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Peter Russell Clarke Age, Net Worth, Wife, Wiki

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Photo of TV star, painter, and chef, Peter Russell Clarke.

If you are a foodie or enjoy cooking shows, you have probably heard of the name Peter Russell-Clarke. After running a cooking show which aired for more than 900 episodes, it is safe to say he is a household name.

He was famous for his artistic food presentations and unique recipes. That is not all; Peter also excelled in a variety of industries.

Learn more about Russel Clarke’s age, net worth, wife, and wiki in this article.

Who is Peter Russell Clarke?

In Australia, one cannot hear the word ‘G-day’ and not think of Peter Russell-Clarke. He used the said phrase in almost all the segments for the shows he starred in.

In a nutshell, Peter is an Australian chef, cartoonist, illustrator, painter, and TV personality. Since childhood, he always had a thing for the arts, and it’s safe to say he put his passion to fair use.

Peter started as a cartoon illustrator at the age of 14. His efforts did not go unnoticed as soon as he was commissioned to draw illustrations for major corporations in Australia, such as Ford, Shell, Dulux, etc. In 1969, he finally got a permanent job drawing on Ben Bow Yang for the Herald. He went on to work for them for a whopping ten years.

During the said ten years, Peter was still commissioned to draw for other magazines and comic strips. He had several work studios where he occasionally invited friends, clients, and business contracts to view his work as he cooked them full-course meals.

His love for cooking led him to pursue a career as a chef.

His debut on TV was as a chef on the Don Lane show. The show only aired once a week, leaving Peter with a lot of time on his hands; not being one to sit around, he opened his own advertising company.

Image of chef and TV personality, Peter Russell Clarke.
Peter Russell Clarke

Peter Russell Clarke’s Net Worth

Since the inception of his career, Peter has managed to achieve some impressive feats; His cook show was top-rated and managed to air over 900 episodes.

He was the chef for the Prince of Wales silver jubilee dinner, etc.

Peter Russell Clarke is a jack of all trades. Over the years, he has managed to amass millions from each career path he pursues.

According to my research, Peter Russell now has a staggering net worth of $5 million. The majority of his money comes from commissioned artworks, cartoons, and royalties from his TV show.

Peter Russell Clarke Wife and Children.

Although there is hardly any privacy in the personal lives of people such as Peter Russell-Clarke, who are always in the limelight, Peter has done an excellent job in protecting his family.

There is hardly any tabloid rumour or general information regarding his wife or children. All the available information is from interviews that he willingly obliged.

As reported in an interview by Ian Mc Call, Peter has a wife called Janet. The two have been married for 63 years now and still counting. Peter spoke fondly of his wife the whole interview, and if the chemistry is anything to go by, the couple is a match made in heaven.

Image of Peter Russell Clarke and his wife, Janet.
Peter Russell Clarke with his wife, Janet.

Janet and Peter are lucky enough to be called parents to two children who gave them three grandchildren. As I said, the names of his family members are not known to us.

He and his family stay in an enormous farmhouse 70km from Melbourne.

Peter Russell-Clarke Age, Height and Weight

Peter Russell Clarke is of Australian nationality, as he was born in a quaint little town called Ballarat. This explains why he has spent most of his life living in farm-like houses in secluded neighbourhoods.

As of 2023, he is 88 years of age. His exact birthdate is 1935/09/19 meaning his zodiac sign is Virgo. Peter Russell’s height and body measurements are not known to the public as of yet.

Peter Russell Clarke Wiki-Bio.

There is very little information regarding Peter’s early life and upbringing. It is unknown whether he grew up as an only child or if he had siblings, as he is not one to flaunt his family in the public eye.

It is safe to assume that he is/was very close to his parents as he mentions them a lot during his TV shows.

All we know is that Peter was born and raised in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. He dwelt there until his late teenagehood, then moved to an unknown location for work purposes.

Full namePeter Russell Clarke
Date of Birth19th September 1935
Place of BirthBallarat, Australia
ProfessionChef, TV personality, cartoonist, painter
Net worth$5 million
Relationship statusMarried
Kids2, names unknown

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