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Cat Cora Net Worth 2023. Wife Nicole Ehrlich & Kids.

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Cat Cora, 52 years lady, is a chef by profession and was born on 3/4/1967 in Mississippi, United States. The Aries beauty is not only gorgeous but is also very talented. This article explains Cat Cora’s net worth. Also, in-depth info about her wife Nicole Ehrlich and their marriage.

Cat Cora Net Worth.

Cat Cora is a professional chef, and as of April 2023, her net worth is $4.5 million. She was very much passionate about growing up to become a chef. Cat says that she took inspiration for becoming a chef from her grandmother. She also has her own house in New York.

Most of the income for Cat Cora’s net worth is from her Restaurants. She has also played a part in many popular tv shows like Iron Chef America, Family Food Fight, My Kitchen Rules, and others. Salary from these shows is also an income source for Chef Cat Cora.

Why did Cat Cora and her former wife, Jennifer Cora, Divorce?.

Image of Caption: Cat Cora with her former wife Jenifer along with their four sons Zoran, Caje, Thatcher, and Nash.
Caption: Cat Cora with her former wife Jenifer, along with their four sons Zoran, Caje, Thatcher, and Nash.

Cat Cora is of Lesbian sexuality. Cat Cora and Jennifer Cora know each other for 17 years now. But they tied the knot in June 2013. They were in love for a long time before they decided to make it official. With the help of Vitro fertilization, the couple had four sons Zoran, Caje, Thatcher, and Nash

Cat discloses in a statement that after 17 years of togetherness, the couple has come to a mutual decision to get a divorce. Cat also adds to her statement that their sons are the reason they will always be in touch. They will be the same duo parents for their kids despite the divorce.

In addition to that, from the sources, the news came that there was a custody claim for the sons in the court. Cat Cora requests joint custody of all four sons. But Jennifer demands full physical custody. Not only that but Jennifer also pleas to get spousal support in terms of the law.

Cat Cora is Now married to Nicole Ehrlich.

Image of Caption: Cat Cora with wife Nicole Ehrlich
Caption: Cat Cora with wife, Nicole Ehrlich

Soon after the divorce case got over, Cat Cora decides to tie the knot with her love of life. She got married to Nicole Ehrlich by conducting a small ceremony with close friends and family. She expresses her happiness to the media for the marriage ceremony with her true love.

Nicole Ehrlich has two sons Jonas, 17 years, and Gavin, 15 years. So, now the sweet couple of Cat and Nicole are a family of eight members with four sons of Cat and two sons of Nicole. The couple got married on 21st April 2018.

Moreover, the brides were looking magnificent on their special day wearing the gowns from Kleinfeld Bridal boutique. The lavish wedding was full of cupcakes, delicious cake, along with a sushi bar.

Soon after the wedding, the couple organized a contest for wedding cakes. The purpose of this contest was to find the best dessert for celebrating their happy marriage. The couple kept a prize of $1000 for the winners.

So, finally, they celebrated their post-wedding with a six-tier Verbruggen’s cake to represent the six kids of the family. This dessert came from Florida’s Sweetified Bakery, which was the winner of the contest.

Cat Cora Restaurants.

Image of Caption: Cat Cora restaurants Cat Cora’s Kitchen
Caption: Cat Cora restaurants Cat Cora’s Kitchen

Cat Cora is a renowned professional chef and has expanded her business globally by opening over 18 restaurants. Her popular restaurant, “Cat Cora’s Kitchen,” is located all around the different airport hubs of the United States. The Cat Cora’s Taproom is a popular restaurant amongst located at Detroit Metro Airport.

In Singapore, Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora also won an award for being one of the top restaurants. Cat Cora opened Kouzzina in Disneyland, CQC in San Francisco, Mesa Burger in Santa Barbara, and many other restaurants all across the globe.

Moreover, she is popular for making and selling delicious handcrafted dishes to food lovers all across the globe.

Height, body measurements.

Cat Cora is a gorgeous lady with a height of 176 cm and weighs 56 kilograms. She has a great dressing style, and her favorite color is blue. She wears a dress size of 5.5 and wears a bra of 34B size.

Cat Cora has a sleep waist of 26 inches, a bust of 33 inches, and a butt of 34 inches. She has brown eyes and blond hair.

Social Media accounts and activities.

Cat Cora is currently active on many social media platforms. Currently, she is active on Instagram, Facebook, as well as Twitter. She brings up her latest celebrations and new dish inclusions to social media.

In a few of her posts, fans find her in her real chef avatar and admire her. Cat Cora shares a quote on January 12, 2020, on Instagram, saying, “A Party without a cake is just a meeting- Julia Child” and captions it by saying, “Julia knew best!”. It shows her immense love for desserts.

Quick Facts

NameCatherine “Cat” Cora
BirthdateApril 3, 1967
BirthplaceJackson, Mississippi, USA
OccupationChef, restaurateur, TV personality
Notable restaurantsKouzzina by Cat Cora (Disney World), Cat Cora’s Kitchen (various locations), Ocean by Cat Cora (Singapore)
TV appearancesIron Chef America (as an Iron Chef), Around the World in 80 Plates, My Kitchen Rules
BooksCooking from the Hip, Cat Cora’s Classics with a Twist, Cat Cora’s Kitchen
EducationBachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology/Nutrition, Culinary Institute of America
Personal lifeMarried to Nicole Ehrlich, four children
Awards2006 Bon Appétit Restaurateur of the Year, 2012 HRC Ally for Equality Award, 2016 Mississippi’s Hall of Fame inductee

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