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Joe Bastianich Net Worth. Meet his wife Deann Bastianich.

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Joe Bastianich is a New York-born restaurateur, writer, television host, and businessman. He has been a mainstay on the Food Network for several years, hosting programs like MasterChef Junior.

The Bastianich family runs a vast culinary empire. There are different locations in towns like New York. Like his mother, he has also written and published two award-winning cookbooks.

Years in the trade have seen him pick up a few notable awards. It included an Outstanding Restaurateur Award twelve years ago. Stay with us to know Masterchef Joe Bastianich’s Net Worth and meet his wife Deann Bastianich.

Joe Bastianich Restaurants.

The Bastianich family owns about 30 different restaurants spread out across the world. These range from locations in Los Angeles to Port Chester.

  • BABBO Ristorante e Enoteca.

The Italian restaurant is located along 110 Waverly Pl, New York. It was started back in 1998 and received a 3-star rating courtesy of the New York Times and food critic, Ruth Reichl.

The restaurant can host roughly 90 dinner guests. It also offers a lively bar experience for its patrons.

The chefs at Babbo strive to integrate Italian olive oils, cheese, and fresh seasonal produce. On display are culinary delights such as Mozzarella di Bufala, Prosciutto di San Daniele, Baby Wild Arugula and Grilled Quail.

Image of Joe Bastianich Italian restaurant located in New York
Caption: Joe Bastianich Italian restaurant located in New York
  • Birreria.

The restaurant is at 200 5th Ave, New York. It is set up a rooftop and offers high-end Italian cuisine. One of the restaurant’s specialties is the Pasta di Gragnano.

  • Felidia, New York.

It is a restaurant that Joe Bastianich runs with his mother. The place is located somewhere along 243 E 58th St, New York. This place is known for offering its clientele a sense of both the traditional and modern.

Some of its famed dishes include Affogato Al Cioccolato, Shaving of White Truffle, Crudo Di Manzo, and Finicchi E Pere. The restaurant even offers a unique wine class taught by Sara Olocco.

  • Del Posto.

The restaurant is in New York. Also, it was first opened to the public in 2005. Some of the food they serve include the Trio di SALMERINO con Radice di Prezzemolo, INVOLTINO di Radicchio, and POLLO con Cotechino e Lenticchie.

The restaurant’s size and capacity also make it the perfect place to host private events and weddings. Back in 2013, the restaurant was the recipient of the James Beard Award for Outstanding Service.

  • Casa Mono.

The restaurant is a Michelin approved eatery that is located in 52 Irving Pl, New York. It boasts an intimate setting with about 15 bar seats and 13 tables. We should also mention that it comes with nearly 600 different wines options.

The establishment is additionally environmentally friendly. Boasting a slightly Spanish influence, the restaurant offers specialties like the Ensalada Mono with Manchego and Pimentón Spiced Marcona Almonds, Razor Clams a la Plancha, and Pan con Tomate.

Image of Joe Bastianich restaurant Casa Mono
Caption: Joe Bastianich restaurant Casa Mono

The rest include:

  • Carnevino Italian Steakhouse- located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They serve special items like Mortadella Melt, Gorgonzola Mascarpone, and Grilled Octopus.
  • Lidia’s-Kansas City, Missouri. Offers Baked ziti, Caesar Salad, and the chicken limone.

Joe Bastianich’s Net Worth.

It is fair to say that the Bastianich family’s primary source of income comes from the culinary empire they have built. They own about thirty different restaurants, all of which generate a lot of money from Joe and his family.

In addition to this, Joe’s face is also synonymous with the Food Network. To date, he has appeared in over twenty credited roles.

Before we forget, Bastianich is a published author. Books like ‘Healthy Pasta: The Sexy, Skinny, and Smart Way to Eat Your Favorite Food’ have been very successful.

On the Good read website, for instance, the book retails for $15. His other book, ‘Restaurant man’, is available for $19 on Amazon. The more books he sells, the more money Joe can generate.

Image of American restaurateur, Joe Bastianich net worth
Caption: American restaurateur, Joe Bastianich net worth

Sources say that he earns about $2.45 million per year. Presently, Joe Bastianich’s net worth is $15 million.

In regards to his finances, it is also prudent to note that Joe and his business partners were sued for $5 million. They had been found guilty of skimming tips from their workers.

Taking a look at his properties, we learned that four years ago, Joe and his wife bought a 2818 square-foot property in Madison Square West Pad for $7 million. The beautiful house comes with four bedrooms, a spa & sauna, a master suite, and an expansive garden.

Joe Bastianich is Married to wife Deanna Bastianich.

Sources say that the couple first met after an introduction from a friend. Discovering a mutual attraction, the pair started dating shortly after.


They surprised all their friends and family by moving in together after only a few weeks together.

Image of Joe Bastianich with his wife Deanna Bastianich
Caption: Joe Bastianich with his wife Deanna Bastianich

A few years on, and Joe had popped the big question. The ceremony took place in Manhattan at St. Ignatius Loyola Church on the 19th of February 1995.

It is estimated that they had about 400 guests to witness their special day. So far, Joe and wife Deann Bastianich have been married for a quarter of a century. On their twentieth anniversary, Joe took his wife in Paris to commemorate the big day.

The family resides in New York City at the moment.

Joe Bastianich Wife Deanna Bastianich’s Biography.

She was born on July 24, 1969 to Italian parents. It makes her 54 years old at the point of writing. Digging deeper, we learned that Deanna works with Associated Merchandising Corporation.

Together, they produce and distribute handbags. Looking at her Instagram page, we can see that she is a fan of street art.

She has uploaded several pictures of walls and pavements with graffiti spread all over them. Compared to her husband, Deanna Bastianich does not have a significant following on Instagram.

Presently, she only boasts a following of 2226. There is no information about Joe Bastianich’s wife’s net worth.

Joe and Deann Bastianich Have 3 Children.

In this paragraph, we are going to look at the couple’s children. Firstly, Joe and Deanna have three children together.

These are Miles, Ethan, and Olivia Bastianich. At 25, their daughter Olivia is the oldest. She  graduated from Boston University.

Miles is two years younger than his sister. He was born in 2000 and is set to turn 23 years old this year. Ethan Bastianich is 21 years old and the youngest.

He was born back in 2002. Through a post on Instagram, Joe revealed that Ethan is a graduate of St. Ignatius Loyola Grammar School.

Image of Joe Bastianich kids Miles, Ethan and Olivia Bastianich
Caption: Joe Bastianich kids Miles, Ethan, and Olivia Bastianich

Deanna and Joe are amazing parents; they regularly post pictures of their children on their Social media handles.

Age & DOB.

Joe Bastianich was born on the 17th of September 1968 in Astoria, New York City. He is 54 years old currently.

What is his star sign? Judging by his practical, observant, and creative nature, there is little doubt that he is a Virgo.

Is Joe Bastianich a chef?

As a child, Joe was always required to help in his parents’ restaurant business. He had a number of duties, ranging from making runs to the market to doing dishes.

It gave him a sense of how the business operated even at an early age.

Most people will be surprised to learn that the culinary world was not always in the works for Joe. Everyone just assumed he’d follow in his parents’ footsteps and take over their culinary empire one day.

However, Bastianich chose to pursue a career in Wall Street instead, working as a bonds trader.

He surprised everyone again when he quit his budding career on Wall Street and the lucrative net worth that it promised. Joe took a trip to Italy, where he learned as much as he could about the culinary industry.

It came from working in different Italian restaurants, eating and drinking as much as he could.

Image of Joe Bastianich restaurant Becco
Caption: Joe Bastianich restaurant Becco

When he returned to America, he and his mother went into business together by opening the restaurant ‘Becco.’ The success of the establishment did not go without notice.

Renowned chef Mario Batali was eager to work with him, and this saw them work together to launch Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca.

His Mother is a famous Chef.

Joe is the son of Lidia Bastianich. She is a world-renowned restaurateur, celebrity chef, and cookbook author.

Much like her son, she started her profession in the culinary industry when she was just 14. Lidia’s Italian heritage has enabled her to explore and develop interesting menus at her establishments.

Image of Joe Bastianich mother Chef, Lidia Bastianich
Caption: Joe Bastianich mother Chef, Lidia Bastianich

To date, Lidia and her son run about thirty different restaurants. She has also authored several cookbooks such as La Cucina di Lidia, and Nonna Tell Me A Story.

Social Media accounts and activities.

Joe Bastianich is a very popular man online. On Instagram, he has a following of 1.2 million. From the platform, we learn that he is a wine lover, music enthusiast, skating enthusiast, and public figure.

Joe has posted several pictures of his impressive wine collection.

One of his posts also tells us that he can play the guitar. Switching focus to his Twitter account, we learned that he has amassed a 370.6K following. Just recently, he used his Twitter to advertise new episodes for ‘MasterChef Italia.’

He has also linked his website to this account. Fans who click on to the site get to hear Joe play the guitar! They can also use the platform to interact with him.

Some of the Awards he has received.

Being in the culinary industry for decades, it is not surprising to see that Joe has picked up a few awards in the process. These include a 2008 James Beard Award and an American Award.

Has Joe been involved with any controversy?

Two years ago, Joe Bastianich found himself on the end of a PR nightmare. It came after he made some particularly disturbing, racist, and overtly sexual comments.

This was during an episode of Master Chef Italian. He went on a rant about Chinese men and how inadequate they were. As expected, these comments were not well received.

Bastianich tried to apologize after, claiming that everything was scripted. However, it was a little too late.

Joe Bastianich’s books.

He has released a series of cookbooks over the years. These include titles like Restaurant Man, Healthy Pasta, Vino Italiano: The Regional Wines of Italy, and Grandi Vini.

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