. Her parents are both artists and rejected her request to pursue her culinary dream.

But Chef Brook was determined to achieve her goals. After a year of studying a business course at the University of Colorado Boulder, she enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America.

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Career as a Chef.

At the age of 17, Chef Brooke Williamson started her culinary career at Epicurean Institute in Los Angeles as a teacher’s assistant. With big dreams and creative energy, Chef Brooke made her way to the top.

The native Angeleno worked at different prominent restaurants and honed her culinary skills under distinguished and outstanding chefs like Michelin-starred Chef Ken Frank and Chef Michael MacCarty.

From being a teacher’s assistant, pastry assistant, and line cook, she became the youngest sous chef at the age of 20 at the Michaels of Santa Monica restaurant.

The talented Chef got her first executive chef position at Boxer, a famous restaurant in Los Angeles.

Image of famous American chef, Brooke Williamson
Renowned American chef, Brooke Williamson

Brooke Williamson on Top Chef.

Chef Brooke’s mother always encouraged her that being a girl cannot stop her. Her mother always tells her she can achieve anything she desires- and she did.

According to Brooke Williamson’s Wiki, she made her first appearance on Top Chef Season 10 and moved her way to the top chef finale against Kristen Kish.

Unfortunately, Kirsten defeated Brooke this season.

Chef Brooke made her return in 2017 to compete in the Top Chef: Charleston, with winning as her only option. Top Chef: Charleston is the fourteenth season of the show, where eight new contestants will compete against eight returning contestants from the previous season.

Chef Brooke Williamson started strong in the second elimination round and carried the momentum forward into her second restaurant wars, where she won the round.

Winning the last chance kitchen challenge made her one final challenge away to win the Top Chef title for the season. Her journey in the competition is a roller coaster ride, but she was able to win the title of the Top Chef for season 14.

Brooke Williamson Restaurants.

Top Chef produced outstanding and notable chefs that dominated the culinary industry. While prominent restaurants recruited some contestants to be their head chefs and executive, others took their chance to venture into opening their restaurants.

Having her own restaurant is one of Chef Brookes’ dreams ever since she was a child. That is why she took up a business course at the University of Colorado Boarder before shifting to the Culinary Institute of America.

  • Hudson House at Redondo Beach, California.

The gastropub vibe that the Hudson House gives made it more attractive and enjoyable for the customers. 

However, after experiencing a massive loss during the pandemic, Chef Brooke decided to say goodbye to the Hudson House. The news made many people sad, but Chef Brooke explained that the Hudson House is not closing entirely; it will have different management.

  • The Tripel at Playa del Rey, California.

The Tripel offers fine American dining and craft beers. The modern rustic pub also serves burgers, fish, and games alongside its famous craft beers. This Brooke Williamson restaurant is almost half the size compared to other restaurants of Brooke and Nick, but their menu is filled with originality and is worth trying.

On regular days, customers who want to chill and enjoy fills the gastropub. However, the past year was the most challenging year for most eateries. This led Brooke and Nick to close The Tripel earlier this year.

  • Playa Provision at Playa del Rey.

Chef Brooke Williamson and her husband opened Playa Provisions in 2014. This third endeavour of the couple is one of their most popular ones. The 7000 square foot restaurant with a four-in-one eatery concept is at the beachside. You can get your casual breakfast and sumptuous lunch at the King Beach Cafe.

Grab your dinner at the Dockside while you enjoy the coastal cuisine in a private dining room and beachside patio. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth at the Small Batch or enjoy your drink and spirit at the Grain Whiskey bar.

  • Da Kikokiko in Playa Vista.

The Hawaiian-inspired restaurant is the couple’s fourth venture. The artistic interior of Da Kikokiko gives a homey vibe to its customer. If you craved Hawaiian cuisine like musubi and shaved ice, this is the right place for you. Their signature poke bowls are also the crowd’s favourite. The price is slightly pricey for some, but the food and location are worth the money.

  • Small Batch Ice Cream in Ma Vista.

Last on the list of Brooke Williamson restaurants is “Small Batch Ice Cream”. The chef duo does not only focus on filling your taste buds with exquisite cuisine. The colourful and charming ice cream shop in Mar Vista will surely satisfy your sweet tooth with the number of flavours you can choose.

Her career growth and achievements opened more and more opportunities. Winning the Top Chef Season 14 and having multiple business ventures made her net worth approximately $2 million as of 2020.

Brooke Williamson Husband Nick Roberts and Kids.

Brooke and Nick met at the kitchen of Zax in Brentwood, where Brooke is the Executive Chef, and Nick is the sous chef. Nick Roberts and Brooke Williamson tied the knot in 2017 and started dominating the culinary business industry with their restaurants and earned the title “Rising Star Chefs” in 2004.

Despite being busy with their career, the two chefs always have time for their only child, Hudson Roberts.

Movement Inspired by Customer.

Aside from the sumptuous food and relaxing ambience that Chef Brooke’s restaurant brings, they also offer the convenience of ordering online through their website.

Ordering through their website can give you the option to add notes regarding your order.

When she received a heartwarming message from a customer, she immediately shared it with her followers on Instagram. The Top Chef alumni posted that the kitchen received their order exactly how they wrote it on their browser.

Hef Brooke also mentioned that the simple note from the customer thanking them for taking care of Playa made them appreciate it.

This simple encounter inspired other customers. Days later, they received a breakfast order with a note. The customer loves their food, but they lived in Texas, so they decided to buy someone a breakfast.

The customer also said to give the order to the staff if they are hungry or give it to someone who needs it.

Chef Brooke Williamson shared this on her Instagram, and went viral. Numerous donation orders from different locations came in.

Since Playa Provisions was flooded with kind notes and donation orders every day, their staff shared the extra orders with the first responders in Playa del Rey.

Chef Brooke was grateful for the outpouring of love and support that they are getting. The random act of kindness allowed them to feed their local heroes and uplift their spirits in these trying times.

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