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Chef Paul Mercurio Net Worth, Wiki-Facts

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Image of Australian actor and dancer, Paul Mercurio.

Sometimes being in the limelight means you get to say goodbye to any privacy. This is, however, not the case for private people like Paul Mercurio. Hardly anyone knows any intimate detail about his family.

But of course, seeing that he is one of Australia’s most famous TV personalities, he could only keep so much private. Over the years, he has tried his hand at various careers and excelled in most of them. Paul is loved by many thanks to his easy-going nature and witty character.

According to him, his charm and hard work have made him such a success in his acting and show hosting career.

Learn all you have always wanted to know about Paul Mercurio here, from his net-worth to his wiki facts.

Who is Paul Mercurio?

Most people only know Paul Mercurio thanks to his numerous roles in films such as Strictly Ballroom, Exit to Eden, Back of Beyond, The Dark Planet, and the list goes on. Many people do not know that Mercurio did not start on TV rather a ballet dancer.

He was so good his parents enrolled him in the best schools to nature his talents.

At the age of 19, he had already earned himself the principal dancer position in a school called Sydney Dance Group. For the ten years, he worked there, he managed to choreograph six routines performed by the students.

After ten years, Chef Mercurio thought he had garnered enough experience, so he quit and went on to open his school named ‘Australian choreographic ensemble.’ In the process of running his school, Paul got his first chance to debut on television, starring in the famous film dubbed ‘strictly ballroom.’

To date, he has either starred, choreographed some scenes, or appeared as a supporting cast in numerous films; we could spend all day naming them. He tried his hand at being a judge in the competition dubbed ‘Dancing with the stars at some point in his career.’

He was on the judging panel for two separate seasons before he dropped out.

Image of Australian actor, Paul Mercurio.
Paul Mercurio

Paul Mercurio Net Worth

As we speak, Chef Mercurio teaches dance full-time at Dance world studios in Melbourne. During his free time, he hosts a cooking show called Mercurio’s Menu, where he travels all very Australia cooking varied menus in different locations.

Though no one knows for sure, Paul Mercurio’s net worth in 2023 is anything from $2 million to $5 million.

He is rumoured to earn $200,000 monthly from all his businesses and royalties combined. Paul has an excellent taste for the luxurious life; over the years, he has managed to collect several high-end vehicles and homes.

Age and Height.

Paul Mercurio was born on March 31st, 1963, which means he just turned 60 years in 2023. Since he was born at the onset of spring, his zodiac sign is Aries.

He stands tall at 1.74 meters and weighs a whopping 85 kilos. Paul has a toned body fit for a dancer; no wonder he excelled exceptionally in his career.

Paul Mercurio Wiki.

On March 31st, 1963, Jean and Gus Mercurio were blessed with a son, and they named him Paul Mercurio. At that point, they lived in Jean’s hometown called, Swan hill.

There is very little information regarding whether he was raised as an only child or he had siblings.

Paul loved dancing from a tender age; one day, when he was nine, he watched Elvis gyrate his hips in ‘The king in jailhouse rock’; He was very impressed, so his mom enrolled him in a ballet school.

His love for dancing soared from there as soon he got a scholarship to attend the John Curtin College of Arts.

After graduation, he got another scholarship to attend the West Australian ballet company, to which he later transferred to the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne.

Paul Mercurio is Married to his Wife Andrea Mercurio.

In Melbourne, his career started taking off, and he met the love of his life, Andrea Mercurio.

He married the love of his life soon after, in the year 1987, and to date, they are blessed with three children. Paul is still very close with both his parents if social media is anything to go by.

Image of Paul Mercurio and his wife, Andrea Mercurio.
Paul Mercurio with his wife, Andrea Mercurio.
Full namePaul Mercurio
Date of Birth31st March 1963
Place of BirthSwan Hill, Australia
ProfessionDance teacher, choreographer, entrepreneur, judge, Actor.
Net worth$2-5 million
Relationship statusMarried
Kids3 daughters
Height1.74 meters
Weight85 kilos
Zodiac SignAries
SpouseAndrea Toy Mercurio

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