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Are Mario Batali and wife Susi getting Divorce after harassment Scandal?

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Chef Mario Batali with his wife Susi Cahn

Mario Batali is a popular Restaurateur and chef. He co-owns many restaurants in America and specializes in Italian cuisine. For seven years, the celebrity chef co-hosted the ABC show, The Chew. Furthermore, he has previously worked as a sous chef at Clift Hotel in San Francisco and starred in ‘Molto Mario,’ a Food Network Show.

Currently, talks are spiraling about him for sexual harassment and discrimination at three of his restaurants in New York. The chef has previously faced many lawsuits, including mishandling the tip-money of the employees in 2012 and sexual harassment allegations in 2017.

Today, we talk about the possible divorce of Mario Batali and provide details on the recent harassment probe. So, what will happen of Mario Batali and wife susi Cahn’s marriage? Find out.

Harassment scandal and settlement.

Even though Mario has led a successful career as a chef and a businessman, his demeanor dug a grave for his reputation. In July 2021, his sexual harassment probe is finally settled. It is concluded by the New York attorney general that three of his popular restaurants encouraged and practiced sexual harassment and discrimination.

As a result, about twenty former employees will receive $600,000 from the company. Letitia James, the New York attorney general, reported that Batali and other ranking staff of his company sexually harassed female and male employees.

Letitia said in a statement that a celebrity title doesn’t mean that someone is free from the law. She further added that the happenings are unacceptable and condemn Batali for the awful work environment in his restaurants.

Chef Mario Batali in court

The sexual harassment accusations started back in 2010 and showed up in the news in 2017. Mario was a guest at a private dinner party where he made uncomfortable physical interactions with employees. Holly Anderson, the supervisor for the night, gave a statement that the chef groped her and sexually assaulted her. In addition, Mario also made some remarks to Holly, which several other employees heard. He told her that he wanted to see her naked back at his hotel. This was just the start. The celebrity chef faced many other anonymous allegations after the incident. As a result, the producers of ABC channel dropped him from ‘The Chew.’

Mario Batali and Susi Chan are Datin

Mario Batali married Susi Cahn in 1994. The couple met in 1992 at a food event in New York. Susi liked her husband from the very start and loved that he also had a nice family. The wedding took place on a beach in the Caribbean, and they hosted a reception half a year later. The attraction of the marriage was the ice cream tube sandwich which replaced the traditional wedding cakes.

Furthermore, Mario Batali and Susi Cahn have two sons, Benno and Leo. Both children have made appearances in Mario’s show ‘The Chew’ and are recognizable figures. Even though she is a wife of a world-famous chef, we have information that Susi does not like to cook.

Maybe the family is used to the delicious cuisines cooked by Batali himself. In an interview, Mario mentioned that the only time of year when Susi cooks is on his birthday. To date, the Mario Batali and Susi Cahn has been photographed in many exotic places of the world where they go on vacations. Mario occasionally shares pictures of his family, and their tours in his Instagram handle.

What will happen to his Marriage: Will Mario Batali and Susi Cahn Divorce?

Since 2017, many women have complained against Mario for sexually exploiting them. One of his former employees wrote on ‘eater’ that the chef had drugged and raped her. Battling with these allegations and losing his popular show on ABC must have been hard on him. So how is his marriage holding up amidst all these unethical revelations? Is the couple finally ending their marriage? Let’s find out.

Mario and Susi are married for 27 years now. However, what seems like a fairytale story has been tainted by the chef’s shameful acts. In July 2021, the attorney general of New York confirmed many of the allegations against Batali and fined his company a hefty amount for the misconduct at the workplace. Susi Cahn hasn’t made any comments on the matter.

But it is unlikely for Mario Batali and Susi Cahn’s divorce as these allegations are no mystery to her. Mario himself has admitted to many wrong behaviors in his past. However, he stated that he has never raped anyone. Their marriage stands for now, and there is no information on their separation. We speculate that the duo might find their peace on their own and refrain from divorce.

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